Saturday, 12 February 2011

Judges And Lawyers Undermine Canada's Immigration Process (and in turn our national sovereignty).

Jason Kenney spoke some frank words at the University of Western Ontario's law faculty regarding the indulgences of judges and lawyers working in the immigration system. The Toronto Star reports on it here.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is lashing out at the judicial system, accusing judges and lawyers of undermining Canada’s immigration process by indulging spurious refugee cases.

In the text of a speech to the law faculty at the University of Western Ontario in London, Kenney says Federal Court judges are too often second-guessing legitimate policy decisions, working against the reforms legislators have made to improve the system.

“If we can’t find a way to reduce the interminable process by which immigration cases creep through the courts, slouching from appeal to appeal, the changes will be of little use and the progress we have made will be for nought,” Kenney said.


“We need the judiciary to understand the spirit of what we are trying to do,” he said.

“There are serious criminals we have been trying to remove who have been able to delay their deportation through repetitive appeals for almost 20 years.”

Hmm, twenty years. Do you think he is talking about this guy?

The blog Blazing Cat Fur, a blog I recommend you bookmark and visit often, has more details here including Jason Kenney's speech.

It's clear that when judges and lawyers get involved with the lawmaking process they will guide it to give themselves more power and work. Canada's immigration and refugee determination systems (they're pretty much the same thing) are proof positive of that.

In related news the 500 Tamil "refugees" from Sri Lanka that gate-crashed Canada's western shore last year have so far cost us $25 million dollars. ImmigrationWatchCanada comments on it here.

If all of these "refugees" actually paid $45,000 each, the gross haul by the smugglers for this little venture is around $21 million. The cost to Canadian taxpayers - at the Federal level only - is $25 million dollars or just over a dollar for every taxpayer (so far). Who knows what Provincial Governments are spending on welfare and health care costs for people who should never have been allowed to stay in Canada in the first place.

So, this benefits Canada and Canadians how exactly? The gifts of hosting the largest Sri Lankan Tamil population outside of Sri Lanka never stop coming.

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Anonymous said...

...and the beat goes on with an additional, and un-needed "280,636 new permanent residents <..> to Canada in 2010".

We can't seem to win in this game, even during times when Canadian job seekers are struggling to recover from their personal job losses amounting to thousands, and with lost wages/salaries that will never be regained.

I'm long past the notion that the immigration policies of Canada (or any white western country) are connected to the economy any longer, but are geared more towards the dissolution of the white western nations through mass 3rd world immigration.

Strangely, Canadian politicians and government bureaucrats are never forthcoming with actual racial numbers of these incoming immigrants.

After all they're just "immigrants", eh? -- one size fits all, and besides, they wouldn't want to alarm the sleeping white Canadian populace of their fast diminishing numbers every year.

In two short generations ahead of today, my children's grand-children will be asking "how the hell could you let this happen to Canada"?

They'll be looking at old magazine photos from the 1970s, and even the 1980s and begin comparing their Canada (in the near future) as the hodgepodge collection of squabbling races vying for the best prizes in the racial spoils system that it became, to the relatively peaceful white homogeneous Canada that existed in the recent past.

Toronto's sudden racial admixture that only began two generations ago, is a signal to the next two generations, that this observable occurrence can only spread across our country like a tsunami once the current crop of non-white, embolden immigrants begin feeding and breeding while sponsoring yet more of their brethren from back "home".

We only need to look at California today to see where Canada follows in about 20-30 years.

We've foolishly left our doors wide open, then set the table with our generous welfare and employment equity programs to welcome them in at our expense, followed by the setting up of human rights tribunals to stifle free speech and enforce political correctness to the hilt... lest we offend them by complaining of our inevitable displacement.