Friday, 4 February 2011

Little Hope For Jobless In 2011.

If that is the case then what do we need 260,000 immigrants for?

A slower-growing economy is offering little hope to Canada’s 1.4 million unemployed, economists told Finance Minister Jim Flaherty in talks in advance of the March budget.

Unemployment, now standing at 7.6 per cent, will average a slightly higher 7.7-per cent through 2011, according to the average forecast of the dozen economists who met with Flaherty.

Speaking with reporters afterwards, Flaherty said the analysts “anticipate resistance to the unemployment rate coming down.

“This is true also in the United States. A lot of employers have been hesitant to rehire because of their perception of risk in the economy,” he said.

Over on the ImmigrationWatchCanada forum we are introduced to this story. Though it is about funding cuts to immigration services it offers this interesting tid-bit:
The cuts will disproportionately affect Toronto, where the unemployment rate for new immigrants rose from 13 per cent to 20 per cent over the past year, said Liberal MP Gerard Kennedy.

The forum contributor makes the following observation:
Just a minute. The unemployment rate for immigrants should be 0% since quotas are supposed to reflect labour shortages in Canada. If the rate is 20%, then our quotas are at least 20% too high and should be immediately cut to bring the immigrant unemployment rate down to where it should be - 0%.

The fact that cuts are not being made means that the economic argument for immigration is a fraud to cover up the real reason - to import and buy votes.

Agreed. Maintaining high immigration quotas during an economic downturn makes it obvious that immigration is not about population growth or satisfying labour shortfalls. It's about pandering to ethnic bloc votes in Canada's major urban centers. Were it not so then why is Jason Kenney, Canada's Minister for Immigration and Multiculturalism, the most recognizable face of the Conservative party in Toronto next to Stephen Harper?


Anonymous said...

Quite simply, immigrants are needed to offset a low birth rate. The government is thinking long-term. Having said that, I do think they should assimilate, but from what I have seen, with each successive generation, THEY DO.

PaxCanadiana said...

Quite simply, immigrants are needed to offset a low birth rate.

That is an assumption that has been discredited but is routinely thrown around as pap for the ignorant masses.

In order for immigration to do that Canada needs to up the numbers to close to a million instead of the 250,000 we take in each year. The immigration system is already costly. We cannot afford to expand it.

The real solution is to tackle the low birth rate. As long as it remains below replacement levels we will be forced to keep increasing immigration and this is not tenable. Immigration eats up funds that can be used to accomplish this and because so is a waste of money.

Anonymous said...

2400 resumes and counting! I am a canadian woman who is unemployed in ottawa. I have only found two temp jobs in 5 years. I have worked since age 15. I have applied to every job known to man in the fields of retail, office admin, childcare, cleaning. I have placed ads. I am also trained in security but they wont hire me as I am white and english. Minorities are taking job away that I should be able to easily get (such as homecare which I have done in the past as I am also a trained nurse).

Anonymous said...

There are 35 countries with a lower birth rate than canada! Its a lie we dont need immigrants!