Sunday, 13 February 2011

Standing Up For Canada: Christian Heritage Party Of Canada Calls For Moratorium On Muslim Immigration, Stricter Eligibility For All.

Yesterday, CHP Canada released its immigration policy which includes a greater investment in our refugee and immigration system and tighter controls on eligibility for immigration. More significantly, CHP Canada is calling for a moratorium on immigration from Muslim countries.

“It is naive to think that all cultures are compatible with Canadian values.”
said Mike Schouten, CHP candidate for South Surrey-White Rock-Cloverdale, “Take the freedom of conscience, the freedom to practice, or not practice, the religion of our choice as an example.


“Canada is under no obligation”, Schouten continues, “to allow everyone to become a Canadian citizen or to live in Canada. Until such time as the Islamic faith community in Canada sets aside those elements of their religion and worldview that are contrary to Canadian law and values, the government must end immigration from those countries in which Islamic values dominate the culture and law. Further, it must be a condition of citizenship that applicants renounce and abandon all practices and traditions that are contrary to Canadian law and traditions.”


Here is the full text o the media release. I happen to agree with this part:
Despite the protestations of some Muslims, it is a fact that immigration and migration have been inherent forms of jihad since Islam’s inception, designed to make Islam the dominant force in countries that are currently non-Islamic.

I oftentimes fail to tell if Muslims are immigrants or missionaries arriving as a vanguard for the delivery of Canada to Islam.

It is projected that 6.6% of the Canadian population will be Muslim by 2030 provided current immigration and demographic trends are allowed to continue. This is a tripling of its present size. Now, this wouldn't be so alarming if it weren't for the fact that Islam is also a political system with its own framework of jurisprudence alongside it being a religion. With Islam there is no such thing as a separation of church and state.

We have already seen one attempt to implement Sharia law into Ontario's legal system and there are numerous instances of were Muslims have sought, and won, accommodations for their religious sensibilities. In effect they are creating a parallel Islamic society within Canada and that's what some of them want. And this is being accomplished one concession at a time.

What's disconcerting is that it is the so-called moderates, the law abiding Muslims, who are making "creeping Sharia" possible and by doing so enable the extremists. In this Michael Coren column we read:

While the vast majority of Muslims in Canada are good citizens, when a survey was taken within the Islamic community about the so-called Toronto 18 Islamic terrorists, more than 10% of respondents supported their actions. Let’s be conservative and say that 50,000 people believed terrorist attacks and the murder of Canadians was appropriate. Something I’d rather like CSIS to be aware of.

In this CTV news report more "Canadians" are "turning to violent Jihad".
The Mountie in charge of investigating terrorist threats says he's alarmed at the growing number of Canadians adopting violent jihad.


"We have some in Pakistan, we see some in Somalia, we see them in Afghanistan," he said.

RCMP believe that two-dozen Canadians have trained at camps in Somalia, Afghanistan and Pakistan (the same country where the Times Square bomber is believed to have sought instruction in terrorist tactics). They suspect that several Canadians hold leadership roles in al Qaeda-linked groups.


But Michaud is also concerned about the threat of Islamic extremists unleashing terror on Canadian soil, particularly if those trained at terrorist camps overseas return to Canada.

We have experienced increasing cases of radicalized "home grown" Muslims in the west and Canada is no exception. These are domestically born Muslim men and women who show little affinity with their country of birth and in extreme cases hold it with outright contempt. This is because diaspora communities tend to be more chauvinistic than in their countries of origin. To illustrate, a Pakistani Muslim born in Canada may visit relatives in Pakistan and be aghast with disgust to find that he or she is more Muslim than his or her relatives and, surprisingly, a large segment of Pakistani society. This phenomenon is not unique to Muslims but can be found in all cultural groups in Canada. The scary part is that when Muslims become radicalized people sometimes die. And as you increase the size of that population the greater you increase the potential for radicals. The more Muslims you have the more likely you will have extremists.

It is true that the majority of Muslims have no intention of hurting or killing anyone. It is absurd to think that. They, like the rest of us, just want to work and live a dignified life. The vast majority truly are law abiding however it is not against the law to apply political pressure to have Sharia legally recognized. It is not against the law to pressure organizations and institutions to pander to Islamic sensibilities. It is not against the law to use the machinations of the political system to exert on Islamic influence onto the rest of the country. It is not against the law to create and live in a parallel Islamic society within Canada. It is not against the law to form the majority population and democratically announce that Canada is an Islamic state. Besides, even though the majority are law abiding it doesn't negate the potential danger of hosting a Muslim population.

If Canada insists on hosting and importing an ever increasing Muslim population then these are things we need to seriously consider. We need to dispel the romance of the immigration mythos that dominates the discussion and look at immigration realistically because it is taking this country in directions I doubt very much the majority of Canadians approve of.


Anonymous said...

who cares about the growth the Islamic demographic around the world? I disagree that terror is our biggest concern. Ours is a western society. Yes we embrace diversity. We do not owe every aspiring young Arab migrant a new place to live in our society. According to the Author of 'D'Nero's Game', The restless youth of the Arab world really want to move west. Thats is a lot of people. Canada is a resource based economy, not built on cheap labor or manufacturing, so we aren't really in need of endless population growth as some might assume. In other words our Ace is Space. Western culture is based on exploration of open frontiers. Like it or not for the most part its people from Europe that have built this country and even if they feel so benevolently inclined, its' not theres to give away. I digress here but it is true, its ours and we need to keep it that way. The booming population of the Arab world is a conern(more people under the age of 18 from Algeria to Dubai than any other place on earth)Its not the radicals we need to worry about coming here. Its their, 'westernized', well healed middle class thats coming and staying as students and tourists, using marriage laws to stay. No immigration policy has the right to significantly change our county to the extreme that a large, uncontrolled influx of Lebanese, Egyptians or Algerians could. Canada is a Christian country we have an English Queen not Arab princes. The Arabs shouldn't be anything more than a humble minority here. But its already a large hyper litigious group that prior to the 1960's wasn't even rooted here. This is different than Buddhist or Hindus coming to Canada. They really were apart of Britain. They have a certain ease and non aggression towards the 'inferior westerner' thats not antagonistic at all. I love yoga!
During the Colonial period its not often written or talked about (because our ignorant multicultural education won't let us talk about a the broader Christian experience because the truth painfully undermines the language of victims by evil Christian usurper mythology.) We seek to apply our modern values to judge those who have long been in the ground, think apologies for Chinese head tax..goes on and on.... Christians and other peoples suffered terrible humiliation at the hands of Muslims. For Centuries before and after the crusades. Thats partly the reason the East Indians were so willing to do business with the English; together they threw off Muslim rule in India. So diversity aside, It didn't work in India and it won't work here if it gets any sillier. I've heard stories of girls of Christian backgrounds disappearing into the stifling embrace of their adopted Arab families usually leaving her own family very unhappy and feeling betrayed by the moral black mail that is multiculturalism driven by political correctness.

bernie said...

Thanks for linking to my article ("even though the majority are law abiding it doesn't negate the potential danger of hosting a Muslim population"), it's appreciated.

Hopefully all governments in the civilized world will wake up to the danger of large Muslim presence in their countries before it is too late to turn them away.

8th generation Canadian said...

the moral black mail that is multiculturalism driven by political correctness.

Excellent definition! -this is exactly what stops heritage Canadians from standing up to our politicians and bureaucrats who are ruining this country.
Yes heritage canadians - meaning those multigerational Canadians, whose ancestors came to this country, endured unimaginable hardships getting here...then further hardships after arrival.(i.e. the Irish of the Early 1800s)
Battled the elements, and the wilds. Worked together to build communities, culture , and the country that we all enjoy today. The taxes we and our forefathers have spent have built, infrastructure, health care, public systems, and a democratic system of law and social rule.

Our forfathers built this country, we owe it to them to remember and celebrate our Canadian heritage.

Noone helped our forefathers, brought them intio the country, gave them houses, and welfare and free healthcare, and education...etc...noone bestowed instant rights and privillages on them...
They worked for it, built it....earned it.

Noone has to tell the the 100s of thousands of Canadians that fought pivitol battles in the 2 great Wars what self respect and patriotism is...

So if you dont think that your Canadian heritage is being respected by your government....
remember your ancestors, remember your heritage, and remmeber your duty to those who went before you!

speak up!
- thats real political correctness

Anonymous said...

More of this will be coming soon:

Can't take photos of Muslims

Anonymous said...

Great comment section in the Post today as a result of a Post writer attending a conference on "Islamophobia" and apparently concerned that Canadians are not welcoming enough to Muslims. I thought only the Star had a resident (editor emeritus) Muslim apologist, but I guess not.

Read the comment by jimheller, link to article


PaxCanadiana said...

Read the comment by jimheller, link to article

Don't you means comments 'cause he's got a few of them that are worth the read.

As for the article itself I started reading it but couldn't finish it.

For starters he defines "Islamophobia", a made-up term to silence critics with a single word, as the "irrational fear of Islam." So what is rational fear of Islam then? There are many valid criticisms of Islam made by individuals keen enough to see Islam as more than just a religion but also as a political movement that will challenge the western way of life internally. And even as a religion Islam has revealed itself to be incompatible with western societies. If Muslims integrate well here it's because we accommodate them, not integrate them. That's like capitulating to the enemy and saying you won the war.

He also thinks Canada has a well integrated Muslim population and our cities are absent of Muslim ghettoes found in Europe. That's because our Muslim population isn't large enough to be that much of a problem. Yet! He also has rarely ventured to the Don Mills area of Toronto that has 25% Muslim population and is a ghetto in the making but why would he go there? He's the pampered boy of Barbara Kay and I doubt he rarely ventures outside his white majority ghetto of privilege to see how us commoners live. If he did then he'd realise Canadians are not as warm to Islam as he likes to imagine.

The preachy, smug, moral grand standing tone of the article is annoying. His denunciation of opponents as "bigots" at the start turns the reader off and informs us he's here to lecture us knuckle-draggers and not to engage in a debate. It's insulting.