Thursday, 3 March 2011

Canadians Are Being Abused By Immigrant Caregivers.

Here is another story about immigrant caregivers abusing Canadians and cheating the immigration system.

Fernandes, 45, believes new federal regulations introduced last April have left Canadian employers more vulnerable to a relative handful of unscrupulous individuals who are using the caregiver program as a front to enter the country.

His nanny said she knew no one in Canada, which is why Fernandes was shocked to encounter a group of strangers at his door, claiming to be her relatives. They accused him of abuse and demanded she leave with them.

The situation ended with police in his hallway, asking his nanny if she had been mistreated.

"I told the cops, ‘I don’t know what’s going on,'" says Fernandes. "I didn’t want these problems, I’ve got two little kids."

His caregiver left a week later after her "relatives" showed up again. When Fernandes complained to immigration authorities and his MP, he was told it was between him and his caregiver.

"The sad thing is, bad people can get away with this," he said. "The government is doing nothing."

Confronted with an aging population and the soaring cost of daycare, Canadians who need help caring for their loved ones are turning more and more to the live-in caregiver program, which has its own specialized category within the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

The caregiver program can lead to permanent residence for applicants who successfully complete 24 months or a total of 3,900 hours of authorized full-time employment.

The changes made by the Conservative government last year shifted more financial responsibility onto would-be employers to improve protections for caregivers.

As a result, employers are now required to pay for a caregiver's medical coverage, airfare, recruitment fees and health insurance — the bill usually totals between $3,000 to $4,000 — and agree to a contract outlining clear overtime provisions.

Successful applicants get a four-year work visa, but have no legal obligation to remain with the family that brought them in.

Immigrant caregivers should be categorized for what they really are which is temporary foreign workers. It should not be a backdoor into Canada and a path to permanent residency. They are typically dispossessed of any marketable job skills and have little intention of staying as caregivers once their permanent residency papers come through. Thus, the caregiver program accomplishes nothing more than to flood the Canadian job market with unskilled labour and their equally unneeded relatives. Like the refugee system, it is just another hole in the border undermining Canadian sovereignty.

Jason Kenney, in his immigrant vote buying foolishness, decided to make it easier for these individuals to get citizenship. The result has been a stronger incentive to cheat the system and abuse Canadians for a quick and easy ride into shopping mall Canada. If nothing is done about it, like removing the permanent residency carrot, then these kinds of abuse stories will come to characterize the live-in caregiver program.

Canadians could also, you know, raise their own children but I know that is asking for too much.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the backdoor should be slammed shut to allow no interlopers of any description into the country. Front door only, and only for those who wait in line AFTER passing all the tests.

No carrot, no incentive to cheat. However, I fear we've allowed so many "cheaters" into the country for the past 25 years, even some semblance of honesty in the immigration industry would be welcomed at this point.

Canada's highly paid doorkeepers (that's the polite description) are not managing our store well, needless to say.

This entire immigration/refugee fiasco causes my blood pressure to rise to dangerous levels, and peeves me to no end, when, for example, illiterate African "refugees" knock on our backdoor demanding entry because they've got this well-rehearsed sob story to unload on us. With the exception of voting rights, the unknown, lying stranger is simply handed the keys to my country.

Gladly rolling out the red carpet, the gullible liberal fools spring into action by happily leading them to our vault where free money is handed over to strangers who arrived yesterday.

If wild-life enthusiasts urge us not to feed the bears for fear of them becoming dependent on us, then why not take the same approach with every foreigner crossing our border?

As it happens, Canadian-born senior citizens who've worked at tedious manufacturing jobs at minimum pay for 35 years, were never treated so lavishly as this continuous flow of foreigners who will never stop coming....unless we stop feeding them!

Anonymous said...

This is yet another RACIST FOOL who thinks there is no place for hard working immigrants in Canada. You bitch and whine like the little spoiled brat that you are but you don't understand that caregivers ARE WORKING and PAYING TAXES unlike those African "refugees" you wrote about. Why punish people who are working to be in this country? That's plain redneck thinking son.
They do their time they get papers to be here, plain and simple. This lady that the idiot complained about has to go and work someplace else and is required to meet a certain amount of work hours before applying to be here. Even after that they are NOT allowed to be on any assistance(unlike your dumb ass) but must work to stay here. Sounds great to me. Kinda like guarantee for the Canadian government. So punishing hard working people just for being immigrants is foolishness. We should punish these welfare case losers(like you) that stay on the government dime and never work their entire lives. That's reality you racist bitch. You're just sore that immigrants are hard working and don't expect 30/hr to drive a bus, wasting my tax money instead of putting it into healthcare, roads etc...
If Canadians want to work i know of only about 77,000 jobs last year alone in the farming sector that needed filling but did Canadians work them? HELL NO! Go get the mexicans while we sit on our asses and complain there's no jobs because immigrants are stilling them. God you are dumb. Thank god for immigrants and bon voyage to idiots like you.

Anonymous said...

In answer to the coment above, why is it racist to suggest unqualified people not be allowed to jump the queue? If you had a mimimum of a double digit IQ you would have worked out that caregivers can be of any race. Large numbers come from Eastern Europe for example.

As for Canadians not wanting to do low paid jobs the answer is to raise the salaries, not allow the country to be flooded with cheap labour.