Saturday, 26 March 2011

Conservatives Announce Funding Help For Gay Refugees. Wait, What!?

The title of this post comes from this National Post article.

Apparently the Conservatives are now the gay community's party in Ottawa. And in an election year, no less. What are the odds!?

Isn't this the same party that held a House vote to recognize marriage as a union between a man and a woman? Didn't it vote against same sex marriage legislation? And didn't it pull funding for Toronto's gay pride festivities in 2010?

Liberals, Conservatives, it's like trying to tell the difference between Pepsi and Coke nowadays; in the end you're still getting a soft drink.

Now, go ahead and tell me immigration has nothing to do with politics and elections. Go ahead and tell me, I dare ya!


Anonymous said...

I don't know how many times I have to suggest it: The Conservatives do not represent your interests. They wants votes and they want to support businesses. Form your own fascist party and call it a day. You have my blessing.

EuroCanadian News said...

Any recommendations for the coming election?

I'll have a few, mainly to not vote for the Conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Harper's old Reform Party roots are buried so deep in the ground, they'll never again see the light of day.

He's a bought and paid lackey who sold out his principles and now dances to the tune of his handlers.

A spoiled ballot will be my vote.

Dominion of Canada said...

I should have an article coming up soon making a case for spoiling your ballot.

PaxCanadiana said...

EuroCanadianNews, Anon, and DoC.

Since the three of you touch on the election it has been proposed to spoil one's ballot. I recommend a different course of action.

The Conservatives, to their credit, have persued actions that no other party would consider like enacting legislation tackling human smuggling. The Liberals nor the NDP would peruse this because they are chasing Tamil vote banks in Toronto. So there is something to handing the Cons. a majority.

You can also vote for a party you agree with. The CHP of Canada proposes immigration reform I support and voting for them would provide them with funding if they attract enough support. You can read about it here:

It's the green party website but it applies to any underdog.

EuroCanadian News said...

I've got two new posts on who to vote for today.

The Conservatives will lock up a 30%+ no matter what so I say vote for a coalition party (Lib, Green, NDP, Bloc) in the meantime. Send them a message that traditional Canada matters.

I think we need some breathing room, some time to reach people.

The Green party should be more sympathetic to some of the local economic and cultural preservation values as well, so I feel there is potential for them. If they got tougher they might actually be cool.

Dominion of Canada said...

What? Don't vote for a left wing party! All it will do is send the message that there are more left wing voters in Canada. Write in CHP if you have to. Or make up a party, and tick that box. That is what I am planning to do.

Anonymous said...

Isn't John Baird himself gay? I google his name and the word gay and I got some interesting articles...

EuroCanadian News said...

Re: the Greens. There is no easy answer to this kind of decision. I don't mind some protectionism; I'm not for the endless international free market thing. Within Canada, sure, to some degree, but I completely see how always pushing for the neocon economic agenda does two things:

1. It makes it totally logical to import people for cheap labour AND high IQ positions in universities. Everyone must "compete". Well, why not have all that competition right in Canada? It's only logical if you support full out international free markets.

2. It shows that the Canadian government doesn't take care of European-descended people or the tradition culture of the country. If free market competition is next to God then Whites are no longer able to compete by using politics for our own advantage, which is what politics is for in my view. It's just another battlefield.

I won't get too much into what it does to White women, but simply, they will go for whoever is the winner in the "market".

Markets will always be managed or rigged over time, so one either goes for politics to manage them in our own favour or forget about anything to do with preserving the European base of Canada.

I understand your perspective well, but pushing the neocon economic agenda is a huge part of what is ripping apart what we thought of as Canada.

PaxCanadiana said...

I don't mean to come across as a Green supporter. I linked to their site because it lists reasons why it is advantageous to vote for underdogs. For instance, and let me repeat I am not campaigning for them, but the CHP's immigration platform is one I agree with. If they attract enough votes they will be eligible for funding. It may also cause the other parties to stop and pay attention to them and perhaps adopt some of their policies seeing how they attracted so much support.

I haven't decided how I'm voting. It may very well be advantageous to vote Con. since it is apparent that without a majority they cannot enact much needed reform to the immigration system. I am not that impressed with Jason Kenney but he has so far been the most effective minister of immigration in recent years. The minority government may be holding him back from doing what really needs to be done. I don't know. It's like predicting the stock market minus insider information.

My riding will either go Lib. or NDP since both are star candidates. That being the case I may find myself voting CHP if there is a candidate running just for the support. If the Cons have a fighting chance I may support them instead. We'll see but I don't think spoiling the ballot is the way to go even though I sympathize with those who choose to do so.

Anonymous said...

I am pleased to see more people considering voting "Green." If immigration reform is the impetus to make this happen, I hope they ride that platform all the way to the polls. There won't be a Canada much less an earth for future generations to inhabit without some serious restructing to green living and population control measures, here and elsewhere.