Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Did We Say Family Class Decreases? No, We Meant Increases (let the sellout continue).

I think Conservative Party strategists reminded Jason Kenney that 2011 may very well be an election year so he had to back-peddle on his initial plan to reduce family class immigration by 5% and increase it instead. Here's the scoop.

I am afraid that your newspaper has inadvertently misled your readers about family class immigration levels (Government chops visas that reunite immigrant families, February 18).

In fact, the Harper government is planning to increase family class immigration this year.

We believe in the importance of family reunification as one of the objectives of Canada’s immigration policy.

That’s why, in the 2011 immigration plan I tabled in Parliament late last year, which remains in effect today, I made clear we are increasing our planning range for family class immigrants to allow up to 65,000 immigrants into Canada.

That’s an increase from the 59,029 who were admitted in 2010; and not, as you call it, a “cutback.”

Within the family class, our government is putting wives, husbands, and children first.

That means more dads, mums, and children being reunited with their loved ones than in previous years.

In the five years the Harper government has held office, the average number of immigrants admitted under the family class each year has been 63,476.

That is significantly higher than under the six years prior to that when the Liberals held office, during which the annual average was 60,224 immigrants.

Unlike the Ignatieff Liberals, our government doesn’t just talk about the importance of immigration, we actually take steps to welcome more immigrants to Canada
, and help them succeed once they arrive.

Hon. Jason Kenney, PC, MP

Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

Note the braggadocio tone of the letter. Also note how politicized it is.

Hands up if you think Jason Kenney is a tool. Keep them up if you think the Conservative Party has been an absolute disappointment on the immigration issue. The Conservative and Liberal parties are pretty much the same party in Canada now with a slight difference in taste like Pepsi is to Coke.

The family reunification class has been a prime contributor to increasing poverty rates within immigrant communities since those who enter Canada this way need no pertinent job skills and language skills. Thus, Canadians are forced to pay for their skills upgrade just to give them a fighting chance in the job market which translates into years of below par productivity and heavy public subsidy. But they do work on the cheap. And the Conservatives plan to bring in more of them during a slowdown in the economy. And this is saying nothing of the negative effects this has on Canada's working poor, recent immigrant arrivals, on our health care system and public school system.

They are also future voters which is what this is all about (and Jason Kenney's future run for leader of the Conservative party). Indeed, be they Conservative or Liberal or NDP, immigration is first and foremost a voter importing mechanism. Go ahead and tell me it isn't.

Hat tip to Immigrationwatchcanada.org.


Anonymous said...

I am an immigrant from the skilled worker class. I've been in Canada for almost 5 years working in low-paid, dead-end jobs, despite having an MA and a PhD (both from US universities). During this long period of desperation I've been thinking a lot about the Canadian immigration system and I think it is a total mess. Canada cannot absorb 280,000; 250,000...I don't think even 60,000! immigrants a year. There are no decent - meaning, matching the educational qualifications - jobs for all those people. The immigration system (Immigration Industry?) is destroying careers and lives among the immigrants and it is also hitting native born Canadians hardly. It is just that this crazy system does not take in consideration the simple economic law of Supply & Demand in the job market... All those numbers - 180K a year, "1% of the Canadian population a year" - are RANDOM numbers. Nobody can explain which scientific method they use to got those numbers!!! I would vote for any party which promised to cut the immigration levels to 50,000 a year or less. As a matter of fact I wrote to the main political parties in Canada (except the Bloc Quebecois, which I consider a nest of traitors, but that is another story...) asking them about their positions regarding this matter. Only one answered to me so far, the Green Party, and they told me that they "don't believe the problem is in the number of immigrants". I disagree with them, but at least they answered me. All the other parties simply dodged the question. Since this is the MOST important issue to me - as a matter of fact it is an EXISTENTIAL ISSUE - I probably won't vote for any of them. I will finish this msg. saying that I consider the Conservatives especially treacherous and liars for inducing us to believe that they would reduce the number of immigrants per year but actually increasing that number (from around 260,000/y to 281,000 last year). I was considering voting for them but now I see that they are just one more bunch of politicians thirsty for the naturally conservative "ethnic vote" from immigrants who come from some traditional and backward societies. Since I became a citizen recently that would be my first vote and I was happy with that. However, I am very sad to say that I won't vote for anybody because ALL the Canadian parties are defending an absurd policy that is against the skilled worker immigrants, the native born Canadians and, I believe, the long term national interests of this country. Regards from an immigrant who is a PhD and nonetheless flips burgers and shelves goods in Ontario.

PaxCanadiana said...

Your predicament is a familiar one and has been addressed by immigration reformers alike but not acknowledged by any of the main political parties nor any of the mouth pieces in the media. They dismiss it as a credential recognition problem when in reality it is an over supply problem.

Many of those who support lower immigration quotas are immigrants as themselves. This should be of no surprise because those who would suffer the most immediate consequences of high immigration quotas are recent arrivals. This is especially true in a down economy.

Polls out of the U.S., U.K., and here show an increasing number of immigrants want lower immigration quotas as well but no one seems to listen to them either.

Some wish to castigate people such as myself as anti-immigrant but this is not true. High immigration numbers hurt immigrants as well and this has to stop.

I am not campaigning for them but you may want to cast your vote for the Christian Heritage Party of Canada. They advocate for lower immigration and if they receive enough support they will be eligible for funding and can pressure the government.

Anonymous said...

See? The true conservative vision about immigration. They want EVEN MORE immigration! As I said before, ALL the parties are defending this insanity:

"The Conservative leader said throughout the economic downturn his government has kept immigration levels at historically high rates.

"While we believe economic downturns are temporary, we believe the benefits of immigration are permanent," he said."

in "Harper vows foreign credentials reform in GTA stop", CBC, April 6, 2011,


PS.: Thank you PaxCanadiana, but I don't think that the CHPC is a solution. Too small, too narrow minded around "judaico-Christian" values (or something like that). Looks more like a US-Bible-Belt political sect. What we - immigrants from the skilled class category and native born Canadians alike - need to do is to show the MAIN POLITICAL PARTIES that we are deeply unhappy with the actual Immigration Industry.

PaxCanadiana said...

What we - immigrants from the skilled class category and native born Canadians alike - need to do is to show the MAIN POLITICAL PARTIES that we are deeply unhappy with the actual Immigration Industry.

I agree. I think raising awareness and adding public pressure is the best route.

Creating a new political party around a single issue is ineffective and easier said than done.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you to read the following article: "Conservatives woo Toronto's Asian vote", http://ca.news.yahoo.com/conservatives-woo-torontos-asian-vote-20110409-192013-474.html

The voters from "traditional societies" that the conservatives are courting and bringing in enormous numbers are generally those from the most populated, poor, authoritarian and backward countries in the world. They tend to come here in mass and reproduce their own society and culture, instead of integrating to the Canadian society.

PaxCanadiana said...

The voters from "traditional societies" that the conservatives are courting and bringing in enormous numbers are generally those from the most populated, poor, authoritarian and backward countries in the world. They tend to come here in mass and reproduce their own society and culture, instead of integrating to the Canadian society.

What they don't understand, or refuse to acknowledge, is that these Asian immigrants aren't coming to Canada to contribute to its prosperity but come here to take advantage of it.

It is an open secret within the Chinese community that many are here long enough just to get citizenship and then plan to return to China to avoid the tax responsibilities of a Canadian citizen. They then dump their kids here and parents as well to take advantage of the of social subsidies paid by taxes they don't want to contribute to. It's scandalous but we allow it so the blame lies with us. You can fault their shameless opportunism.

For a community that boasts a presence in Canada for over 100 years it's remarkable at how much they have failed to fully assimilate compared to other immigrant groups. But this stems from recent immigration and the problems experienced from too many immigrants from too few source nations. Thus, Asian immigration ceases to be about immigration and becomes colonialism instead.

Anonymous said...

In the words of a lawyer on TV today "It is scary how much power unelected people have in this country". I may add "people who are not even Canadian".
My husband was refused a spousal sponsorship immigration visa by an employee's of our embassy in another country, who came to an arbitrary decision based on evidence which she probably did not even understand, due to her very inadequate knowledge of English. I base this assessment on my experience as a teacher and my secondary education, which includes a degree with English as one of the majors.
I appealed this decision, but have been told that the waiting period for a hearing is in excess of 1 year, due to the backlog of work.
I was told to ask my MP for help.
After not hearing from his office for some time, I asked at his local office, only to be told that the letter which I had handed to him at a function was not even recorded on the computer.
Furthermore, I was told that the MP could do nothing for me. This morning an MP said he had lobbied the appropriate minister on another matter. So much for the MP not being able to do anything for me. I am sure he expects my vote tomorrow.
According to the person who refused the visa, my husband does "not know" me, in spite of more than adequate documentary evidence to the contrary, attesting to a relationship over a period of 8 years, and a marriage of nearly 2 years.
Had this been a "put up job", I would have ensured that my husband would have received coaching sufficient to answer any of the questions to the interviewer's satisfaction. As it was, we relied on the integrity of the system - which turned out to be a grave and expensive mistake.
The Minister of Immigration has the power of granting this visa on reviewing the application, which fulfils all requirements, and on compassionate and humanitarian grounds. This government prides itself on its humanitarian treatment of refugees and other needy people, but it refuses to take care of one of its own???
Perhaps a change of government is indicated.
The government wants economically active immigrants. My husband's profession ensures that he would have no difficulty in finding employment or even starting his own business, which the government would like even better.
In addition, he does not have 5 wives and 23 children, all of whom
dependent on the Canadian taxpayer by way of social assistance.
I might mention that some of my husband's ex-colleagues had no difficulty in obtaining Canadian immigration visas, and they are not even married to Canadian citizens ! They are all now residing and working happily in Canada.
We are desperate to be together, and talk on the internet for hours every day. Why should we be exposed to this form of torture on the whim of some clerk far away?

PaxCanadiana said...


This isn't the kind of place where you can get that kind of assistance so I cannot help you there.

If I have anything to say it's this: you are probably a victim of the rampant fraud that plagues our immigration system. This fraud, I don't doubt, has made some if not many of the staff at Canada's missions abroad into cynics and skeptics of almost any immigration application that crosses his or her desk. You're application may be legit but to them it may appear to be just another person trying to sneak someone in as a spouse or relative.