Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Immigration, Union Busting And The Cowardly Silence Of Canada's Labour Movement.

A reader sent me this link. It's a story about African immigration into Brooks, Alberta and how it is changing the town's cowboy image as if the residents of Brooks want that in the first place. The "cowboy image" is part of the Alberta's history and cultural heritage and it is a rich one at that. It is what makes Canadians a diverse people and Albertans unique within the cultural landscape of the nation. So I can't image the change African immigrantion is bringing to the town and province is being done by invitation but more so by fiat. And even if change is wanted I doubt anyone will look to Africa for guidance.

What African immigration does offer a host society likes Canada's, I have to say I am at a loss. Let's take Somali immigration as an example seeing how Canada hosts the largest population of ex-pat Somali's outside of Africa thanks to, well you know who to blame.

These are a people who come from a tribal society who didn't have a functioning alphabet until 1972; who at this time in their history have been unable to form any semblance of a functioning government, economy, or society prompting some to call Somalia a "failed state"; who practice polygamy, arranged marriages, and female gentile mutilation thanks to Islam's influences; who culturally indulge in an amphetamine called khat, a practice so problematic that it is at the root of Somalia's civil unrest while acting as an economic drain; who have brought this drug to Canada and want it decrriminalized; who have one of the highest secondary school drop out rates in Toronto's school system; and whose only real contribution to Canada are cab rides and representation in the global jihad movement. Canada would have been better off tying a giant albatross around her neck than allowing Somali immigration.

So to say Canada or Brooks, Alberta is enriched by Somali or any African culture should invoke laughter since they have more to learn from us then we from them. But this rant isn't the crux of this post. When you read the linked article a company name pops up: XL Foods Lakeside Packers Inc.

The immigrant puff piece was published in 2009 and undoubtedly co-written by XL Foods PR department if not the whole thing. I say this because XL Foods is the magnet drawing African immigrants into the town. But what has XL Foods been up to lately?

On April 9, 2011 we learn XL Foods laid off 500 workers in Calgary.

Last year XL Foods locked out 200 employees from its Moose Jaw plant in Sask.

Prior to the lockout those workers where on layoff.

Why was XL Foods importing employees from Africa to work in Alberta while it had trained, idle employees in Saskatchewan it could utilize? Meanwhile it just laid-off workers in Calgary.

The initial article claims that immigrants are needed because well paying jobs in Alberta's oil fields are attracting away potential workers. This is nonsense since XL Foods would rather lock out laid-off workers then relocate them to Brooks. This looks like union busting to me and immigration is there to play its role. So where the hell is the Canadian Labour Congress?

Like its cowardly pathetic counterparts in the the environmental movement the CLC and the labour movement as a whole have been silent on immigration. This is curious since immigration is being used as a weapon to roll back wages, promote poor working conditions, and bust unions. Indeed, this is characteristic of North America's meat packing industry which has found itself reliant on immigration, legal or not, to provide an obsequious workforce to keep working conditions poor. This encourages a high turnover rate to ensure low wages and an upward flow of wealth. Since meat packing doesn't have the luxury to outsource its operations overseas to avoid labour laws and union influence it has to import the foreign workforce it wants to exploit.

If Canada's labour unions actually cared they'd pressure the government for more stringent immigration criteria and quotas so that it cannot be used as a weapon to attack the livelihood of Canadians. Instead we get silence but I have come to expect that. Canada's unions have to come to caring only about protecting their own turf and bargaining power. Shows of worker solidarity are just that: shows. Calls for good jobs are just words. When a union is broken down to its component members you realize that the only job they care about protecting is theirs and if immigration does not affect it they simply do not care who it hurts.


Anonymous said...

Did they ask Canadians in Brooks, Alberta whether they'd wanted to change their long-established demographic profile from white to black within the next 2 or 3 generations??

Before escaping multi-culti Toronto several years ago, I had always looked forward to our vacations out west, just to re-experience the whiteness of Alberta, and to actually see real Canadians en mass, again.

Unfortunately, it seems that even small-town Alberta is now being introduced to the "joys of diversity".

Once that small-town flavour is lost -- as in Brooks -- it's gone forever.

It doesn't take a genius to extrapolate the outcome of this impending immigrant disaster slated for Brooks, or Alberta, or Canada.

So, what is the outcome here? Well, guilt-ridden, white people will continue embracing their hypocrisy by "biting their lip", as the "newcomers" become even more emboldened with their tax-payer subsidies, ethnic NGOs, etc., all of which, is supported by the constant blathering on multiculturalism.

If the U.S. is any example of "fixing" race relations between Blacks and Whites since 1954, then Canada is in for a rude awakening. But, Canadians may have more experience in this phenomenon? I jest, of course!

Ironically, naive Canadians are like docile sheep being set up for slaughter, similar to those cattle being set up to be "processed" in the town of Brooks at this very moment. However, the cattle are not aware of their impending fate, whereas, Canadians should be wide awake as to what is happening to our country.

But, we're not alone in foolishly parachuting 3rd world foreign people into traditional white towns, and having to suffer the same fate.

I realize that I didn't touch on the "Union Busting" angle, -- maybe, in another comment.

PaxCanadiana said...

Once that small-town flavour is lost -- as in Brooks -- it's gone forever.

My lamentation for the small town rural charm of southern Ontario that is under threat of destruction due to insane amounts of immigration.

Unspoken truth is that most Canadians prefer and identify with that than the imported, forced diversity that comes with immigration, especially immigration form non-traditional sources. Yet this is what is happening in urban-sprawlistan of Brampton as status seeking Punjabi immigrants from India are helping to lay waste to Canada's rural landscape with their culture that most Canadians don't care about while destroying a homegrown one Canadians do. It's a travesty really.

If the U.S. is any example of "fixing" race relations between Blacks and Whites since 1954, then Canada is in for a rude awakening.

So very true. Race relations in the U.S. have gotten worse and I argue is undermining U.S. competitiveness. The U.S. is more racially diverse than Canada is; or to put it another way it is less white. Seeing the social tensions that have arisen in the U.S. should cause us to reflect on whether we wish to follow that same road yet Canadian conventionalism cripples us from ever do so.

Anonymous said...

I've seen this situation in Brooks in 2007. Pretty awful. Yet, if one wants to fix this mess which is our immigration system one has to focus on the root of the problem and not on the symptoms. In other words, those immigrants are not responsible for this situation. They are actually doing what any sane human being does when facing a difficult situation: trying to move to a better place. The true criminals are the Government (from any party, including the Conservatives, who are increasing the number of immigrants while suggesting to some fools that they are going to curb it) and the Corporations which wants an enormous army of cheap labour, both qualified and unqualified. Government & Corporation form the binomial which is the structure of the IMMMIGRATION INDUSTRY. Then, trickling down the industry pyramid, we have the multitude of leech individuals and institutions like immigrant lawyers and consultants, the so called "Centres for Immigrant Help", Language Centres, Real State Brokers, used car sellers , some churches, etc, etc... The list is enormous. But above all, WE ordinary Canadians are guilty because we don't press very hardly our politicians to stop this insanity which in the last instance affects Canadian born and immigrants alike. Poverty and inequality is on the rise in Canada and things will get much worse if the government keeps bringing hundreds of thousands of people a year to a country ravaged by unemployment, underemployment, Health System crisis, and many other problems that are only getting worse due to out of control immigration. BTW, tomorrow I won't vote for Harper. He lost my vote because he increased immigration levels from 260,000 to 281,000 a year.