Tuesday, 17 May 2011

And It Only Costs Us $16.3 To $23.6 Billion Annually Along With Our Country.

Wow! What a bargain!

It's probably a good thing we Canadians are not known for our entrepreneurial spirit. If the way we have been investing in immigration over the past twenty three years is any indication of how we would invest in a business we would be chronically broke and bankrupt.

It's a good thing we are a resource rich nation because how else are we able to subsidize a money hemorrhaging scheme like immigration that seems to only exist now for its own sake; to import voters for the party in power; to support the immigration industry; to support a real estate bubble; and nothing more.

This doesn't mean we don't derive any benefits from immigration. It does mean that any benefits are being eaten up but the system itself and then some.

This is a call for smarter immigration and that means less of it and more strict criteria.

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