Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Ethnic Conservative Turns Out To Be A Myth.

The Toronto Star has this to report.

It turns out the Conservatives didn't get much help from immigrant and "ethnic" voters after all.

“Across the board, there doesn’t seem to be anything but a minor shift in terms of the immigrant versus non-immigrant vote where Conservatives are concerned,” said Stuart Soroka of McGill University.

“Up to this point, there’s a bit of gain there, but it seems tiny,” said Patrick Fournier, of the Université de Montréal.


The Canadian Election Study has found little evidence to back up the suggestion — now almost conventional wisdom — that the Conservatives owe their majority to Kenney’s wooing of the immigrant vote, at least on a national scale.

“Many politicians and journalists, during the campaign at least, bought into a story about the immigrant vote that isn’t reflected in our data,” Soroka told the Star.

So where exactly did the Conservatives find their support to secure a majority?

The academics involved with the Canadian Election Study calculated what they call the “immigrant vote gap” — the percentage of votes from immigrants minus the percentage of vote from non-immigrants. Only the Liberal party, traditionally seen as the party for new Canadians, registers positive figures in this analysis (though less positive than when they were the ruling party). The Conservatives, meanwhile, are still getting more votes from non-immigrants than they are from immigrants, and the vote gap hasn’t changed much since 2008, the researchers found.


According to Bricker’s findings, immigrants and ethnic minority voters lean Conservative the longer they’ve been in Canada. After about 10 years, in fact, their voting patterns and motives are not that different from Canadians born in this country. The same is true of second-generation Canadians who hail from so-called “ethnic” communities, Bricker told the conference.

In short, the core of the Conservative vote came from Canadians along with some support from immigrants who have been in the country at least for 10 years. So it appears Jason Kenney and the Conservatives accomplished nothing more than import more supporters for their political rivals. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

They should wise up. The Conservatives cannot woo ethnic vote blocks with promises of more immigrants and more liberal immigration policies. It has proven to be a failure this election as it proved to be a failure when the Mulroney Progressive Conservatives were reduced to two seats in parliament effectively destroying the party.

Armed with this knowledge the Conservatives should cut back on immigration targets since we don't need the vast majority of them anyways. Having a majority government grants them power for a minimum of four years, five tops. If they stubbornly insist on maintaining the immigrant inflow they will have imported over one million immigrants into the country during their governance most of whom we can assume will support the Liberals come next election.

My prediction is the Conservatives will try to out-Liberal the Liberals when it comes to immigration (yes I think they're that stupid). As the report in the article notes the Liberals still enjoy widespread support from immigrant and ethnic communities. The Conservatives will work to change that by giving us more of the same which means more immigration even in opposition to economic reality and popular will. And it will get them nowhere.


Anonymous said...

The Conservative policy convention for 2011 is coming up:

My suggestion is to get people involved in this, as soon as possible.

ECNews said...

Do you seriously not know why the Conservatives are supporting mass immigration?

The stats you cite don't even support your notion that Conservatives shouldn't continue with mass immigration. They break even or have a slight gain within a relatively short period of time. One study by the Star doesn't contradict the fact they at least break even on getting immigrant votes plus get media support for boosting the number of immigrants.

It isn't being done just for votes. Isn't that obvious by now?
Don't you read the National Post? This is part of a campaign to destroy countries like Canada. "Conservatives" of the sort we have now will only facilitate this.

Do you not see the pattern of the neo-con and neo-liberal agenda playing itself out across the world? It's always the same.

Anonymous said...

ECNews you almost totally correct. They are indeed trying to destroy something very very sacred, The White Gene Pool of our respective White countries. The basic method is simply to lead massive numbers of non-White third world peoples into our countries and then demand that we assimilate with them, thus destroying our White genotype forever. That is the real program of destruction that they have implemented. It has failed however, and we have lots of work to do to destroy our enemy. Our side actually has these vile anglo-elites on record saying that they plan to do exactly this, right after WW2. They are in trouble because we are going to drag them into genocide tribunals and demand massive reparations from all those individuals and corporations that benefited in some way by this ongoing program of White Genocide.

There may be an argument for altering our governmental structure back to a system of rule by an indigenous king, or something like that. Democracy is a bad system for White people.

Anonymous said...

"Do you not see the pattern of the neo-con and neo-liberal agenda playing itself out across the world? It's always the same."

This short video, dated May 22, 2011 expresses the sentiments of a down-under, and down-to-earth Australian.

This reader agrees! The same carbon-copy pattern highlighted in this video, continues to play itself out... whether it's in Sweden, Canada, Australia or any other white country.

...and whites only comprise 8 percent of the entire world's population.

Anonymous said...

The neo-conservatives are nothing more than hand maidens for the anti-White new world order. Respectable modern conservatives are absolutely unwilling to confront the ongoing attempted genocide of Caucasians. They become the WYSIWYG White politicians, but they are completely willing to sell out the justified racial interests of White people in their respective countries. At this point, the modern neo-conservative is synonomous with White Traitor and Genocidal Maniac.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's a myth. The Conservatives now did get the votes of immigrants from "traditional societies". Those people are naturally conservative, to the point of sometimes being medieval. The Conservatives will not give up this electoral gold mine, unless the Canadian born majority protests in mass, something I don't see happening any time soon. Expect a true tsunami of immigration, especially from those most backward traditional countries.

"The key to Conservative victory, Mr. Kenney told party members, has become courting the immigrant vote, particularly in the vote-rich Toronto area, which saw several supposedly safe Liberal seats fall to the federal Tories earlier this month.

“You might be wondering why an MP from Calgary is doing here,” he said. “I’m really here because I spent most of the last election and most of the past five years right here in the greater Toronto area reaching out to new Canadians on behalf of our party.”

For the first time in history, he said, immigrants are voting for Conservatives in larger numbers than those born in Canada, including 65% of Chinese voters in the last federal election."

PaxCanadiana said...

I don't think it's a myth. The Conservatives now did get the votes of immigrants from "traditional societies".

Well, at the end of the Star article we read about an internal memo from Kenney's office.

"The memo, which set off controversy for its blunt designation of voters as ethnic and 'very ethnic,' also noted that the Conservatives’ outreach efforts were not as successful as they hoped. 'Data proves hunch: we are losing,' the memo said, though it also noted: 'We are losing less badly now.'"

They admitted to themselves that they are still losing when it comes to the "ethnic vote" but "less badly now."

I don't believe Jason Kenney in this instance. He is over exaggerating his "accomplishment" because it is better than admitting he failed.

This isn't to say immigrants and "ethnic voters" will not vote Conservative but I hold that they will only do so as long as the Conservatives have a liberal immigration policy. This is what the Cons. promised and to a limited extent it worked but not as mcuh as they hoped for.

The popularity among Asian voters comes with a price. When Kenney announced cuts to family reunification Canada's Chinese populuation was excepted becuase they complained that their right to import their aged parents and dump them onto Canada's public health care system was to be violated. Kenney assured them that this would not be the case.