Thursday, 19 May 2011

More On The Skills Shortage Canard.

A reader brought to my attention this interview with a labour market analyst. It appeared on a CBC radio show called Metro Morning.

It's short, being only 6:24 in length, but informative. For instance he states the open secret that Canada has the greatest number of its labour force participants with some form of post-secondary education in the whole of the industrialized world. That being true then for what reason do we need so many immigrants?

He also mentions that the business community cries poverty when it comes to recruiting available labour to meet its needs when that ostensibly doesn't seem to be the case. It's not that there's a shortage of available labour, I might add. It's that there's a shortage of cheap labour and this is where immigration comes in.

The business community claiming a shortage of labour in contradiction of reality is not new. This was the case for Silicon Valley and the tech boom of the 1990s where tech jobs seemed to be aplenty yet few people were getting hired. Stories of super picky recruiters are infamous and many. The explanation given was that to appear healthy to investors and pump IPOs start-up tech companies created the illusion of growth by putting out ads for employment when they had no intention of hiring. Another explanation was that they wanted to import immigrants to work on the cheap since they were unable to find the right recruit. Supporting this we have this American example from I doubt the situation differs much here in Canada.

More revealing are the stats he gives. 29% of full time/full year cashiers posses a post-secondary degree. This is true for 19% of cleaners and 45% of servers in restaurants and bars. It is more accurate to say we have a glut of skill labour than a shortage of it. And this is the labour market we are importing record numbers of immigrants into. This is why Toronto has the best educated taxi drivers in the world. It has little to do with systemic discrimination and more to do with the fact the Canada didn't need them at all. If you are an immigrant and you got hired then congratulations on being the diversity quota. The less white your skin the more likely this is true.

He also mentions that the labour market is increasingly becoming polarized between high skilled labour and low skilled labour with the carving out of the middle which is where the middle class was to be found. Those middle ground jobs are being outsourced to the countries from which we are importing labour. This is tantamount to rubbing salt in the wound. At one time those low skilled entry jobs were the stepping stones to advancement within an organization but that is no longer the case.

Let's do away with the labour shortage canard. It's another ruse to sell an unpopular policy to a misinformed public. There may be spot shortages in certain labour markets but I doubt it is enough to justify the numbers of immigrants Canada imports.


Anonymous said...

Can't take issue with anything here. Excellent piece.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article as usual. But the only way to truly understand this unprecedented phenomenon of massive racially dissimilar program of immigration is to reference the concept of genocide. It's clear when you look at the behavior and policies of Canada's elites--not to mention those of all the countries in Greater Anglosphere--that they are thoroughly anti-White. Their policies are designed as measures to harm and to diminute the power and influence of White people and their children, in favor of non-White immigrants. Those running Anglosphere have attermpted--unsuccessfully I might add--to destroy the founding gene pool of these countries, and that mean White people of course. That is why they have implemented countless policies which have as their effect, the massive harms that are now manifest in every facet of our white communities and institutions.

All the while they say that they are anti-racist, but what they really are is ANTI-WHITE.

Anonymous said...

"It's not that there's a shortage of available labour, I might add."

Yet, Tim Horton's coffee shops insist on recruiting foreign employees under the "temporary" worker program.

These unskilled people, are flown in from 3rd world countries half-way around the world at the employer's expense, domiciled in living quarters and given jobs that unemployed Canadians, living two blocks away, are willing to do.

Having since discovered that little gem of information, I now boycott Tim Horton's.

PaxCanadiana said...

Yet, Tim Horton's coffee shops insist on recruiting foreign employees under the "temporary" worker program.

And I wonder how long they hold onto that position once their permanent residency is certified.

Many unskilled immigrants who do not have prayer in the world to being granted entry as a principal applicant get their foot in the door through bogus "labour shortages" like Tim Hortons.