Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Multiculturalism Or A Jail Cell. Welcome To The 'New Canada™.'

First day post-election win and this is what we can expect from the Conservatives and their majority.

This is an assault on Canadians' freedom of speech but should we be surprised it has come to this? You cannot have the "Trudeaupian" multicultural society without an erosion of your rights. And in this case it is our freedom of speech which is the most fundamental principle of a functioning democracy.

To have the "just society" of "peace, order, and good government" of the "Trudeaupian" multicultural variety you need to have a legal framework to force people to get along because left alone to its own devices it is unworkable. This attests to the weakness of multiculturalism and how little confidence those who espouse it have in its viability. So we must be compelled to accept it by threat of legal action.

Dissent in the "new Canada™" is not allowed. Diversity is encouraged just not diversity of opinion. This is, of course, about power and control. It is not about good governance or the creation of a "just society." It's multiculturalism or a jail cell.

If limiting and dictating what one can say and think is one of the "gifts" of immigration and multiculturalism then how does this make the country a better place to live when one lives in fear of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong person?

But it's a good thing most Canadians don't use their freedom of speech anyways so they won't notice let alone bother to care.

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Euro-Canadian News said...

A military state is right around the corner. Get ready.