Tuesday, 3 May 2011

So They Delivered. Should They Now Expect Payment?

It appears courting the "ethnic vote" has paid off for the Conservatives. They managed to secure a majority government in part by capturing seats in immigrant/ethnic heavy electoral-ridings in and around Toronto. So does that mean the Conservatives now owe them?

On immigration matters the Conservative win last night is a double edged sword. The Conservatives were introducing much needed reforms to the immigration system while ruling as a minority government but they found their efforts frustrated in Parliament by the opposition. Now that they have a majority they can now get things done so in this sense there is something to be hopeful about.

However, just remember it was the last Conservative majority government in Ottawa that got the nation into its current immigration mess. Then called the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada; the party of Canada's first Prime Minister and a father of Confederation, Sir John A. MacDonald; it was by the inept leadership of that buffoon Brian Mulroney that the Conservatives upped immigration levels by 100,000 literally overnight and failed to invoke the notwithstanding clause to repeal the Singh decision. Because of a Conservative majority government Canada is now burdened with the highest immigrant intake levels in the world and an internationally infamous joke of a refugee system.

Since the Conservatives made the mess, they should clean it up starting by cutting back on intake quotas and invoking the notwithstanding clause to repeal the Singh decision. But the Conservatives so far has shown no interest in doing either.

My fear is that it will be business as usual to maintain the trust the Conservatives have cultivated with immigrant voters. This means any changes to the status-quo could be perceived as an act of betrayal and lost support in future elections. If any changes are made it will be higher immigration intake quotas, more relaxed rules, more useless relatives, and more immigrants from too few source nations to accelerate the re-colonization of Canada. Canada has lost some of its sovereignty since its immigration system is being determined by the whims of a growing foreign born population of a colonial mindset. How the Conservatives will act now, we'll just have to wait and see.

In related news when you read this just keep telling yourself "a Canadian is a Canadian" or so we're told.


Anonymous said...

Obviously foolish on the part of the Greeks, if you ask me. Obviously racist acts like that are exactly what drive the neo-colonialist mindset moreso than any other single factor.


They breed like rabbits in their homeland and have overpopulated this world with barbarians and then come to Canada and want to drag their family members here to Canada and suck us dry of our health care and all that is good about Canada. A man I respect, you know who you are, said; "immigration built this country and it looks like immigration will ruin this country" In Canada we treat them as if they are celebrities and they know they can walk all over us.
I am so disgusted with Canadians, I can't really blame the immigrants anymore...stupid is as stupid does. We allow it! :(

PaxCanadiana said...

I am so disgusted with Canadians, I can't really blame the immigrants anymore...stupid is as stupid does. We allow it! :(

Precisely! I don't fault immigrants for acting out of self interest. It should be expected.

A lot my disgust is toward my fellow Canadians who allow it to happen and pretend they agree with it when in secret they loath it. We get what we deserve and frankly I'd say we don't deserve this nation or its land.