Thursday, 30 June 2011

Birds Of A Feather...

Flock together.

It's interesting that children in their most innocent and untainted existence show signs of racial preference for their own. It makes me wonder if racial preference is innate.

You can argue that the children will grow out of it as they develop a mature outlook on life but do they really? If our own lived existence tells us anything is that we don't. When the majority of whites live in white majority neighbourhoods and communities, avoid certain universities because they are "too Asian", and develop social groups the are mostly white you really can't take them seriously when they proclaim their love of racial diversity and multiculturalism. It's all talk and talk is cheap. And it's not restricted to whites either since the same behaviour is evident in Canada's non-white population as well.

That being the case then what success can there be for the kind of multiracial society Canada's elites are gambling the nation's future on? In that so far unrealized future I can't imagine one saying "diversity is our strength" while keeping a straight face.

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