Monday, 6 June 2011

Bruce Bawer & Hege Storhaug Speak in Ottawa

June 8, 2011, 7 PM
Library and Archives Canada
395 Wellington
Admission $20 ($10 for students/seniors)

Tickets available at:
Compact Music (785 Bank, 190 Bank)
Ottawa Festivals (47 William)
Collected Works (1242 Wellington)
or online here:

Please join us for an amazing evening when Bruce Bawer returns to Ottawa with his colleague Hege Storhaug to speak on the problems of immigration in Europe.

Hege Storhaug is the information director of Human Rights Service in Norway and the author of several books on immigration and integration, forced marriage, women in Pakistan, and related subjects.

Bruce Bawer is an internationally-acclaimed author, whose recent book is "Surrender: Appeasing Islam, Sacrificing Freedom". and here are some short reviews:

"Bruce Bawer has yet again written an excellent book....I truly hope that it will serve as an eye-opener for everyone."
Geert Wilders

“Written with an urgency and clarity that makes it hard to stop reading and re-reading it. It should be studied by all who wish to understand the forces at work in the West that make an Islamic ‘House of Peace’ a brewing nightmare.”
Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Bruce has translated Hege's new book, "But the Greatest of These Is Freedom: The Consequences of Immigration in Europe."

The authorized English translation of the explosive Norwegian bestseller about the consequences of immigration in Europe.

From Norwegian and Danish reviews:

“A necessary and brave book.”
Henrik Gade Jensen, JYLLANDS-POSTEN

“A sharp and necessary book, one of the most important of the season.”
Lars Saabye Christensen

“A painful but necessary book to read. It is the most important contribution ever to the Norwegian immigration and integration debate….It should be obligatory reading for everyone who works with foreigners in Norway.”
Tore Andreas Larsen, FREMSKRITT

“If Hege Storhaug’s revelations about how our country and other Western societies are being attacked by Islamic fundamentalists…are not taken seriously by the powerful politicians, we will, within a few years, see a different, illiberal European in which a mentality out of the Middle Ages will wield absolute power…..One of the most important opinion books that have come along in recent years.”\
Oddbjørn Solstad, DRAMMENS TIDENDE

Fred Litwin

Free Thinking Film Society

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I was asked to promote the event of which I am happy to. If you happen to be in the Ottawa area or can make it there on short notice then this may be something you would want to check out. If not then at least you are now introduced to the names of Bruce Bawer and Hege Storhaug.

I must admit I am not familiar with the work of either speaker but judging from the promo Muslim immigration and integration seems to be the key discussing point.

I don't write about much about Muslim immigration to Canada because there are many others covering the issue, like husband and wife bloggers blazing cat fur and five feet of fury as well as jihad watch, Mark Steyn, and others. For me to do so as well would be redundant.

I will say this on the matter. Generally Muslim immigrants are no different than any other. Driven by self interest they are lured to shopping mall Canada and the materialistic fantasies a consumer society such as ours promises. To them, integration starts and stops at buying stuff on credit.

And like all immigrants they too come with baggage but in their particular case that baggage happens to be Islam, a religion that is more than just a belief system but is also a political organization with its own system of jurisprudence called Sharia.

Making things worse is the Islamic ambition of a world wide caliphate. How many Muslim immigrants share in this ambition I really cannot say but considering the community support given to the implementation of Sharia in western jurisdictions and the incessant demands for religious accommodation (as they excuse themselves from ever doing the same) I have to say the number is disconcertingly high. This makes them more than just immigrants. It makes them missionaries who will deliver the nation to Allah either by persuasion, the law, or simply overwhelming the host culture by numbers. Demography is destiny and if Muslims are the majority then they will set the course of the country. If Muslim dominated neighbourhoods in European cities are any indication of how they will behave when they constitute the national majority then we need to address the perils of Muslim immigration in the open.



The issue truly is MUSLIMS...they are symbolic of all things bad in the world. They are taking over all aspects of the western culture. A great many of the doctors, for instance, are muslim or from cultures of oppression and abuse of women, frankly I will not go to them for any medical attention knowing how they feel about women. I see women with their muslim head scarfs and tight pants with a face full of make up...isn't that a contradiction? To me it is a passive aggressive, in your face, what are you going to do about it, message. Canadians need to start boycotting their businesses and refuse to have them as doctors. I have a white doctor who continues to refer me to muslim doctors...I don't go. Some of the muslim doctors are starting to "westernize" their names because I believe Canadians are uncomfortable going to them. Go to the College of Physicians and Surgeons website for any province and you will see most doctors taking new patients are middle eastern. Yet the remote towns and cities can't get doctors...immigrants should have to put in time in the places that are without doctors and that way they are forced to integrate...and immigrants would have to go to "western culture" doctors and thereby become more integrated.
Get angry Canada before it is too late. Our government needs pressure to undo the damage they have done and people responsible for allowing terrorists to remain in this country should be charged with harboring terrorists and putting Canadians in danger.
I intentionally do not "capitalize" certain words...muslim and middle east...I can't do it...won't do it.

Anonymous said...

I think we should start a class action lawsuit against the government of Canada...if the muslims can sue our government than so should we.
Only we can take our country back.
If we don't become more vocal, than we deserve what we get.

Anonymous said...

We already lost it all, it is question of time only....