Thursday, 30 June 2011

Jesus Out, Mohammed In!

When I was kid going through the Ontario public school system I remember there was a time when the Lord's Prayer was recited at the start of the school day. That ritual was eventually ended. The arguments for doing so seem reasonable; that the public school system shouldn't show favouritism toward any particular faith and should be neutral in that regard.

Unless that religion happens to be Islam.

I find myself seeing Muslims less so as immigrants but more so acting as a vanguard seeking to convert Canada to Islam and deliver the nation to the caliphate (or at least portions of it). Who needs the sword or Al Quran when you have an immigration system to exploit?


Anonymous said...

A report on this issue appeared in the Star yesterday. Apparently the school feels that the students would spend too much time on Friday going back and forth to the mosque, therefore, a parent group proposed the plan of holding the Friday prayers at the school. It was noted that there were some concerns raised regarding the female students being separated behind a divider.

A number of officials gave the usual politically correct responses that they are proud to accommodate diversity. Of course the officials commenting from the school board are Canadians who do not appear to be of Muslim background. It is interesting how these Canadians who are mainly Christian are so welcoming and accommodating, yet, it the roles were reversed, it is unlikely that Christian beliefs would be accomodated.

The scary thing was that they mentioned that 400 students in the school are Muslim. This is just one school in Toronto. The numbers are growing rapidly.

PaxCanadiana said...

Blogger Blazing Cat Fur broke the story and has been following it since then.

Apparently the school is 90% Muslim which makes sense since it is located in the Don Valley area of Toronto, an area that is approximately 25-30% Muslim.

Some protests are planned by a Hindu advocacy group. There may be others involved as well.

By decimating John Tory in the last provincial election voters sent a clear message they don't want public dollars being spent on religious schools. It seems Muslims found a way to circumvent that decision by co-opting the public school system and turn the school into a publicly funded medrassa to some extent. The cafeteria even serves halal food.

It's baby steps. First it's halal food in the cafeteria, then it's a mosque on Fridays, and then and then and then...and then Muslims finally have their publicly funded religious school.

Some say so what? But the issue is proving divisive and offends the idea of a secular public education open to all. It shows the inherent dangers of multiculturalism and open immigration and how they are fracturing Canadian society. Also important to note is how this may be a way to defund the public education system and slowly introduce private, for profit education.

Anonymous said...

Typical propaganda - the Star sides with the Muslim community as reported in their Editorial of the day:

Let the students pray in school

Interesting that the ability to add comments has been disabled online. Probably because they've noticed that 80% of the comments at any time tend to not support high levels of immigration and lack of integration. This conflicts with the paper's pro-immigration stance. In fact, watch carefully and you will notice they now (and the CBC) substitute the friendly sounding "newcomers" instead of immigrants wherever they can.

Interesting in that saying the Lord's Prayer was eliminated. Another point is that this prayer session happens during class hours.

My concern is what will happen when their population numbers grow and they become the majority? That is not a far-fetched idea as they are growing so rapidly, and their religion encourages large families to help spread their religion. When they do become the majority the few voices in opposition will be silenced.

Even now our politicians are afraid to raise the immigration issue, and nothing constructive is being done in terms of reducing the numbers of immigrants, and ensuring integration to Canadian values. The current minister talks as if he is doing something, but he is not at all reducing the high yearly intake of immigrants if you look at his numbers. He thinks we'll be happy if it appears he gets tough on refugees, but he doesn't realize that many of us fear our country being lost and colonized.

PaxCanadiana said...

Typical propaganda - the Star sides with the Muslim community as reported in their Editorial of the day:

I visited the online edition to comment on the editorial but as I expected they disallowed comments.

I predicted the Star would come out in favour of it. I was watching a current affairs program on CTS called "Behind The Story" that unpacks spin of news coverage. One of the commentators noted how the Star was covering the Arab spring like it was no one else's business and added that the Star has a sizable Middle Eastern readership. That being true then the Star abandoned objectivity to pander to this group so that they will keep reading the paper thus allowing the Star to deliver them to advertisers.

In fact, watch carefully and you will notice they now (and the CBC) substitute the friendly sounding "newcomers" instead of immigrants wherever they can.

It's a euphemism like "new Canadian" because colonizer invokes negative connotations even though it is more accurate.

...but he doesn't realize that many of us fear our country being lost and colonized.

Much of what Kenney is doing is cosmetic in my opinion. If he wanted to attack people smuggling then he'd repeal the Singh decision and return to a system that vetted refugees abroad which is much more cost effective and efficient at addressing the needs or real refugees.

But like almost all politicians he operates on the short term at the expense of a long term vision. He thinks that keeping immigration targets high will ingratiate himself and the Conservatives to ethnic block votes in urban centers irrespective of the long term consequences of doing so (and irrespective of whether it is even working). It's always about the next election.

He is also estranged from the negative consequences of his decisions but more likely to reap the benefits so he really doesn't care. Yes we are being colonized, yes we are losing our country to a invasion of foreigners but Jason Kenney has a political career to think about and that's paramount to anything else.

Anonymous said...

Colonization continues - this shocking example of "assimilation" in Toronto:

Muslims - no photos!