Monday, 20 June 2011

Supreme Court Rules Sponsors Must Repay Welfare Costs Of 'Rogue' Immigrants.

It's nice to post some good news every once and a while.

From the Globe and Mail article:

The Supreme Court of Canada has upheld the right of federal and provincial governments to collect social-service payments from the sponsors of immigrants.

The landmark ruling involves the cases of eight Ontario immigrant families that sponsored relatives from abroad, and who later went on social assistance.

Under federal immigration law, the sponsors agreed to repay any welfare payments that their new arrivals may have incurred after they got to Canada.

The high court, in a unanimous 9-0 ruling, overturned an earlier Ontario Court of Appeal ruling in favour of the sponsors, all of whom claimed various hardships.

The individual cases involved repayments of $10,000 to $94,000 in social assistance to the Ontario government.

I don't know to what extent sponsorship breakdowns occur but to my understanding they are more frequent then what is cared to be admitted. Hopefully this ruling will put an end to it or at least curb it by providing the government with the legal muscle to go after these people who try to defraud the system.

Canada's liberal immigration laws and the lax enforcement of them have subjected the country to this kind of scam, in fact it encouraged and rewarded it, where a landed immigrant sponsors a relative who then goes "rogue" and winds up on social assistance since the sponsor never had pretensions to fulfill his or her duties to being with. It was purely a means to get someone into the country. That the law was challenged in an Ontario court says a lot about those who brought the challenge and the kinds of immigrants we are importing into the country along with their raging sense of entitlement which seems to be a requisite for immigrating nowadays.

To be fair I will say that the majority of immigrants to Canada do not go on or are on some form of social assistance. Most are hardworking and pay taxes. But they do drive down incomes and contribute to the increased cost of living, especially in our cities, so having said that I am left to wonder what exactly are the benefits of mass immigration. Oh right, the ethnic restaurants Canada's white, childless, upper class, cultural elites like so much. Gotcha.

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The cloud of doom is still upon us. There is much more to be done. Like you Pax I see it as a slight "gotcha", a baby step. The bigger victory would be removing every known terrorist group, every immigrant with even the slightest link to a terrorist and changes to the Charter. Only then will Canada have a chance of being what it once was.