Tuesday, 19 July 2011

1800 Stripped Of Citizenship, No Charter Right To Health Care For Illegals, And Immigration Is Down In First Quarter.

There's some good news to report.

First up 1800 people have been stripped of citizenship due to immigration fraud on their part. My response is, "That's it!?" There's got to be more than that but at least it's something. What's remarkable about this is that since Confederation a total of 67 people have had their citizenship revoked. Now, in one fell swoop, 1800 people will lose their citizenship! I hope this isn't the last we hear of something like this.

Next, the government won a recent court challenge that if they lost would drastically undermine the financial viability of the public health care system. A Federal Court of Appeal has ruled that "An illegal immigrant has no right to free medical intervention or ongoing health care under the Charter of Rights." This is an important court ruling because it will give Canada the legal teeth to prevent "medical tourism". Immigration already brings undue stress to the nation's health care system and can bankrupt it on its own, thank you very much. It doesn't need the help of medical tourists.

And finally, immigration is down by 25% this first quarter. Before we celebrate, however, that's a 25% reduction in comparison to the insane number of 280,000 Canada admitted last year, an amount the government recognizes as being outstanding in relation to official targets. In other words we are still on track to accepting more immigrants we actually need and Canadians want to have around. I should point out it is worth reading the comments to the Toronto Star article. It has been said that the real story is in the comments and if that is the case my assumption that Canadians have become weary of immigration and immigrants are not too far fetched. Perhaps they are finally waking up to the long-term consequences of Canada's immigration system and what it means for the future of their country.

One last thing I should mention. The government has introduced reforms to the asylum system that will take effect in December but the reforms will only be applied to claims made after that date. Claims in the backlog will be handled under the older determination system. Some, it seems, were hoping that an asylum will be granted to those in the backlog like the one that was issued in 1989 when the IRB was formed but that doesn't seem to be the case this time. The government intends to keep the backlog and clear it in time. So no blanket amnesty for the many seeking to immigrate to Canada by abusing the asylum system.

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