Saturday, 23 July 2011

Admission Of Guilt: Kenney Acknowledges The Immigration System Is Inadequate At Alleviating Aging Demographic.

If you don't have the blog Blazing Cat Fur bookmarked and read it often I recommend you do so. From him I give you this link.

He has posted a video interview of Immigration Minister Jason Kenney by some talking head at the CBC. They discuss the revocation of citizenship of 1800 people who obtained it illegally but what struck me was when he was asked about immigration's role in addressing Canada's aging demographic. At the 5:10 mark he states "merely to maintain the current age ratio of younger to older people in our population through immigration would require more than quadrupling immigration levels to over 1 million a year." In other words the immigration system, aside from the total collapse of the border, cannot help Canada's aging demographic for the better. Immigration critics have been pointing this out for years and it's nice to hear a Minister of Immigration finally admit it. Note that it would take more that 1 million just to maintain the current ratio. How much more would be required just to reverse it?

Despite this Jason Kenney comes off as being weary about increasing levels and I can imagine why. Simply put, it is too damn expensive as is with diminishing returns with each new cohort; the immigration system costs more than it is worth with immigrants reaping the benefits at the expense of Canadians. For this reason it's financially unfeasible to up immigration targets high enough to reverse an aging demographic trend.

The solution I offer is to cut immigration dramatically to 60,000 or so and restrict it to young, preferably single, economic migrants, refugees aside. Family reunification would be non-existent. I'd revoke the Singh decision allowing for the dissolution of the IRB and have refugees vetted abroad. There are billions in tax dollars to be saved by doing so and with this money reinvest it into Canadian families as a means to up the birth rate. Right now Canadian tax dollars are being wasted on under-performing foreign born nationals.

Speaking of under-performing the link above introduces us to this story as well. I can't think of a better way to tackle Canada's skills shortage than with the importation of 100 Somali family members, can you?


Anonymous said...

It's premature to "break out the bubblies" yet, but let's hope this unnecessary immigration tide is beginning to turn in the other direction.

Anonymous said...

The whole scenario is getting more and more depressing, as I witness the rapid population replacement and colonization around me.

Kenney is trying to appear tough on immigration to appeal to those who voted for him with the hopes he would reduce and improve immigration. However, the reality is that he isn't reducing numbers. What I would like to hear him say is that he will cut immigration to 10% of what it is now to let people assimilate and reduce the pressure on education, health care, etc. Plus, deport all the illegals, and turn back the recent Tamil arrivals. But that is just too much to hope for.

To top it all off, a major newspaper today included another propaganda piece on needing immigration to save the economy.

Tell that to all the people presently looking for work for months, or forced to accept low wages. At the same time, another paper had a report concluding that our young will for the most part have to accept that lower wages will persist and may never rise to where they were. So our economy needs more immigration to----reduce wages, and add more people chasing after the same jobs????

PaxCanadiana said...

Have you read the reader comments to the NatPo piece? As usual we the rabble whole-hardheartedly disagree. For further evidence of this see my latest blog post.

The NatPo is libertarian in its slant. It's not Conservative. It does on occasion criticize immigration policy but never, ever has it questioned the rationale of accepting so many immigrants and I think the reason is the same for all media: more immigrants means more potential eyeballs they can deliver to advertisers.

That's why there is the illusion of consensus on immigration policy. It's because the media have a financial incentive to keep immigration targets high. That's why public debate is absent and all media, irrespective of slant, appear to agree. Except, it appears, Sun Media who I imagine are marketing to the popular sentiment.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I always read the comments. There you finally get to see some other viewpoints. And I thought that journalism was supposed to take a few sides of the story into account. Apparently not in Canada! And that is after the censors who moderate those comments remove many. Noting that many of my comments never get posted to one well known Toronto paper, I think they remove a selection of the comments not promoting immigration so as to have it "appear" that there is a balance of opinion. What I also find interesting, and you have noticed as well, is that the media tells us that Canadians overall support immigration. I suppose they and the politicians look forward to the day when we are the minority, and they won't have to think of us at all.