Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Immigrants Hardest Hit By Recent Recession.

File this under DUH!

The unemployment gap between immigrant and Canadian-born workers has grown since the global economic meltdown set off in late 2008 and newcomers in Greater Toronto were most affected, says the study being released Friday.{...}

“Recent newcomers already experience significant marginalization in the labour market. What is surprising is they are more badly affected than the other groups and the gap has kept widening,” said York University geography professor Philip Kelly, the report’s lead investigator.{...}

While there is a longer-term trend toward a slightly lower rate of full-time employment for Canadian-born and established immigrants in the last five years, the percentage of recent newcomers working 30 or more hours a week fell from 86.1 to 82.9 per cent.

It suggests new immigrants have found themselves in precarious part-time employment in larger numbers, the report said.

Oh, by the way. We have a skills shortage, or so I'm told.

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