Sunday, 17 July 2011

Pride, Pride, Everywhere!

So we have black pride, asian pride, brown pride, desi pride, native pride, and white shame.


Resi said...

Don't Japanese make the highest income in Canada? I don't see much going for the "racism as a system of white privelege" idea at all, although it's not like the truth will stop ideologues from promoting it.

PaxCanadiana said...

Speaking of the Japanese I consider them an immigrant success story as they are the best integrated non-European immigrant group. Indeed, they are better integrated than some European immigrant groups like the Italians for instance.

Of all the generational Japanese Canadians I have met they tend to be Japanese in name only being completely Canadianized within the first generation. Of those Japanese immigrants I have met they are the most eager to integrate into Canadian society.

Statistically, the Japanese in Canada are the most likely to marry outside their racial group. If I recall correctly more than 70% of Japanese Canadians are in interracial marriages.

Economically, as you have mentioned, they occupy middle class income brackets.

I attribute their success in Canada as immigrants due to the relatively small number that come here. If there is a Japan town in Canada I can only surmise it is in Vancouver since there is none here in Toronto or elsewhere. Thus they cannot escape into ethnic enclaves and instead assimilate and begin to identify with the host Canadian society. Mind you, the western character of modern Japan helps them as well.

Also the bulk of Japanese immigrants are economic immigrants not boatloads, or plan loads, of bogus refugees and family sponsored chain immigration.

The lesson learned by Japanese immigration is that the smaller the intake and the more selective we are of the immigrant the better for success when it comes to economic and social integration. It's foolishness on our part to allow so many immigrants from so few source countries to come to Canada and settle. It stops being immigration and becomes colonization.