Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Immigration Is Clogging Up The Federal Court System.

In this interview with Brian Lilley by Ezra Levant on the Sun TV program The Source Lilley states that close to half of federal court cases in most months concern themselves with immigration.

I ventured to the Federal Court of Canada web page and looked to see for myself if what he said is true.

It's hard to tell if close to half the cases are immigration related but it's easy to see that a significant number of them are.

It seems immigration has not only done a great job of extending wait times in the nation's hospitals - putting the health of Canadians at risk - by denying Canadians access to immediate health care but it is also clogging up the nation's courts system on the tax payer's dime no less.

One has to wonder how much money could have been saved if these people were not even allowed to set foot on Canadian soil in the first place. These funds could have been invested in productive ventures that could help improve the lives of Canadians. Instead they are being flushed down a judicial toilet in unproductive court cases that in the end will either extend the stay of an undesirable or they'll be allowed to stay giving the nation another immigrant albatross to wear around the neck.

Part of the problem, as Lilley points out, are unelected, unaccountable judges creating policy at the bench. They have made themselves obstacles to executing a functional immigration system that serves the needs of the nation. But as long as the government allows laws like the Singh decision to remain in effect then who are they to complain? They should go to the source of the problem, not complain about the symptoms it creates and address it with band aid solutions.


Anonymous said...

Let us not stop at Canada's Federal Court level, but simply visit a provincial court room in Toronto and you'd mistakenly think you had been suddenly transported to courtroom located on the Caribbean Islands.

A small sampling of the Toronto Police Most Wanted list is found HERE.

But let's not stop there either, because there's more than enough fodder to fill this immigration cannon many times over.

Foreign criminals subject to deportation by the Canada Border Services Agency are HERE.

Anonymous said...

Vic Toews has the solution: continue to flood our nation with criminals, but create an Orwellian surveilence society where we can all be tracked and controlled

Anonymous said...

Here's an article on the excessive costs of legal aid for immigrants. The figure stated is Ontario only:

Legal Aid Immigration costs $18.5 M

Published Sept. 6, 2011.

PaxCanadiana said...

Here's an article on the excessive costs of legal aid for immigrants. The figure stated is Ontario only:

Good catch.

I was reading the comments and as one poster commented I wonder what the total costs are when you factor in other tax funded services. And this is from Ontario alone.

Once you go beyond all the superficial "benefits" of the immigration system you end up finding one giant money pit. At least the lawyers are happy.