Monday, 5 September 2011

In Dalton McGuinty's Ontario Immigrants Are More Valuable Than Canadians.

I just read this.

"People who hire an immigrant for their first job in Ontario would be eligible for a tax credit on the first $10,000 of costs associated with the hiring, a plan that raised some concern on the Liberal conference call.

"It reminded me a little bit of the potential blow back that we could see by positioning it from the opposition as an affirmative action program," said Steele."

Here's the source.

It's infuriating that immigrant vote pandering politics never ceases to reach new lows. While many Ontarians are out of work, underemployed, or precariously employed the ruling Liberal party plans to use the very tax dollars the unemployed and underemployed paid and pay into the provincial coffers to get foreigners - newly arrived people to Canada who haven't paid as many taxes and frankly shouldn't even be here in the first place - into the workforce quicker than Canadians just to hold onto power. It's like having a scarred and bleeding individual pay for salt just so you can throw onto their wounds.

It should be stressed that this is the leaked Liberal party platform for the upcoming provincial Ontario election which I suppose means that it isn't official and is subject to revision. Nevertheless it underscores the psychosis of a political party desperate to hold onto power and save the political careers of mediocre men and women. It's enough to make you consider giving them your vote.

To pursue such a policy is socially dangerous. It can only build resentment towards immigrants by Canadians and foster hostility. It is politics of division, not inclusion, by creating an us vs. them mentality.

It also causes us to question the necessity of immigrants in the first place. If businesses are so desperate for labour and we need immigrants to meet that demand then why does the business community need to be bribed with $10,000 dollars of tax payer money to hire an immigrant?

What it does make clear is that the Liberal party of Ontario is accepting the very real possibility of being defeated at the polls come Oct. 6. Immigrant/ethnic vote pandering politics is a weathervane to how confident a ruling party is with its hold on power. The greater the largess the weaker they feel.


Anonymous said...

As a Canadian, born and raised in Ontario, that has just been laid off from my job because of a shortage of work, this infuriates me. I don't see an incentive to get any one to hire me.

Maybe I should more to another country,come back and try again.

Liberal failed at the Federal level and I think it's time to remove them at the provincial.

Anonymous said...

What you're quite correct. But I can't fathom how a lofty politician -- such as a provincial premier -- has not taken the pulse of the electorate before uttering such "suicidal" proposals that will slaughter this provincial liberal party in the upcoming elections. But that is the price they pay when such unadulterated arrogance reigns supreme.

Ontario has a population of over 13 million people with the ever-diminishing White race now comprised of only 78%. That percentage is down substantially from an estimated 96-97% during the 1960s.

But, why pander to a tiny minority of imported "non" Canadians when your largest ethnic voter base is still comprised of White Canadian-born citizens who are already thoroughly disgusted at hearing of even more traitorous proposals??

In addition, how many of these recent foreign arrivals are eligible to vote? They don't have the right to vote, unless they've been in Canada for 3 years and became a citizen.

Perhaps Premier McGuinty is apparently deluded into thinking multi-culti Toronto represents our entire province. That hasn't happened yet, but those 'minorities' are now slowly invading our space in the hinterland, too.

Yes, our White voter base is being eroded year after year due to unwanted mass 3rd world immigration, until at some point in the near future, we'll be less than 50% of the provincial population. And almost all visible minorities (and deluded white libs) are cheering for this episode to take place at our expense. Why, you ask? Because it's about power!

HERE are some projected vis-min figures for the year 2017.

However, I believe the economic climate will be in such dire straits by that time, that ethnic rivalry could become a dangerous possibility. Ottawa's recent "flash mobs", but on a much grander scale!

Resi said...

Even the NDP had to admit this was over-the-top

Anonymous said...

who gives a flop if you have been born and raised here what does that mean? i have been born and partly raised but never had the opportunity for work or to get education if any little bit of knowledge, practical experience i received is due to the american education and workforce.