Monday, 5 September 2011

Reminder: You Have Until Sept. 19 To Complete The Consultation On Immigration Levels And Mix.

You can participate by going here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, I have forwarded it on as there seems to be little advertising.

I have a bad feeling it will amount to little. Too many of the questions are qualified with "assuming the levels stay the same". What about reducing the levels dramatically or putting a hold on immigration for 10 years?

This way it looks like the public was consulted, but we need real change, not shuffling categories. What about the impact on our values and history?

Anonymous said...

I must not be reading the paper or listening to the news as I knew nothing of this survey until I checked this site (which I do on a regular basis). As a Canadian born citizen (56yrs)I never check the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. Not surprising, why would I, I'm here and have no need to use the site. This survey is on the immigration site, frequented by those wanting information to immigrate, check on their application status etc, in otherwords it is not a survey for Canadians and their opinions on immigration levels/mix. One doesn't have to live in Canada or be a Canadian citizen to partake in the survey. So whose opinions are they looking for? I completed the survey but am not too hopefull the findings.