Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Vast Majority Of Mexico Is Safer Than Toronto!? Say Whaaaaat!!!???

Who knew? But I guess if you lived there like these ex-pat Canadians do then you'd know that.

Mexico was, at one time, Canada's top source country for refugee claims. Using 2010 figures it has now fallen to fourth place behind Hungary, China and Colombia, and just ahead of the Island Of Bullshitters and Their Bullshit Asylum Claims.

The fall was because the government slapped Mexico with visa restrictions to deal with what it regarded were a steady steam of bogus asylum claims coming out of the country, some claims being Mexican newly-weds honeymooning in Canada on our dime. Only 10% of asylum claims made by Mexican nationals are ever accepted. The rest are either rejected or abandoned.

Since much of the news out of Mexico concerns itself with the violence of the country's drug wars to hear someone say that Mexico is, for the most part, about as safe as Toronto may come as a shock. But to those who actually live there they seem quite happy to set the record straight for you.

This cuts to the heart of the problem of allowing inland refugee claims and the establishment of a legal apparatus to entertain them. Those hearing asylum claims and deciding on their validity here in Canada are too far removed from the countries producing the asylum claims to make a qualified decision since they have little context to work with. They know so little about those nations and may even be hard pressed to find them on a map. Operating in a bubble of near ignorance their opinion of a foreign country may be solely shaped by what they read in the news. This systemic ignorance is a major reason why Canada's asylum system is rife with abuse.

This is why the bulk of Canada's refugee claims should be assessed abroad by people possessed of a knowledge of the country they are working in and an understanding of its people and culture. Right now Immigration and Refugee Board judges are, for the most part, appointees for which the only qualification you need is to be well acquainted with the right people. If I'm not mistaken Queen Mila Mulroney, wife to King Brian the Buffoon, once appointed her hairdresser to the IRB. How's that for quality? One former IRB judge let his politics decide his cases for him. Essentially, Canada's refugee system and the IRB are inefficient mechanisms to deal with asylum claims. But when sinecure, six figure salary civil service jobs are at stake don't expect any change to happen any time soon.

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