Thursday, 29 December 2011

Contribution Or Competition, Integration Or Conquest: It's The Beginning Of The End For New-Canada™ (and Canada) As We Know It.

I don't know if this is their idea of contributing to Canada and integrating into Canadian society but it seems like competition and conquest to me.

I don't see how this is of any benefit to us Canadians.  How can it be?  We are expected to make way, indeed forcibly pushed aside as the article implies, for the new-Canada which means surrendering jobs and forgoing careers to satisfy the career aspirations of belligerent "new Canadians" who are exploiting immigrant driven demographic changes to satiate their hunger for economic power and political influence.  And all at the expense of social stability.

Let's not kid ourselves.  This is about power and conquest.  It is not about integrating into the whole and being a neighbour in the neighbourhood.  It is about being a neighbour and running the neighbourhood by being the neighbourhood.

The rapid demographic shift immigration brought to Peel Region in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is alarming and in my view is an attack on Canadians.  According to the article:

In the 1996 census, Peel’s visible minority population was about 265,000. By 2006 it had climbed to 577,000, half of the region’s population. Projected figures for 2011 put it at 60 per cent, with the biggest change in Brampton, where the number of visible minority residents jumped from 79,950 to 246,000 in 10 years. Projections for this year suggest Brampton’s residents are 67 per cent visible-minority.

Incredible!  And the fruits it is apparently producing is social disharmony, a culture war against Canadians living in the region, race based power struggles, and more social disharmony to come.  You see, the three main racial groups in Peel Region are whites, blacks, and south Asian (primarily Sikh Punjabis).  If south Asians are complaining that there are too many whites in positions of civic power and influence (because they want a piece of the action you see) then what is stopping blacks from protesting that there are too many south Asians in the same positions?

If the government did not insist on attacking its citizens with socially destabilizing immigration policies Peel Region would not be facing this problem.  And it is a problem.  Why?  Because race matters!  You can sugar coat it in all you want with the language of diversity and multiculturalism but what we have brewing in Peel Region is a race based power struggle.  If all the immigrants to Peel Region reflected the host culture and society then there would not be a problem as they would have integrated and disappeared into the host culture seamlessly.  But that is not what happened since the vast majority of immigrants settling into Peel Region could not have been any more different than the host society.  And now that they have overrun the place they want a new sheriff in town because they say so!  The threats could not be any more clearer on this:

“Usually, every institution is designed to resist change. Status quo is the norm,” says Naveed Chaudhry, director of the Peel Multicultural Council, a non-profit group that receives United Way and government funding.
From the top down, he says, public bodies have to accept “the new realities.”
“You will be seeing more complaints if the change doesn’t happen,” he predicts. “Institutions can resist change, but they cannot stop it.”

The effrontery on display is offensive but should be taken as a warning for the nation as a whole of the clear and present danger that is the current immigration system.  Looking at Peel Region is like gazing into a crystal ball and seeing what a future Canada will look like, and function like, when its Euro-American based host culture is reduced to minority status with no clear racial group to unify the nation.

It will be socially destabilized as race-based, ethnic politics comes to define Canadian society and the Canadian political scene even more so.

Ottawa will find itself paralysed to enacting an effective public policy in an increasingly ungovernable nation without fear of offending some identity group.

The same can be said of its foreign policy as years of multicultural dogma and complacent cultural accommodations has redefined the Canadian into being an empty shell of a human; as nothing more than someone who posses some vague "shared values" that no one can agree on, has a job, and regularly shops in a mall; that a Canadian is just someone who resides in Canada while one's cultural and and emotional attachments reside somewhere else.  With a nation full of these people it will be difficult to have an effective foreign policy without giving consideration to the sensibilities of some voting bloc.

The nation will fracture as separatist factions arise across regions of the country and find a voice in Ottawa through special interest parties.  I say this because world events and history have made clear that people like to govern themselves and what unites a people is primarily language, race, religion, ethnicity, as well as a shared history.  Most immigrants to Canada have little to none of this in common with the host society and will only divide the nation as they increase in number.  As a consequence certain regions  will become defined by their ethnicity/race/religion and will have little in common with each other.  An Asian dominated B.C. will have little in common with with a south Asian dominated Ontario which will have little in common with a native dominated Saskatchewan and Territories which will have nothing in common with French speaking Quebec.  If language is enough to compel Quebec to secede imagine the potency when you through race and religion into the mix.

To save Canada it will have to become increasingly totalitarian.  (Sadly, I think Canadians will be comfortable with this being one of the most politically passive people in the world, we are a tyrants wet dream.)  It already is so in some respect and immigration and multiculturalism is to thank for it.  Under the guise of  "hate-crime" laws drafted to "protect" Canada's "just society" our freedom of speech has been curtailed for this very purpose.  I believe we will have even more freedoms restricted and regulated for the sake of the survival of the future new-Canada.   

The losers are us Canadians and the future generations of Canadians whose country we gave away.

The winners are foreign nations (like India and China) who can influence Canada's domestic affairs to suit their interests through their Canadian colonies Ottawa so stupidly imported, nurtured, and grew.

Also, the winners are the parasites in the grievance industry like Barbara Hall.  This kind of conflict justifies her job - her existence - and ensures she gets a steady pay check care of the tax payer.  She thrives on this,       indeed encourages it, which is why she and her ilk love mass immigration so much.  Without the easily foreseeable conflicts the mass importation of disparate peoples is bringing to the new-Canada Barbara Hall would not have much of a post political career to speak of right now.

For Barbara Hall it's about self-preservation and self-interest and that's what this is all about.  Immigrants don't come to Canada to "contribute" to the country, they come to enrich themselves from Canada's bounty.  It's pure selfishness and any social benefits that spring forth from this selfishness is just an unintended consequence.  When gathered under the banner of "community" this concentrated self-interest makes demands on the host society with the goal of extracting economic and political power unto itself with the hopes that this surrendered power will trickle down to the individual and advance his or her ambitions (which is what is clearly at work in the linked article).  Repeat this many times across the nation to reflect each "community" and you have yourself an unified, dissatisfied, ungovernable body politic.

I may be going a little overboard here but I don't feel I'm too far off the mark.  An internally conflicted nation is a possible outcome out of many for the new-Canada and one that should be considered as we sleepwalk into the future.  And if the actions of immigrant groups in Peel Region are any indication of which direction we are headed it appears rough waters await HMS Canada that will end up capsizing the ship.

They say immigration built the country.  I say immigration is going to destroy it.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A Merry Christmas To All And A Toast To Christianity: The Most Truly Canadian Religion Of Them All.

So some multicult joker contributed a piece to the Toronto Star that suggests Christmas should surrender the spotlight in the Canadian cultural psyche to give equal stage time to other "truly Canadian" cultural celebrations.  It's like asking Christmas to give up its starring role and become just another player in an ensemble multicultural cast.  And what are these other "truly Canadian" festivals you ask?  Why, Diwali, Hanukkah, Eid, Kwanzaa, Chinese New Year, and Kushali of course along with the many other unspecified beautiful celebrations that are somehow "truly Canadian."

While the piece should be yet another reminder to Canadians that the current immigration system and multiculturalism are, characteristically, about cultural conquest and colonialism I don't know where he gets off calling non-Christian religions "truly Canadian" because to me, for the most part, these can't be considered Canadian at all.

For starters Diwali is a Hindu festival that the vast majority of Canadians have never heard of and who couldn't tell you at what time of the year it is celebrated even though we should since it is a "truly Canadian" celebration, or so we're told.  But how can it be when Hinduism fails to meet the basic criteria of what makes one a Canadian.  If a Canadian is one who accepts a set of cherished values then one cannot be a Hindu and call him or herself a Canadian at the same time because one of those values is the acceptance that all men and women are equal irrespective of race, gender, and station in life.  But Hinduism doesn't believe in that at all.  Hindus believe in the natural, divinely sanctioned inequality of men and women as expressed in the caste system.  So how can Diwali be "truly Canadian" when a core belief of Hinduism is completely unCanadian?

Eid is an Islamic observance and Islam never fails to show us that it is a bigoted, sexist, supremacist religion that seeks dominance through coercion, subjugation, and intimidation.  It doesn't even believe in the principals of multiculturalism or democracy.  It only does so when Islam is a minority culture but once it constitutes the majority it becomes "our house, our rules" and all minor religions be warned.  So how can Eid be considered "truly Canadian" when multiculturalism and democracy are two cherished Canadian values?

Hanukkah is a relatively minor Jewish holiday that has now become over gloried.  It gained popular observance in the late 19th century by Jews in the North American diaspora as a way to shield themselves from the assimilating influences of Christmas by providing them with a Jewish alternative and Hanukkah conveniently coincided with Christmas.  It was a way to protect them from integrating into the whole of society and allow them to remain separate in their unique Jewishness.  Hanukkah is for Jews only and us gentiles are not exactly invited to participate.  So, how does that gel with basic Canadian values of inclusion and equality?

Kwanzaa is a fake holiday started by an American black supremacist and segregationist.  Enough said!

Canadians don't celebrate Chinese New Year.  The Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year.  That's why it's called Chinese New Year and not Canadian New Year.

As for Kushali the only thing a Google search tells me is that this clown probably spelt it wrong (I think it is spelt Khushali) which suggests to me even he doesn't know what it is.  But doesn't that say it all?  I don't think this guy knows exactly what he is talking about because he doesn't know anything about those "truly Canadian" holidays (Kwanzaa a truly Canadian holiday?  Is he serious?!).  Hell, Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur are more apt choices than Hanukkah but he chose Hanukkah because it occurs at the same time as Christmas and this gets to the core of his argument; that Christmas is one celebration among equals and that it doesn't deserve to be considered truly Canadian over others.  To hell with that!     

This guy is talking out of his ass if he thinks these ethnic, niche holidays are as Canadian as Christmas.  If we were to rate all of these holidays on a "truly Canadian" scale then none can get any more Canadian than Christmas, not even close.

The fact that Christmas is now heavily secularized means one need not be religious to participate attesting to its inclusive character.

But still, one cannot estrange Christmas from Christianity and of all religions Christianity is the most Canadian of them all.  It is a religion of invitation unlike Judaism which espouses separateness, difference, and uniqueness largely through bloodline.  It is a religion of persuasion through discussion and reason, respecting the free will of man unlike Islam which is a religion of coercion and congest by the Qur'an or the sword.  Christianity is a religion the teaches one to love thy neighbour as thyself and that we are all equals; all being children of a shared God unlike Hinduism which teaches that some cows are more equal than others.  Out of all world religions you can't get any more Canadian than Christianity and thanks be to that religion for it is what helped make this country so great.

So Merry Christmas to all and a toast to Christianity: that most truly, truly, truly Canadian religion.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Dear Natasha Burge

You go girl!

 And just when I had lost hope for the rising generation of Canadian youth. I was left with the impression that they were all drunk on the mutlicult kool-aid forced fed to them by Canada's politicized, left leaning indoctrination camps we call the public education system.

 But Canada's youth should be concerned and they should be fighting back because culturally they have everything to lose in the new Canada™. It's their future after all and how can they sit by idly as their country disappears from them right before their eyes.

 The words Natasha choose to express herself are crass but the sentiment is definitely shared by many, many Canadians across the nation. I just wonder if she would have still been suspended by her cowardly school administrators had she used a civil tongue in her facebook protest.

 In any case she is right and a suspension will not change that. Immigrants choose to come to Canada of their own free will and accord. They were not forced into it yet somehow they feel entitled to make demands of the host society and that's has to stop. It's high time we start making demands of them.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Corruption, The Incompetence.

It's been a while since I updated my blog so I will do so with two stories that I think nicely illustrate how dysfunctional Canada's immigration system truly is.

The first one comes out of Prince Edward Island. The province's immigration program has invited scrutiny by the RCMP and the Canada Border Services Agency over allegations of fraud and bribery. According to the allegations relatives of Premier Robert Ghiz, along with cabinet ministers, deputy ministers and several MLAs, benefited financially from the immigrant investor program that allowed primarily Chinese nationals to buy their way into Canada. If true this is a scandal reminiscent of project sidewinder where Chinese Triad gangsters, businessmen, and operatives of the Chinese government gained entry into Canada through bribery and fraud.

This isn't the first time a scandal plagued immigration system has visited the Maritimes. Nova Scotia's failed immigration nominee program provides us with another example where immigrants were fleeced by the Nova Scotia government and private business. The program allowed foreign nationals to pay $130,000 each for a six-month internship that would allow them to immigrate to Nova Scotia. They got paid a minimum salary of $20,000, with companies getting up to $80,000 to cover costs associated with being a mentor. About $30,000 went to cover program fees.

The program was a disaster. Not only were the jobs not there for half of them but the jobs being provided were considered below the skill sets of the immigrants. And all the while being paid less than what a Canadian would be paid to do the same job. It was a transfer of public money to private enterprise while immigrants drove down the incomes of the local population through wage competition. Both immigrants and Nova Scotians were getting fleeced. The immigrants who took part in the program complained and are now going to get refunded their money albeit partially since the government hasn't committed to a total refund. The only one who came out laughing in the end was Nova Scotia's private sector who took advantage of the immigration system for profit.

In the second story we learn that over half of all the immigration judges at the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) are not qualified to do the job.
That’s because more than half of them failed to meet new criteria that will be a requirement of the role after it undergoes legislative changes.

The immigration system in Canada is currently in the process of being amended by Bill C-11.

The bill, which will be introduced next June, will replace the position of board members, or refugee judge, with a new title, but the job will remain more or less the same.


Of the 63 Immigration and Refugee Board judges currently hearing refugee claimant's files, 32 don't meet criteria for the same job under Bill C-11.

Twenty-four of the applicants were eliminated after multiple choice and written exams. Twelve more withdrew their application or failed to submit the exam. One was screened out and seven more eliminated after interviews.

That leaves the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) with 10 candidates who had passed the interview and nine who were waiting for an interview to be scheduled, as of Nov. 4, the most up to date information available.

These jokers were acting as guardians at the gate and now armed with this insight into their ineptitude who knows how many criminals, terrorists, spies, and shyster bogus refugees they allowed into Canada because of their incompetency. But considering the history of the IRB this news comes as no surprise. Picked largely from refugee advocacy groups and well connected individuals looking to land a highly paid sinecure public sector job these immigration judges at the IRB have turned Canada's asylum system into an international joke. Being mostly ignorant and agenda driven and lazy these people didn't seem to care who they allowed in. It was the easiest six figure salary they ever made and at the end of the day that's all that really mattered.

So there you have it. Crooks, cronies, mooks and morons have been playing an influential role in the shaping of Canada's immigration system and its outcomes. And it explains a lot doesn't it? Walking the streets of Toronto alone and meeting the world's imported "best and brightest" should leave one thinking that we Canadians are being cheated in immigration's version of the subprime mortgage scandal where quantity not quality ruled the day; where a group of parasitic individuals reap rich returns on the tacit understanding that all toxic assets will be bought up by the taxpayer freeing them to act in a reckless fashion and estranged from its consequences. Meanwhile it is the rest of us who have to put up with their shit and frankly I'm getting tired of it.