Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Corruption, The Incompetence.

It's been a while since I updated my blog so I will do so with two stories that I think nicely illustrate how dysfunctional Canada's immigration system truly is.

The first one comes out of Prince Edward Island. The province's immigration program has invited scrutiny by the RCMP and the Canada Border Services Agency over allegations of fraud and bribery. According to the allegations relatives of Premier Robert Ghiz, along with cabinet ministers, deputy ministers and several MLAs, benefited financially from the immigrant investor program that allowed primarily Chinese nationals to buy their way into Canada. If true this is a scandal reminiscent of project sidewinder where Chinese Triad gangsters, businessmen, and operatives of the Chinese government gained entry into Canada through bribery and fraud.

This isn't the first time a scandal plagued immigration system has visited the Maritimes. Nova Scotia's failed immigration nominee program provides us with another example where immigrants were fleeced by the Nova Scotia government and private business. The program allowed foreign nationals to pay $130,000 each for a six-month internship that would allow them to immigrate to Nova Scotia. They got paid a minimum salary of $20,000, with companies getting up to $80,000 to cover costs associated with being a mentor. About $30,000 went to cover program fees.

The program was a disaster. Not only were the jobs not there for half of them but the jobs being provided were considered below the skill sets of the immigrants. And all the while being paid less than what a Canadian would be paid to do the same job. It was a transfer of public money to private enterprise while immigrants drove down the incomes of the local population through wage competition. Both immigrants and Nova Scotians were getting fleeced. The immigrants who took part in the program complained and are now going to get refunded their money albeit partially since the government hasn't committed to a total refund. The only one who came out laughing in the end was Nova Scotia's private sector who took advantage of the immigration system for profit.

In the second story we learn that over half of all the immigration judges at the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) are not qualified to do the job.
That’s because more than half of them failed to meet new criteria that will be a requirement of the role after it undergoes legislative changes.

The immigration system in Canada is currently in the process of being amended by Bill C-11.

The bill, which will be introduced next June, will replace the position of board members, or refugee judge, with a new title, but the job will remain more or less the same.


Of the 63 Immigration and Refugee Board judges currently hearing refugee claimant's files, 32 don't meet criteria for the same job under Bill C-11.

Twenty-four of the applicants were eliminated after multiple choice and written exams. Twelve more withdrew their application or failed to submit the exam. One was screened out and seven more eliminated after interviews.

That leaves the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) with 10 candidates who had passed the interview and nine who were waiting for an interview to be scheduled, as of Nov. 4, the most up to date information available.

These jokers were acting as guardians at the gate and now armed with this insight into their ineptitude who knows how many criminals, terrorists, spies, and shyster bogus refugees they allowed into Canada because of their incompetency. But considering the history of the IRB this news comes as no surprise. Picked largely from refugee advocacy groups and well connected individuals looking to land a highly paid sinecure public sector job these immigration judges at the IRB have turned Canada's asylum system into an international joke. Being mostly ignorant and agenda driven and lazy these people didn't seem to care who they allowed in. It was the easiest six figure salary they ever made and at the end of the day that's all that really mattered.

So there you have it. Crooks, cronies, mooks and morons have been playing an influential role in the shaping of Canada's immigration system and its outcomes. And it explains a lot doesn't it? Walking the streets of Toronto alone and meeting the world's imported "best and brightest" should leave one thinking that we Canadians are being cheated in immigration's version of the subprime mortgage scandal where quantity not quality ruled the day; where a group of parasitic individuals reap rich returns on the tacit understanding that all toxic assets will be bought up by the taxpayer freeing them to act in a reckless fashion and estranged from its consequences. Meanwhile it is the rest of us who have to put up with their shit and frankly I'm getting tired of it.


Anonymous said...

That makes me want to puke ! It upsets me deeply that my children's grandparents built this country out of the swamp, only to have a bunch if hippies who think they know better, give it away to any Asian that wants some.

I am Italian, I married a Canadian, I speak English, and I had to jump through hoops to get into Canada.

This will end in a terrible and bloody backlash. Meanwhile I am packing up and moving my kids to the hills of Italy, for this reason:

Anonymous said...

No surprise. Incompetence and glad handing run rampant here. As someone from ''away'', I am amazed at how backward and behind the rest of the western world this place is. No wonder it has been, and probably always will be a have not. The ruling network of old boys that has their thumb on the province don't want things to move in to the 21st century as it would most surely lighten their wallets.
Too bad, as the people here are quite friendly and deserve better.

Mariusz Kwasniewski said...

I know of another case. Indian lawyer has a sister in immigration. Indian family from Fiji was deported from Canada. Daughter returns in a next 6 months. Papers from immigration office were removed so it seams like she is here a first time. Who else is getting paid in immigration office. Case is about 10 years old.