Saturday, 17 December 2011

Dear Natasha Burge

You go girl!

 And just when I had lost hope for the rising generation of Canadian youth. I was left with the impression that they were all drunk on the mutlicult kool-aid forced fed to them by Canada's politicized, left leaning indoctrination camps we call the public education system.

 But Canada's youth should be concerned and they should be fighting back because culturally they have everything to lose in the new Canada™. It's their future after all and how can they sit by idly as their country disappears from them right before their eyes.

 The words Natasha choose to express herself are crass but the sentiment is definitely shared by many, many Canadians across the nation. I just wonder if she would have still been suspended by her cowardly school administrators had she used a civil tongue in her facebook protest.

 In any case she is right and a suspension will not change that. Immigrants choose to come to Canada of their own free will and accord. They were not forced into it yet somehow they feel entitled to make demands of the host society and that's has to stop. It's high time we start making demands of them.

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Anonymous said...

Well Done Natasha!!!!