Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A Merry Christmas To All And A Toast To Christianity: The Most Truly Canadian Religion Of Them All.

So some multicult joker contributed a piece to the Toronto Star that suggests Christmas should surrender the spotlight in the Canadian cultural psyche to give equal stage time to other "truly Canadian" cultural celebrations.  It's like asking Christmas to give up its starring role and become just another player in an ensemble multicultural cast.  And what are these other "truly Canadian" festivals you ask?  Why, Diwali, Hanukkah, Eid, Kwanzaa, Chinese New Year, and Kushali of course along with the many other unspecified beautiful celebrations that are somehow "truly Canadian."

While the piece should be yet another reminder to Canadians that the current immigration system and multiculturalism are, characteristically, about cultural conquest and colonialism I don't know where he gets off calling non-Christian religions "truly Canadian" because to me, for the most part, these can't be considered Canadian at all.

For starters Diwali is a Hindu festival that the vast majority of Canadians have never heard of and who couldn't tell you at what time of the year it is celebrated even though we should since it is a "truly Canadian" celebration, or so we're told.  But how can it be when Hinduism fails to meet the basic criteria of what makes one a Canadian.  If a Canadian is one who accepts a set of cherished values then one cannot be a Hindu and call him or herself a Canadian at the same time because one of those values is the acceptance that all men and women are equal irrespective of race, gender, and station in life.  But Hinduism doesn't believe in that at all.  Hindus believe in the natural, divinely sanctioned inequality of men and women as expressed in the caste system.  So how can Diwali be "truly Canadian" when a core belief of Hinduism is completely unCanadian?

Eid is an Islamic observance and Islam never fails to show us that it is a bigoted, sexist, supremacist religion that seeks dominance through coercion, subjugation, and intimidation.  It doesn't even believe in the principals of multiculturalism or democracy.  It only does so when Islam is a minority culture but once it constitutes the majority it becomes "our house, our rules" and all minor religions be warned.  So how can Eid be considered "truly Canadian" when multiculturalism and democracy are two cherished Canadian values?

Hanukkah is a relatively minor Jewish holiday that has now become over gloried.  It gained popular observance in the late 19th century by Jews in the North American diaspora as a way to shield themselves from the assimilating influences of Christmas by providing them with a Jewish alternative and Hanukkah conveniently coincided with Christmas.  It was a way to protect them from integrating into the whole of society and allow them to remain separate in their unique Jewishness.  Hanukkah is for Jews only and us gentiles are not exactly invited to participate.  So, how does that gel with basic Canadian values of inclusion and equality?

Kwanzaa is a fake holiday started by an American black supremacist and segregationist.  Enough said!

Canadians don't celebrate Chinese New Year.  The Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year.  That's why it's called Chinese New Year and not Canadian New Year.

As for Kushali the only thing a Google search tells me is that this clown probably spelt it wrong (I think it is spelt Khushali) which suggests to me even he doesn't know what it is.  But doesn't that say it all?  I don't think this guy knows exactly what he is talking about because he doesn't know anything about those "truly Canadian" holidays (Kwanzaa a truly Canadian holiday?  Is he serious?!).  Hell, Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur are more apt choices than Hanukkah but he chose Hanukkah because it occurs at the same time as Christmas and this gets to the core of his argument; that Christmas is one celebration among equals and that it doesn't deserve to be considered truly Canadian over others.  To hell with that!     

This guy is talking out of his ass if he thinks these ethnic, niche holidays are as Canadian as Christmas.  If we were to rate all of these holidays on a "truly Canadian" scale then none can get any more Canadian than Christmas, not even close.

The fact that Christmas is now heavily secularized means one need not be religious to participate attesting to its inclusive character.

But still, one cannot estrange Christmas from Christianity and of all religions Christianity is the most Canadian of them all.  It is a religion of invitation unlike Judaism which espouses separateness, difference, and uniqueness largely through bloodline.  It is a religion of persuasion through discussion and reason, respecting the free will of man unlike Islam which is a religion of coercion and congest by the Qur'an or the sword.  Christianity is a religion the teaches one to love thy neighbour as thyself and that we are all equals; all being children of a shared God unlike Hinduism which teaches that some cows are more equal than others.  Out of all world religions you can't get any more Canadian than Christianity and thanks be to that religion for it is what helped make this country so great.

So Merry Christmas to all and a toast to Christianity: that most truly, truly, truly Canadian religion.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it seems that we're forever on the defensive in defending our country, our Canadian heritage, our nationality and now its seems our traditional Christian celebrations.

If we relent even for a moment, they'll assume it's a sign of weakness. But, simply getting White Canadians to open up about these issues is a major chore in itself.

If young Canadians, who expect to be alive on Christmas day, 2035, don't start agitating for an immediate halt to this 3rd world invasion, they may find themselves on the fringes of societal breakdown that will destroy Canada as we know it today.

"Eid is an Islamic observance and Islam never fails to show us that it is a bigoted, sexist, supremacist religion that seeks dominance through coercion, subjugation, and intimidation.

It doesn't even believe in the principals of multiculturalism or democracy. It only does so when Islam is a minority culture but once it constitutes the majority it becomes 'our house, our rules' and all minor religions be warned

Here's a video clip of one fired up American woman who pulls no punches when speaking on Islamic/Koran issues.


There's also a good interview of her (where she is holding a pink rifle).