Sunday, 29 January 2012

If Official Bilingualism Costs Canadians $2.4 Billion A Year...

...what will three or four official languages cost us?

Accommodation is not integration.  Accommodation is not assimilation.

How much tax dollars are wasted on translations of official documents into languages that are neither English or French?  How much health care dollars are wasted on similar translations so that immigrants can get health care documentation in their native tongue?  How much time and money have been wasted on the need for translation services in the the legal system?  How much money can be saved simply by demanding immigrants speak one of Canada's two official languages even at a functional capacity before they are allowed entry?  These are public monies that could be put to more productive use had immigrants been better screened for language skills or had bothered themselves to learn our languages.

Post WWII immigrants to Canada did not get this kind of hand-holding from the government and neither did the waves of immigrants who preceded them.  And they turned out fine; they adapted and integrated.  In fact, it has becomes a point of pride for many of them to boast about how they succeeded in Canada without all the government services that is so readily available to immigrants now.  So why should immigrants now be treated any differently?



I had my 76 year old father at the Foothills Hospital to see a specialist; there was a middle eastern man there and my father's appointment was held up because the hospital staff was waiting for THE TWO interpreters for this one immigrant patient.
This whole distortion of Canada is like global warming, we only have so much time to undo the damage to this country before it is too late...hopefully global warming will get us before the immigrant does. Calgary has a muslim mayor, that is WRONG...I cannot believe Canadians voted in this muslim, I believe Canadians are NOT VOTING, it is the immigrant intent on taking over Canada and they are the ones voting.
A friend of mine has been looking for a job in her field, she has had to take jobs in the meantime that are below her field, she recently heard Atco Gas is hiring through someone who already works at Atco but she would not be able to get an interview until the quota of "NEW CANADIANS" is met and the Human Resources manager is a "NEW CANADIAN" HMMMMMMMMMMM!
God help us!

PaxCanadiana said...

Calgary has a muslim mayor, that is WRONG...I cannot believe Canadians voted in this muslim

They didn't. Well a majority of them didn't anyway.

Mayor Nenshi of Calgary squeaked by into office through a split conservative vote. He only got an estimated 40% of the popular vote in a three way race that saw two right leaning contenders battle it out.

Nenshi's campaign was mostly done through social media networks like Facebook and twitter and who uses that?: the trendy, the young, the fashionable, the largely apolitical and politically ignorant. In other words a vacuous, politically ignorant youth vote help put Nenshi in the mayors office simply because it was the fashionable thing to do at the time (and probably to spite their parents who were not voting Nenshi so what's a rebellious-youth-for-the-sake-of-rebellion supposed to do?). Were it a two way race involving him and another I doubt very much he would have got elected.

It's funny how we are reminded by our betters on the left that Stephen Harper did not receive a majority support of the popular vote and therefore doesn't represent all of Canada. Well neither did Nenshi so I guess his claim to office is illegitimate too using leftist logic. Yet he seems to receive a pass on that by the likes of the Toronto Star who likes to compare him to Rob Ford - a white, straight, conservative, male - who actually did receive the majority of votes. If anybody has more of a claim to the mayor's office it is Toronto's Rob Ford, not Nenshi.

Anonymous said...

Of course, Canadians are "being brainwashed"!

For example, take a hard look behind the mesmerizing scenes of television that control certain parts of our brain that induce compliancy to whatever b.s. is placed before us.

How many "murders" can we tolerate week after week after week, and all committed by White people when that angle is not even remotely close to reality.

I stopped watching most television shows with the exception of Jeopardy, Doc Zone, The Nature of Things and two or three other informative shows, then it's back to the internet.

From my location, I only receive TV signals the CBC, CTV and refuse to watch any Canadian produced drama shows, simply to save the screen from my thrown shoe.

The once token, but now obligatory "racial minority" must always be placed within a group of White Canadians, otherwise "multiculturalism" is not working, as seen from their leftist minds. Build them up and tear us down, seems to be the genre of today's television.

T.V. commercials are especially adept at this mind-bending phenomenon.

Take for example, the White guy who must always play the emasculated, helpless buffoon who has to be shown how to "tie his shoe laces" by the "smarter" NON-white person, or by his television "wife".

Then look at our tax-supported CBC newscasters. With the exception of longtime news reader, Peter Mansbridge, it seems the entire news crew is now dominated by racial minorities (men & women) and White women. Note the severe lack of young, White good-looking males on the CBC.

After recently turning on the CBC news to catch a brief glimpse of what's happening around the world... displayed before me, was a racial minority presenting the national news, the guy on the street was a racial minority, a racial minority woman gave an account of some international story, then the token White woman gave her report. After several minutes of watching this bilge, I was so disgusted with this excessive in-your-face ANTI-white display, I turned the damn thing off in mid-sentence.

The vast majority of Canadians are completely oblivious to these simple observations. How can it be otherwise, when most are so indoctrinated with fear of being called a "racist" for pointing out these curious anomalies?

(Another observation point: Look at those advertising flyers [eg. Zellers] that always match a Black boy/man with a little White girl/or woman. What is the message they're trying to convey in those incongruent racial displays?? Those flyers immediately end up in my trash.)

Canada has a majority White population of about 84%, but you'd never know that fact by watching Canadian television.

"Employment-equity" policies -- where an over abundance of racial minorities are either appointed as Governor-Generals, Mayors, Policemen, Gov't employees/administrators or gas company employees -- all have one thing in common.

They target the merit-based WHITE MAN.

If you can stand to read another rant, read this: A Plea for Sanity.

PaxCanadiana said...

Then look at our tax-supported CBC newscasters. With the exception of longtime news reader, Peter Mansbridge, it seems the entire news crew is now dominated by racial minorities (men & women) and White women. Note the severe lack of young, White good-looking males on the CBC.

I feel your frustration.

I too have gotten tired of the multitude of "diversity for diversity's sake" faces that make up broadcast journalism. With the over representation of minority faces on TV news shows (with some groups, like South Asians, being way over represented than number merit) makes it quite clear it is blatant tokenism with the intent to appeal to the widest viewer base as possible. But it has reached such a comical extreme for me that it has become unintended parody.

When a white male is represented I've noticed that they are of the "beta male" variety emoting an ambiguous, somewhat effete (is he gay or no?), sexuality.

I know what they are doing and for this reason I can't take broadcast news shows seriously because I can't take the journalist themselves seriously.