Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Who Needs Diplomacy When You Have Colonies And Diaspora's?: Immigration's Crippling Effects On Canada's Foreign Policy.

Here's a story that I think hints at a problem that mass immigration has created for Canada and will get worse in the future.  The problem is foreign governments using their sizeable Canadian colonies to exert pressure on Ottawa to influence policies - both public and foreign - so that they are favourable to them even if it is not in Canada's interests.

In the linked story we learn of Iranian-Canadians (which are just Iranians with the legal right to carry a Canadian passport) "caught in the crossfire" of Canada's sanctions against Iran.
Canada’s sanctions against Iran were meant to stop Tehran’s ability to build nuclear weapons, but they are also having a devastating impact on Canada’s large Iranian diaspora, community leaders say.
Now there are talks underway between the foreign ministry and the federal immigration department to address the effects that a devalued Iranian currency and a ban on financial transactions are having on Iranian-Canadians.
It’s a frustrated community — in some cases desperate — that has been waylaid by the squeeze on their homeland. Many say the problems could have been avoided if Ottawa had consulted them before pressing ahead with the sanctions.
I didn't know Ottawa needed to consult them first before deciding on how to deal with a foreign regime such as Iran but this is what I'm getting at.  How is Ottawa supposed to effect a viable independent foreign policy if it is distracted by the concerns of the members of a particular nation's Canadian colony?  What is stopping a country with a sizeable Canadian colony, like China for instance, of using that colony to pressure Ottawa through voting power, political organizations, and protests to influence public and foreign policy to be favourable to Chinese interests?

It can also be socially disruptive as the populations of quarrelling nations who reside in Canada and call themselves "Canadians" compete for Ottawa's attention and bicker with each other.

Am I questioning immigrant loyalty to Canada.  This answer is yes.  For the most part, at least.

Many immigrants today think they can be loyal to two masters.  This is our fault because it is encouraged through official multiculturalism and dual citizenship.  Others see Canada as nothing more than a place to squat, get rich, and shop in a mall; it is a place of entitlements and social programs; Canada means very little to them beyond that.  Immigrant loyalty to Canada, in my opinion, is lacking nowadays and is superficial at best, only expressed when the camera is on and the microphone is hot and if there is something to lose by saying otherwise.  I blame Canada for this.  When you make little demands of immigrants, incessantly pander to them, fill their heads with Marxist ideology of victimhood, and accommodate them at the drop of a hat what kind of attitude are you to you expect?

The crippling of Canadian foreign policy is another way mass immigration is undermining Canadian sovereignty and it is a talking point that is rarely raised simply because, I think, it is one that is not readily obvious.  But it is potentially problematic and it needs to be raised for the sake of further discussion and for the sake Canadian independence.

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Ann P. said...

When manpower was in charge of immigration they only let in the number of people needed to fill jobs. This was a good thing and most people were working in Canada and there were a lot more happy people. This mass immigration has now wrecked havoc on Canada! With this multiculturism and people in our government that are not born in Canada we our loosing our country to the ideas of there culture. People always state immigration built Canada and this is true but the immigrants of the past did not come here to change the host country but to assimilate to the culture of Canada. They did hard manual laboure and took nothing from the country. Todays immigrants come for free health care and welfare cheques low rental housing and what ever they can get from our government. We do not have one politian that will stand up for the canadian born and say enough is enough! If this mass immigration does not stop Canada will surely become a third world country!!!!!