Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Can Canadian Exceptionalism Protect Us From Political Islam?


News out of the Netherlands has it that a Muslim party seeks power in the Dutch Parliament.

In the Philippines the Moro Islamic Liberation Front wants to create an Islamic sub-state in Mindanao.

Can this happen in Canada?

Why not?  It seems to be happening everywhere else with substantial Muslim populations.  In multicultural Europe you have the rise of Islamic no-go zones.  What makes Canada so special that it won't happen here?

I don't spend much time writing about Islam in Canada because the issue is being given enough coverage by better informed bloggers.

But the threat is real and I'm using the Islamic example not to single out Islam but to show how the multicultural social frame work can work against itself and fracture a nation.

A Chinese-centric political party  - one I deeply suspect is a puppet political organization with the strings being pulled in Beijing - has already established itself in Canada.  Founded and composed of Chinese immigrants it makes one wonder how committed they are to Canada and it's people.  Do they see themselves as Canadians or Chinese?  If actions speak louder than words than the answer is clear.

As Canadian demographics change and with Quebec nationalism providing the template and precedence I can see other ethnic-centric political parties rising in Canada's political future damning the nation to successive minority governments and fragile coalitions.

Since multiculturalism is an empty concept it will leave little to unite the people across the nation aside from some vague sense of what a Canadian is; if it's anything aside from the legal right to carry a Canadian passport.  The country will become ungovernable, fractured, and possibly dissolved.

Diversity is our strength?  I doubt that very much and I don't want to let the future tell me I'm right.  For the sake of Canadian sovereignty and for future generations it's best to exercise caution and adopt a conservative approach to immigration; bringing it back to one that promotes social stability and unity, not one of instability brought about by ethnic competition, divisions, grievances, and strife.


Anonymous said...

I'm of the opinion that democracy was never set up for modern western countries that accept migrants from all around the world and then encourage them via multiculturalism to not assimulate and retain loyalties to their former homeland.

I'm also of the opinion that our modern welfare states were not created with the knowledge that our countries would start to accept migrants from such different belief systems.

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly. There's a cultural divide between the concepts of East and West centered on the definitions of respect, honor, morality, god, human dignity, human rights, gender equality, etc etc etc that splinter Canada's unity. This mass immigration by intolerant people into gentle, tolerant Canada is a poison to our future peace.