Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Refugee 'Gold Plated' Health Care Benefits Set To Be Cut.

From the Toronto Sun:
Refugee claimants' access to what critics call gold-plated health care coverage will disappear by summer. 
QMI Agency has learned Immigration Minister Jason Kenney will announce Wednesday that by late June, claimants will get federal coverage for emergency care and conditions that are a risk to public health. 
Kenney's tough medicine for refugee claimants means they will no longer have eye, dental, or prescription drug expenses covered by taxpayers - benefits most Canadian citizens and permanent residents don't receive.{...}
Federal officials estimate Kenney's new prescription for refugee claimants' health benefits will save taxpayers about $100 million over five years.
Jason Kenney's on a roll.

You can expect bitching and moaning from the usual suspects but you will be hard pressed to find any Canadian who will object to this.  It is most likely that the majority of Canadians do not even know that refugees are getting these benefits and have been getting them for a long time.

But immigration consultants and lawyers did and that was part of their sales pitch as they coached "refugee" claimants on how to game the most lax and generous asylum system in the world.

These health care benefits are one pull factor among many that makes Canada the top spot for bogus refugee claims.  Scaling back these benefits is one way to make Canada a less desirable place for grifters of our asylum system and help address Canada's bogus refugee problem.

Legitimate refugees would not care.  If you truly are being persecuted and your life is in danger finding safety is the only thing on your mind at the moment and not what health care benefits await you when you find it.


Physician in Alberta said...

While the government claims it will be "saving" 100 million dollars, there is not a health economist alive who will agree that cutting access to primary care (ex prenatal visits, access to diabetes and heart medications) will save money. By denying basic healthcare that most Canadians would agree is a basic human right, forcing refugees to wait until they are critically ill to receive healthcare, which by that point will often involve expensive hospital visits, is not only incredibly unethical, but also economically irresponsible.

PaxCanadiana said...

Physician in Alberta said...

Oh really?

Here's an idea. Why don't you work for them pro bono. And any thing they need like glasses, or medication, or dental work done, you pay for it out of your pocket?

How about that? Why don't all the doctors across Canada agree that they will work for free and assume all medical expenses when it come to treating refugees in Canada?

It win/win.

Sound good?