Monday, 21 May 2012

If You Wanted To Stay Open On Easter But Close On Chinese New Year...

...then maybe you should have stayed in China.

Here's another that goes in the "accommodating those who don't accommodate us" file.

And I nominate Chinese Colony of Canada #5 City of Markham Councillor Joe Li for the Darwin award "failing to see the hypocritical irony in his/her moral grandstanding" for this brilliant exercise of double standards.
“The world is changing around us,” said Markham Councillor Joe Li, who put forward Thursday’s motion. “Just because of your own belief, you should not impose your views on other people.”
How about that?  Chinese nationals come to Canada and are aghast they have to close their businesses on statutory holidays.  So they want us to change the law that will inevitably set a precedent that will affect the rest of us just to accommodate them.  Otherwise we'd by imposing our "views on other people" particularly a people who, for the most part, wilfully chose to come to Canada and stubbornly refuse to assimilate. 

And what does he mean by "the world is changing around us" anyway?  Does he really mean the whole world, which would include China, or is "the world" his coded way of referring to just Canada?  I'm betting it's the later.  Therefore to translate:  Canada is becoming more like China everyday and since in China the Chinese are open on Easter but closed on Chinese New Year then they should be able to do so in Canada.

This isn't about religion.  This is about a bunch of money-grubbing Chinese nationals who want us to accommodate their money grubbing ways.  Secularists are jumping onside with this because it allows them to attack Christianity (again!) in their ongoing war to remove it from every facet of Canadian life seemingly to replace it with the national religion of multiculturalism.  They're idiots!

As much as they don't want to acknowledge it Christianity played an important part in the foundational history of this country and the shaping of its laws and society.  You cannot discuss Canadian history absent Christianity.  That we still recognize days like Easter are carry overs of that fact and continue to do so just honours Christianity's special place in Canada.

Besides, who is really complaining?  Who would complain at having a statutory day-off rooted in religion?  No one except money grubbing Chinese nationals with no real attachment to Canada beyond monetary reasons and a bunch of agenda driven secularists.  I'm sure many of those who work in the retail sector irrespective of religious persuasion aren't.  They know it's will be another day they'll be forced to work or risk losing their job.

If you want to complain about a day then let it be Victoria Day.  It's a national holiday celebrating the birth of a long dead and forgotten British Monarch which has become nothing more than an excuse to have a long weekend during an agreeable time of Canadian weather and shoot off fireworks.

Oh, and no other nation in the the Commonwealth celebrates it.  Just us.  Imagine that!

I can think of more pertinent reasons to dump Victoria Day than Easter but why bother?  The day off is more appreciated than it's meaning whether the day is rooted in religion or not.  And I think this is how most Canadians feel.  A day off is a day off.

It's not like we have enough days off in this country to start with.  Why start dismissing them just because some Chinese nationals - who should have stayed in China if they insist on acting like Chinese nationals - and their secularist enablers are having a hissy fit?

National holidays unify the nation.  By taking the day off you're participating in a civic activity that unites you with your countrymen across the land.  If we start to chip away at this one holiday at a time and turn them into an individual's choice to take the day off we become atomized as a people and weaker as a nation.

As the saying goes, when in Rome do as the Romans do.  When in Canada do as the Canadians do.  If you are in Canada and do as the Chinese do then you're Chinese, not Canadian no matter what some piece of government issued document says.  You prove them to be just words on paper.


ROB said...

Well spoken and very true! If you want to immigrate to Canada, speak the language, respect the culture and regulations. OR GET OUT!

Alain said...

I take a very different view of this, as it should not be the role of government to dictate to businesses when to close and when to open. Government offices and services are a different matter. I support a free market able to make decisions without state involvement. We have far too many unnecessary and useless regulations and state interference in our personal and private lives. Aside from this, I agree that anyone immigrating who rejects our culture, values and language and wants to impose their own, should not be here.

I also disagree about the importance of Queen Victoria, who played a major role in the founding of Canada. A big problem today is that our true history is not being taught and has not been taught for some time, and this has resulted in large numbers ignorant of our history. Canada was not founded in the 60s and we had more rights and freedom prior to Trudeau's charter, but how many are aware of that today?