Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Jim Flaherty Is Right. There Are 'No Bad Jobs.'

That's because immigrants have taken them all.

So not only are there no "good jobs" available, many being shipped overseas (ironically to the countries where we import our immigrants from to fill jobs here) but there are no "bad jobs" available either thanks to decades of reckless mass immigration.  Immigrants do jobs Canadians don't want to do, remember?

I might be onside with Jim Flaherty if his party didn't insist on importing a record number of immigrants into Canada during one of the worst economic downturns in recent memory.  There's no sense in this.

Making matters worse you have that mediocrity called Diane Finely announcing that the Conservatives plan to make it easier to import temporary foreign workers into Canada and pay them 15% less than the prevailing wage. 

Include tighter EI rules, add tax cuts for billion dollar institutions into the mix with no foreseeable reforms to MPs inexcusably generous and bloated (dare I say scandalous?) pensions and you have a recipe for disaster for the Conservatives come next election.  Do they really want to lose that badly?  Are they not comfortable with a majority and long for the days of forming a minority government?  Because right now they baked a cake that tastes like bile with "F**K YOU CANADA!!!" written on top of it to make sure no one misses the point.

It's a shame because if any party is going to reform the immigration system for the better I'd imagine it would be the Conservatives.  If they managed to place themselves in the fast track to electoral ruin that would mean the next government will be either a Conservative minority or a Liberal or NDP majority.  Fixing the immigration will be all the more difficult where the only strategy left is to let it implode on itself forcing whoever is in power to finally do something about it.

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