Sunday, 6 May 2012

Toronto Doesn't Have A Problem Attracting Chinese Nationals To The City.

Having them leave, now that's the problem.

Actually they do leave eventually but with Canadian citizenship in tow to make money in mother China and evade Canadian taxes with the expectation that, when needed, they can get full access to tax payer supported social programs that they paid very little into because they were too busy evading Canadian taxes by making money in mother China.  And not until they have successfully imported their children to capitalize on Canada's publicly subsidized education system and after successfully dumping their ageing relatives on Canada's publicly subsidized health care system.

There's over 300,000 "Canadians" in Hong Kong right now.  I guess they're there visiting family on a extended vacation.

And this is saying nothing of those who stay and under-report profits at their cash businesses.

I think we need another head tax.

Look, isn't Vancouver enough?  How many more cities do we have to surrender to Chinese colonization?

Besides, no one wants to immigrate to or live in Chinada or Canadasia anyway.

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