Sunday, 6 May 2012

We Give Them Citizenship, They Give Us TB And Diabetes.

Sounds fair.

From the Toronto Sun:
Most of us assume that tuberculosis (TB), the wasting lung disease that carried off millions during the Middle Ages and the Industrial Revolution, was conquered 50 years ago with the advent of antibiotics. 
But with 350 new cases of active TB each year in Toronto, for example, we shouldn't be complacent.{...} 
"In Toronto today, almost 95% of all cases of TB in the city are from people born in other parts of the world," explains Khan, an infectious diseases physician and scientist at St. Michael's Hospital. "That's because in many parts of the developing world, access to medicines to treat TB is not available." 
TB is a serious and contagious disease with a long incubation but most people exposed to it (that's about one-third of us, globally) have healthy immune systems to keep the germ in check. But some people who may have acquired TB in their home countries may develop the disease even decades after coming to Canada. 
If the disease is dormant, the chest screening that is done for immigration purposes may show nothing. Only if their X-ray is abnormal is a new Canadian given a skin test to see if they have TB in its active form. Even if they do not, those with abnormal X-rays are put under surveillance when they arrive -- seen by a doctor and followed by the local public health department. 
A TB skin test can confirm whether or not you're a carrier or have the disease. But that test is not part of the immigration exam, says Khan. Of the 250,000 new immigrants to Canada each year, Khan estimates that 85,000 could be carriers. Their inactive infection could be easily treated, but if they develop active TB, they would require a lengthy and very costly multi-antibiotic treatment.

From the Toronto Star:

More than 1 million Ontarians have diabetes and the Greater Toronto Area is home to approximately one half of all cases, a massive new study has found. 
Brampton, parts of Mississauga, Etobicoke, Rexdale and Scarborough have some of the highest rates in the province — with the exception of First Nations communities, where as many as one in three people have diabetes.{...} 
Previous reports have shown some communities in the GTA have higher than average rates of diabetes. But the new data reveals rates in several areas are even higher than some experts anticipated. 
In Brampton, Malton and Rexdale, for example, between 12 and 22 of every 100 adults have diabetes. The provincial average is about 9 cases for every 100 adults.{...} 
Booth said diabetes is more common in certain ethnic groups, including people of Aboriginal, South Asian, African and Hispanic descent. These groups are more likely to get type 2 diabetes — and at an earlier age — due to a variety of genetic factors, including a propensity to gain weight and the likelihood that extra body fat will induce insulin resistance. 
Booth said the pattern revealed by the report fits with where these at-risk communities live in the province. 
“There is more ethnic diversity in the GTA, so we do see higher rates of diabetes as well,” she said. “Amongst recent immigrants, South Asians have among the highest rates of diabetes. We do see communities around the GTA, such as Brampton and Mississauga, having high rates of diabetes where we know a lot of South Asian immigrants are settling.”{...}
Not only do they bring us their food and culture but their health care costs as well.  I feel so enriched.

How about we don't bring people in who are predisposed to these kinds of illnesses?  Do we really need to bring in reckless numbers of immigrants from South Asia, Africa, and South America?  Is the country going to fall apart if we don't?

We know South Asians are predisposed to diabetes so what's the point of allowing so many of them in?  Why do we allow them to import their parents?  Why do we allow immigration from TB hotspots? None of this makes sense but rationality doesn't run the immigration system.

Every planeload of "new Canadians" from countries with substandard sanitary conditions that lands at Pearson International Airport in Toronto are just more future occupied hospital beds.  This is like getting your water from the swamp instead of the spring.  Doing so puts your health at risk and burdens further the health care system.

If immigration is part of some right wing conspiracy to usher in private health care by financially undermining Canada's publicly funded health care system then no one can accuse it of not doing it's job.


Anonymous said...

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I reluctantly abandoned Toronto about 17 years ago due to the city's exploding diversity. (Read: more of "them" than us)

And a few years before my "White flight" escape, I ceased riding public transit for precisely the same reasons you point out here. There's no foolhardy experience like having a "3rd world" foreigner standing next to you on the TTC, and hoping they don't cough into your face.

...and that disingenuous term of "New Canadian" the MSM are trying to ram into our every day vocabulary, happens to be another bone of contention with me.

"Newcomer" is another immigrant-avoidance term that is often used.

I'll remain with the more honest description of immigrant, refugee or foreigner until they've given Canada 20 years of uninterrupted labour before honouring them with the "new Canadian" label.

Other countries have also fallen prey to this manipulation. "New Australians, new Swedes, new Americans, new Norwegians, etc. What a joke!

If I emigrated to India or China (can't because I'm the wrong colour), would I be described as the "new Indian" or the "new Chinese"?? LOL

PaxCanadiana said...

I ceased riding public transit for precisely the same reasons you point out here.

I ride public transit and if I'm near someone who coughs just once I move.

If I emigrated to India or China (can't because I'm the wrong colour), would I be described as the "new Indian" or the "new Chinese"?? LOL

No and that's what's funny. Are you a Canadian-Chinese now? Or a Canadian-Indian? If you're Chinese-Canadian does that make you Chinese-Canadian-Chinese? How about an Indian-Canadian-Indian? It's absurd.

It's actually harder to immigrate to China or India than it is to immigrate to Canada.

Speaking of which you may be interested to read about Africans in China. Yes, they have allowed Africans to immigrate there but I think there are restrictions. It's something I'd like to write about but haven't worked it in.