Sunday, 3 June 2012

Anybody Remember The History Of The S.S. St Louis?

Because there's a few people in Israel who sure do need a history lesson right about now.
The government is preparing a mass deportation of refugees back to their South Sudan homeland. Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein next week will argue before the Jerusalem District Court that there is no legal obstacle to the expulsions since individual checks will establish that none of them faces any threat to their lives in South Sudan.{...} 
However, attorney Anat Ben-Dor of the Refugee Rights Clinic at Tel Aviv University, who filed the petition for the groups, said: "A humanitarian crisis is developing in South Sudan, which is expected to lead to extreme famine. In addition, the border conflicts with Sudan are continuing, so in these circumstances the decision to return the Sudanese to South Sudan is premature and irresponsible."{...}
The Justice Ministry yesterday released a statement saying the decision to expell the migrants was made on the basis of the Foreign Ministry's position paper, which said it was possible to return South Sudanese migrants to their home country only after it was established that they are not eligible for asylum.
Reports from the United Nations and human rights groups and testimonies by activists and citizens warn of severe human rights violations in South Sudan, continuous warfare and a critical shortage of food, water and medical care, which are leading to a humanitarian disaster. 
The United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs recently ruled that the return of South Sudanese to their country must be done on a voluntary basis, due to the country's instability.
In related news it's kristallnacht 2012, Israeli style.

Furthermore Israel enacts law allowing authorities to detain illegal migrants for up to 3 years.
A law granting Israeli authorities the power to detain illegal migrants for up to three years came into effect on Sunday, in the wake of widening public controversy over the influx of African migrants who cross into Israel along its border with Egypt. 
The law makes illegal migrants and asylum seekers liable to jail, without trial or deportation, if caught staying in Israel for long periods. In addition, anyone helping migrants or providing them with shelter could face prison sentences of between five and 15 years. 
The law amended the Prevention of Infiltration Law of 1954, passed to prevent the entry of Palestinians as part of emergency legislation. The law is expanded to address migrant workers or asylum seekers who enter Israel without posing a threat to Israel's security.
I know what your thinking and I'm not going to go there but at least they're not forcing them to take group showers.  That'll be a little too obvious don't you think?

Look, I'm not one to criticize Israel.  Despite these latest events it's still the freest state in the Middle East.  There's a reason the migrants are going to Israel and not Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, or the Palestinian territories.

What's irksome is the apparent double standard here.  It seems what's good for the Goyim isn't good for the Jew.

With that said I understand them.  I don't condone the violent outburst and I'll admit that some of the measures being enacted to deal with illegal migration may seem draconian but I do understand where this is coming from.

Israel wants to keep it's Jewish character and there's nothing wrong with that.  If it sees illegal migration as a threat to that character then it has a right to monitor it and control it just like Canada has a right, nay an obligation, to monitor and control its immigration system to maintain Canada's Euro-American character that the vast majority of Canadians have come to identify with.

And some context needs to be established for the riots.  The riots took place in a depressed, working class area of Tel Aviv where the migrants have flocked to.  The working class is the primary victim of an unchecked immigration system.  Working class life is hard enough without mass immigration and illegal migrant labour making things worse.  When those seeking a better life is making your life worse you may very well lash out in one way or another.

Of course this is no excuse for the outburst and targeting of illegal migrant workers but it should draw our attention to the causes of illegal migration and perhaps by addressing them you can stem the flow.  But I also know the asylum system provides a convenient avenue to lie one's way into the country and this may be what is happening in Israel like it happens (a lot) in Canada.

So, I may be critical of Israel here but I do understand them.

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