Friday, 29 June 2012

A Six Month Moratorium But No Change In Intake Quotas.

Immigration reformers have been demanding this for years and it appears the government is going to do it albeit for a short time.

Two articles appeared in today's Toronto Star about Ottawa's intention to halt new immigration applications.
Ottawa will stop accepting new immigration applications to the federal skilled worker and investor programs starting Monday, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says. 
Kenney said the skilled worker program will be reopened in January, when “important changes” will be made. However, the investor program will be halted indefinitely so the government can “make progress on processing its existing inventory.”
So it looks like the government has issued a six month moratorium for applications for the skilled worker program.

However Jason Kenney has made it clear that there will be no drop in the number of immigrants Canada brings in.  What a shame!
Kenney was quick to say after his speech that the move will not mean a drop in the number of immigrants coming to Canada. 
In this year’s budget Ottawa announced plans to legislate away a backlog of 280,000 applications made under the skilled worker program before 2008. The government said it’s a necessary part of modernizing the immigration system. 
Even after removing all those applications, there are plenty of others still waiting, Kenney said.“We still have 110,000 people waiting there. Why put more people at the back of that queue especially right now when we’re returning 300,000 people’s applications? There’s just no point in any longer stockpiling people in the back of a backlog,” he said. 
The Immigrant Investor Program backlog stands at about 25,000 cases.
The Immigrant Investor Program should be done away with completely as it's nothing more than just a citizenship for sale scheme.  It's rife with fraud and encourages abuse and contributes very little to creating actual jobs Canadians can live on.  It's a joke and an embarrassment we still have it.

As for the six month moratorium I find this interesting because it is applied to the skilled worker program only.  It is not applied, it appears, to temporary foreign workers or live in care givers and other related low-skilled to semi-skilled labour.  Why is that?  This suggests that the Canadian economy is not creating the kinds of jobs necessitating the importation of a highly skilled workforce or that Canada is quite competent at producing this labour force itself and has no need to import skilled immigrant labour.

I'm thinking the later.  If that is the case then why are immigration quotas allowed to remain high when we clearly do not need them?


Anonymous said...

I think the six month moratorium is an attempt to pull in the immigration consultants in retaliation for their class action against the attempt to dump the backlog. If this is the case, king kenney is showing some real spine and it s refreshing.

PaxCanadiana said...

Hmm, interesting angle.

I think six months isn't enough though. How about a few years!!! How do you empty a flooded basement if water keeps pouring in?