Sunday, 8 July 2012

Can You Please Leave Canada? Pretty, Pretty, Please With Sugar On Top?

We'll give you $2,000 if you do.

What a joke!  So the government wants to bribe failed refugee claimants to voluntarily return home with a one-way plane ticket and up to $2,000 to help them re-establish themselves in their homelands.  Do you think anyone will seriously take them up on that?  For that to work they're going to have to offer more money than that.

And apparently other countries have similar incentives in place.
At least 20 other countries, mostly in Europe, offer similar programs. England gives failed refugee applicants up to $6,000 to leave.
Spain attempted this before too as it's once lauded immigration system spiralled out of control amid worsening economic conditions.

I wouldn't say this money being offered is an incentive for failed refugee claimants to willingly excuse themselves from Canada but more so an enticement for future would-be asylum seekers to try their luck with the Canadian asylum system as it makes it less risky to do so.  If you're successful in your bid then you get Canadian citizenship.  If you fail you get a plane ticket home and a possible $2,000 to help cover costs.  How can you go wrong?

Let's see this for what it really is.  This is another work around solution to the real problem which is the Singh decision yet the government has shown no inclination at addressing this fact.  As long as the government lets the Singh decision stand unchallenged any attempt to fix Canada's dysfunctional asylum system will be frustrated.


Heather H. said...

I don’t think these government measures could be helpful, actually it could even increase the courage of immigrants for applying - whatever the result will be, they still be winners. So you’re right in this article, they would need to offer much more money to claimants for leaving Canada.

cecilhenry said...

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Uruguay said...

For now, I won't leave Canada until my studies here pays off. Then I will go through the calvary of getting a work permit. I pay Taxes like anyone else and even higher rates on for example Insurance for being a foreigner. In one year, I only met one South American like me, It is hard for me to adapt in West Ca, I dont share some of the cultural traditions with North America and even less with Asians.
I dont consider Im a threat for locals regarding jobs, Im good in what I do and Im demanded here for my skills, which means Im a very profitable tool for my local superior. I will leave some day with all my things generated here, unless I get a local spouse and will be a matter of mutual decision to leave or not.