Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Multiculturalism, Immigration And The Illegal Experimentation On Canadians.

I like to seek out a wide range of opinions on issues that interest me to help me see things more clearly and introduce me to angles that are not obvious to me from the start. This entails entertaining the thoughts of those on both the left and the right of the political spectrum.  Letting one's political leanings decide how one should approach and argue a topic is myopic.  Life is not that simple and sometimes, I will admit, I find myself agreeing with the left on some issues while also thinking they're bat shit insane on others.

So in that vein I was scouring YouTube for political commentary on the current economic climate of the west and came across this video of respected leftist guru, Noam Chomsky.

I believe in the video he is engaged in a Q&A with the audience of a speaking engagement he had. The topic of discussion is about the austerity measures many western governments are engaged in along with health care and education.  For the purposes of this post none of that is important.  What is important is what he says at the beginning.  

He mentions an unidentified "well known economist" who thinks European leaders could "be charged with violating an ethical and in fact a legal principal namely experimentation with human beings, cannot be taken without their consent."  He goes on to imply that the austerity measures, which have "failed in the past", are illegal since they are being imposed by the ruling classes upon a populace that has not agreed to them nor has any influence on how the austerity measures should be implemented.  To him, the austerity measures are an illegal experimentation since non-consenting human beings are the test subjects.

If that is so then one could follow that line of thinking and argue that multiculturalism and the immigration system that sustains it are, in fact, an illegal experimentation being imposed upon the non-consenting Canadian populace by a powerful ruling class.

Let's be clear here.  Canadians never fully consented to having their country turned into a "social experiment" in which they were to be the test subjects.  This came to be because of decisions made in the halls on Parliament Hill by a handful of people with little to no input from the Canadian population.  No referendum was held on it and none of the major political parties then and now has campaigned against the multicultural agenda denying Canadians the option to vote against it.  We had no choice or say in the matter.  It was imposed upon us by a political and cultural elite who maintain it to this day.

That being the case then the "social experiment" that Canada has been turned into is illegitimate and multiculturalism as social policy (and by extension the immigration system) is illegal because we never agreed to it and its outcome nor did we willingly assume the risk if the "social experiment" were to fail.

Therefore we shouldn't give it any acknowledgement.  Doing so legitimises it and thus you consent to being experimented on.  It is better to say that Canada is not a multicultural society.  Canada is a Euro-American state playing host to a myriad of world cultures and the colonies of foreign nations.  

And if you stop to think about it that's what Canada is.  At least it is for now.


cecilhenry said...

Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White Countries for Everyone

DIVERSITY is just a codeword for anti-white. More diverse = less white. How much more offensive can you get??? Diversity means Genocide. Anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-white.

Immigrants come here because they see it as superior-otherwise why come.

But it destroys the sense of community of the nation HERE.

Every white country on earth is supposed to become multicultural and multiracial. EVERY white country is expected to end its own race and end its own culture. No one asks that of ANY non-white country.

This is genocide.

If mere discrimination is cause for affirmative action, genocide is far more so.

Which means that the program of doing away with all white people to the point where Europe and North America are to be majority non-white in this century requires a lot more than merely changing this policy.

Write AND meet your MP in person and look them in the eye. Don't apologize or let them weasel out of the issue.

Robert Ahner said...

While immigration to the United States is well documented, so is emigration from the United States. And while people coming to the United States still exceeds those leaving, most who do leave, do so not as permanent emigrants but as expatriates for a limited amount of time. Early in its history, the United States had a high level of immigration because of its low population density. But in the past century, emigration from the United States has increased. Former military personnel contribute to the number of emigrants from the United States. When they retire, they return to the countries where they were previously based.

Brad Saltzberg said...

An honest and insightful article on Multiculturalism and Immigration policy in Canada. Truly a breath of fresh air in the climate of multicultural propaganda which has rendered the average Canadian powerless in the debate regarding the benefits of current Canadian immigration policy.

Anonymous said...

Ill never undertand why after thousands of years of battle and suffering for their cultures and countries, the indigenous europeans would just throw the door wide open to hostile foreigners. It's almost as if the liberal democracies have caused the liberation of their citizens' brains from their bodies.

It's also baffling to hear white canadians justify the recolonization of canada because "we did it to the aboriginals", when we can see how well that worked out for the aboriginals.

PaxCanadiana said...

It's also baffling to hear white canadians justify the recolonization of canada because "we did it to the aboriginals"

That's the "two wrongs make a right" logical fallacy.

It implies that since the Europeans colonized the indigenous lands of North America then succeeding waves of non-European immigrants are justified in colonizing the lands claimed by European settlement.

But was it right for the Europeans to colonize indigenous lands to begin with, and that's the real argument here. If no then it's wrong for non-European immigrants to do the same to European settled North America.

Besides, choosing to immigrate to colonized indigenous lands is a direct statement of endorsement of that colonization. And since many immigrants are coming to Canada from countries with a negative history of colonialism it reveals them to be hypocrites.

The "aboriginal card", when de-constructed, is actually a losing one for those foolish enough play it.

Alain said...

We still are taking in the largest number of immigrants per capita than any other country in spite of the evidence that this has been a failure. The number of immigrants must be greatly reduced and we need to return to giving priority only to immigrants who share our values.

Frankly I and many others are fed up with our government continuing on this path of disaster no matter which party forms the government. I am not in the least anti-immigration, but I am strongly opposed to the present system leading to national suicide.

Anonymous said...

Here's a newspaper article from the St. Albert Gazette (Edmonton) written by a very naive` Canadian woman who writes in part:

"Our isolation becomes apparent every time I visit the store or stroll the farmers’ market. I also see it when attending an event at one of St. Albert’s schools. As youth parade across the stage, the number of visible minorities is shockingly low. We are a remarkably homogeneous group – like a large batch of almond cookies."

...then further into her screed, she writes:

"Now in 2012, as shocking as it may sound, St. Albert children are missing out. Living in this city may bring them parks, recreation, the arts, events, safety and education, but it doesn’t bring them the practice of inclusion. They don’t see colour on the faces of their school friends. They seldom taste the flavour of foods from other countries. They don’t recognize the scent of sweetgrass, nor hold the hand of a child with different skin tone. They don’t hear the melody of different languages. Their senses have missed out on the joy of diversity."


She should be reminded that the world's true minorities are White people at only 8% of the seven billion people on earth; in particular, White women who are of child-bearing age, representing a tiny 2 percent.

To experience all the "wonderful diversity" lacking in her life, she need only move to Toronto (Jane & Finch preferably) or Abbotsford, B.C. or Richmond, B.C. where White people are already in very short supply.

Forget about the multi-culti invaders from foreign lands... it's gullible and unworldly people like this columnist who are the real threat to our country.

Contact her by email found on this site:


PaxCanadiana said...

To experience all the "wonderful diversity" lacking in her life, she need only move to Toronto (Jane & Finch preferably) or Abbotsford, B.C. or Richmond, B.C. where White people are already in very short supply.

Exactly! If that's so important to her she can move. Where does she get off wishing to impose her value system on others?

Forget about the multi-culti invaders from foreign lands... it's gullible and unworldly people like this columnist who are the real threat to our country.

Dead on! It's only perceived that Canadians embrace multiculturalism because the handful that do are given soapboxes in the media on which to stand on and talk as if they speak for everyone.

But judging from the lack of interest in her article and blog post due to an absence of comments I'm going to assume no one pays her much attention nor takes her seriously. The woman's a twit reasoning with emotion and not logic.

I'm also going to guess she's ambitious and wants to write for a major daily so if she wants that to happen she's going to have to dish out all the rhetoric she knows they want to publish even if she doesn't really believe what she writes herself.

Anonymous said...

That St. Albert article was depressing. This woman seems to feel that unless Canada is multicultural - it is a failure. Why are the Chinese, Japanese, Pakistanians, not pushing to become more multicultural? You'd think it was a joke if a Chinese person wrote a piece similar to this St. Albert woman's essay, saying that China needs more white people. Why do they get to preserve their culture, but we have to lose ours? This morning I noted that 75% of the people coming into work with me on the train were minorities, many newly here, speaking their own languages. I thought the numbers coming in were 275,000/year, but I guess it adds up, plus, we don't here too much about the other group of temporary foreign workers coming in.

PaxCanadiana said...

This woman seems to feel that unless Canada is multicultural - it is a failure.

As they like to tell us "racists" who criticize the third-world invasion and occupation of Toronto, if she doesn't like where she live she can move.

Anonymous said...

My two cents. I'm a Punjabi Sikh. Born in Punjab and grew up in Canada. So, I'm very well in tune with how white people think. I faced a lot of discrimination and name calling growing up here. I would say that white people are the virus in this country. First they wipe out the native's to take over this country. Now, they don't want other's to come here because they want to remain king of the hill. White people are selfish and will kill anyone in their way to get what they want. History proves this. Their ancestors would wipe out whole villages of natives in cold blood, including women and children. And today, just look at the killings in Wisconson. So, I don't need a lecture from people who have no morality. Immigrants come to this country for the same reason their ancestors did. For a better life. And the new immigrants are not wiping out the local population with guns like they did. So, don't let them convince you otherwise. New immigrants just want a piece of the pie. White's have no moral ground to stand on.

PaxCanadiana said...

I call troll but whatever.

I would say that white people are the virus in this country.

And you must be the cure.

First they wipe out the native's to take over this country.

Wrong country pal. There was no mass genocide of native Canadians.

Besides, even if there was one you'd be complicit to it because you, and you're fellow Sikhs, have come to this country to reap the benefits of that genocide. That makes you no better than those who did the killing because you have come to a land founded on the spilt blood of it's indigenous inhabitant to make yourself rich. Shame on you!

Also, by owning and occupying the "stolen lands" of North America Sikhs are also taking over the country of a native people twofold: fist, that of the indigenous inhabitants and second, that of the land founded by European Christian settlers. That makes you a colonizer.

White people are selfish and will kill anyone in their way to get what they want.

Pot meet kettle. May I remind you that Sikhs still hold the record for the largest mass murder in Canadian history as well as being one of the few to commit a political assassination, that of Inspector Hopkins by the hand of Mewa Singh in 1914.

Immigrants come to this country for the same reason their ancestors did. For a better life.

So when Europeans came here they took over native lands but when you come here you're just seeking a better life. Nonsense! How are you not a colonizer? May I further remind you Sikhs have no foundational history in this country and thus no real claim to it. You are literally coming to someone's else's country and occupying it.

However you want to look at it you're a colonizer. You come to another's country and want a piece of their pie. When the European's did it to India the Indians eventually rebelled yet it seems when Indians go abroad and colonize foreign lands they expect the natives to play along. Hypocrites!

The moral of this post is colonialisms great so long as you're the one doing it.

Anonymous said...

Kimveer Gill


EyeofTiger said...

Its true.. all immigrants coming to this country are inevitably colonizers as well, just like the europeans. So the only people who have a right to these lands are the Aboriginals. So why are white people so adamant that immigrants assimilate to their culture immediately? I mean, its not like the europeans assimilated to aboriginal culture. Cultures evolve and attitudes change over time. Most of the immigrants coming now, still have their roots in their native countries. It has only been some 40 years since this immigration wave began. Overtime the future generations from immigrants will blend in as they lose their touch with their native lands.

I do believe that more immigration reforms should be initiated and proper screening of immigrants must be done. You can't just open the gates and let anyone in. Only those who have a good education (with english) and can contribute to the canadian society should be allowed in, regardless of race, religion or culture.

PaxCanadiana said...

Kimveer Gill

Oh yeah, I forgot about that guy. How could I in the wake of the Wisconsin shooting?

Speaking of which if any Sikh here dares to exploit that tragedy for sympathy here in Canada they should be reminded that Sikhs in Canada are more likely to be victims of violence at the hands of other Sikhs. Air India anyone?

And so far whites have been the victims of Sikh violence in the case of Kimveer Gill and Mewa Singh.

PaxCanadiana said...


Your post is full of assumptions and contradicts observable evidence.

For starters there was no single native Canadian culture. They each possessed their own unique beliefs and ways of living. So which one were the Europeans supposed to assimilate into?

And to say the Europeans did not assimilate is not wholly true. They did have to adopt native ways of living in order to survive the winters. They also learned the languages of the native populations in order to communicate with them.

What is undeniable is that the Europeans did engulf the native host society; eventually replacing them and they accomplished this partly with immigration.

This is what is happening today as a largely non-European colonial force of immigrants - mostly from Asia - are displacing the host European society that Canada was founded on. If it was wrong when the Europeans did it to native societies around the world then it's equally wrong for non-European immigrants to do it here as well.

Canadians' anxieties over the colonizing character of immigration and the eventual loss of their identity are assuaged by the textbook claim that future generations assimilate over time. This ignores historical contexts. The first European settlers were estranged from their ancestral homelands and forced to assimilate. Not so for immigrants today who have left their homelands only physically as technology today let's them stay in touch with the home country with great ease.

Their Canadian born children are no better since their identity is rooted in the ancestral homes of their parents. They are not Canadians but are south Asians from Canada, or a Asians from Canada or a Africans from Canada, etc., and it's like this because they are not assimilating into a Canada founded on European culture but a post-Trudeau multicultural Canada. Theirs is the "new Canada" and not the established one.

So you can say they are assimilating but into what kind of society is the question. The Chinese have been in Canada for over a century and look how well they are assimilated. Large numbers of Sikhs, Hindus, and Muslims make us feel like strangers in our own lands. If they are assimilated then why do they make us feel this way?

And when Canada's Euro-American character is diminished and replaced by an Asian one who will be doing the assimilating?

If immigrants are allowed to maintain their cultural identity on Canadian soil then it follows that Canadians have the right to maintain the country's Euro-American identity if that's what they want and the immigration system should not be allowed to violate that right. When it does, like it is doing now, then we have a right to speak out against it.

Anonymous said...

Further to my above post at 25 July, 2012 10:36 PM this New Zealand blogger may right by suggesting we focus our attention on traitorous White hypocrites... HERE