Monday, 6 August 2012

Canada Doesn't Need More Gun Control, It Needs More Immigration Control or In Trudeaupian Canada Even Crime Is Multicultural.

Recent events in Toronto have invited further demands from the left for more gun control and from the right demands for more cash to fund an already grossly over-funded metropolitan police force.  Considering their ideological biases these demands were predictable yet fail to consider what lies at the root of the problem which is a mass immigration system gone awry.

To recap, there was the recent shooting in a crowded down-town Toronto shopping mall stirring up memories of the Boxing Day shooting; an event which happened not too far from the mall, the Eaton Centre, many years ago.  Before the citizens of Toronto could fully digest the events of the mall shooting gun fire broke out at a late night block party in Toronto's east end leaving two dead and twenty-one injured.  Then there was the assassination in Toronto's Little Italy.

These were God-sends for political opportunists.  The left wants more gun control.  The cops want more money and more cops despite public opposition to this and their inability to justify budget increases and pay raises for an already over-paid police force as crime rates decline across the country.

Typically overlooked by the media, but not unnoticed by Toronto's mayor, is that crime in Canada now has an immigrant angle to it.  This wasn't the case before but now, when it happens, it's of little surprise.

The alleged shooter in the Eaton Centre shooting, Christopher Husbands, is an immigrant from Guyana.  One  of the intended victims, Ahmed Hassan, is a Somali whose cousin was later shot dead in a north Toronto neighbourhood.

Indeed, it seems when there's gun play, there's Somalis.  Since 2006 at least 30 Somalis have died in Alberta alone with half of them occurring in Edmonton.  Undoubtedly this has to do with the burgeoning drug trade in Alberta that has risen in tandem with the rise in oil prices and Somalis want a piece of the action.

And why not?  Somalis know their drugs.  The recreational use of the drug khat is a national past time in Somalia.  Canada has banned the importation and use of khat but this hasn't stopped Somalis from trying to import it, blatantly defying our laws while seeking its decriminalization.  More khat is seized in Canada than cocaine, heroin, opium, crack, and meth combined.  With a propensity for gunplay, Islamic radicalism, heavy reliance on social services, and a youth drop out rate of 36.7% for Toronto schools, it seems saying that Canada has a Somali problem is an understatement.

And if it's not Somalis then it's Jamaicans.  Indeed, when one speaks of gun violence in Canada the victims or the shooters or both, as is most cases, tend to be black.  This is the fruit the mass importation of west-Indian immigrants has yielded.  Imported to mostly serve as nannies during the 1970s, Caribbean culture is now firmly rooted in Toronto including all its dysfunctions; the prime being a culture of promiscuity creating the family dynamic of single mothers with children by multiple and absent fathers who grow up to be everyone else's problem.

Then there's Sri Lanka's Tamils.  Putting aside their involvement in what I consider to be the largest and longest case of immigration fraud in this country's history the relative ease Sri Lanka's Tamils were given entry into Canada was too much to ignore for the island nation's more unsavoury citizens.  Along with the scores of fraudsters who were just looking for a way to jump the immigration queue criminal elements from Sri Lanka followed on their compatriots heels and blended in with the hoards gaming our refugee system making it hard to weed them out.  As a result Canada became a major centre for funding Sri Lanka's major criminal organization: the LTTE.  To fund their secessionist cause the LTTE resorted to crime like human smuggling, drug trafficking, arms smuggling, and possibly insurance fraud.

The LTTE is considered a terrorist organization but when we think of terrorism we first think of Islamic radicals.  Odd that the first person to be charged under Canada's terrorism financing laws was a Sri Lankan Tamil.  But then again maybe it's not.

The fun doesn't stop there.  If the LTTE weren't enough of a headache Toronto now has to deal with Sri Lanka Tamil street gangs sporting such names as Unknownz , KBT (killah brown thugz), BLS (Brave Lankan Soldiers), BMz (Brown Movementz), to the more violent AK Kannan and VVT along with respective offshoots the Silver Boys and Gilder Boys

If the colour of violent crime tends to be of varying shades of brown then if we were to attach a colour to Canada's drug trade then that colour would be yellow.

Yes, Asians are major players in Canada's drug trade when they are not busily engaged in counterfeiting, piracy, human smuggling, poachingfraud of some form or another, or just good old fashioned cheating.  Whenever there's a drug bust anywhere in Canada the safe money will bet Asians will be among those arrested.  If it's pot then it's Vietnamese.  If it's harder stuff like amphetamines or heroine it's Chinese.  

It's gotten so bad now Canada is consider a top nation for international drug production.  How big a player Canada is on the international drug scene is a topic of debate but if Canadians want to feel proud that their country ranks somewhere in the top fifteen they can thank members of the Asian community for that accomplishment.  If you think I'm being far fetched just read the latest drug bust in Australia.  Of the seven arrested four were Hong Kong nationals.  The other three were "Australian-based members of an international drugs syndicate."  I'm betting the later are Asian as well.  It's possible they're not but I'm going with the safe bet here.  Besides, even if they're not it still holds that if there's a drug bust you can be sure that an Asian name will appear among the arrested.

I don't wish to imply that all immigrants to Canada are scoundrels of varying degrees.  That would be ridiculous.  The vast majority are here to make an honest living.  They can't be held responsible for the actions of a few members of their community.  But accepting large numbers of immigrants who have little job prospects and little chance of finding suitable employment doesn't help matters.  It makes it worse.

It does this by creating and sustaining, even growing, pockets of poverty in which criminal elements find fertile soil.  It's not shocking to discover that where one finds poverty, one also finds crime and Toronto is no exception to this phenomenon.  Add to this a culture of single mothers with children from different fathers, as is found in Caribbean culture mentioned above, and you have a potent mix.

We don't need more gun control.  Those who are calling for it are not looking at the problem clearly enough.  

We also don't need to waste more money by throwing it away at the police.  Contrary to perceptions the police aren't very good at crime prevention because they cannot predict when and where a crime will occur and act to prevent it.  Hiring more cops won't change this in the slightest.  In fact it can be harmful since it will mean the consumption of more public money that could have been spent addressing the roots of criminal activity.  If you find yourself the victim of a criminal act the police aren't of much use to you either.  It doesn't matter if they caught the guy who shot you because you're either lying in a hospital bed or dead in the morgue.  If your place was broken into and your belongings were stolen, forget it; it's gone!  If your car was stolen, forget it; it's gone!  The police won't get them back to you and I doubt they even care to.  When it comes to crimes like those the police phone it in.   It seems to me the real reason we employ police officers in the first place is to hand out traffic tickets and enforce social power imbalances.  Beyond that they are not of much use.  This is why it boggles the mind that a city like Toronto has a police budget near $1 billion a year and growing consuming more that a quarter of one's property taxes and that of the city budget.  Frankly, I don't think they deserve it and the money would be better spent elsewhere but I digress.

More to the point we need less and more strict immigration because it's either directly or indirectly contributing to Canada's crime rate.  Canada would still have a crime rate but it wouldn't be as high. Indeed, it would be even lower were it not for immigration's contribution to it.


Alain said...

This is an excellent article and spot on. I am old enough (pre Trudeau) to remember when our immigration system was totally different. Preference was given to applicants sharing our common history and they had to have a clean bill of health and no criminal record. Landed immigrants committing a crime in Canada could be deported, and of course I am talking about actual crime not parking violations. The present situation makes it clear that none of this is being applied any more, especially the requirement to have no criminal record.

I also agree concerning the police. Not only are they incapable of crime prevention, they are too often incapable or unwilling to deal effectively with real crime. They are more interested in doing seatbelt checks, roadside checks for drinking and driving, and now to try catching anyone talking on their cellphone. All of this is based on assuming people guilty unless they can prove their innocence. I notice the police never lack the resources for this, but then claim they do not have enough resources to deal with crime. So no, they should not be given more money and certainly not more power, they need to enforce existing laws dealing with crime.

Anonymous said...

The following link may not be entirely on-topic here, but it's directed to those angry 3rd-world invaders who pop in occasionally trying to lay 'guilt-trips' on their White benefactors.

Guilt-ridden White Canadians should also take note, and that is to throw off those shackles and be proud of your heritage.

It's a story about a brainwashed, young White man named George... read on.

Anonymous said...

How you can forget the Muslims from middle east and Pakistan. They consider its their right to enjoy social assistance. A family of 6 , they are normally a family of 7, received CAD 5000 per month from government. WOW all my hard earn money which I paid in Taxes go there.
I think best immigrants are Indian , from INDIA. They never take social assistance. Work very hard to earn as much money they can. Have very strong family values. Hardly declare bankrupt but sell their gold brought from India. They work their whole their youth and pay all the taxes and when they turn old they go back to India and usually don't burden our fragile medical system. Educate their kids to their best capabilities and these kids help build a better Canada.

Anonymous said...

Agreed mostly, had a conversation at work about this today.

Immigration, especially from India/Pakistan/Samalia should be slowed down drastically. Better then letting them move to Brampton, live in a family of 10 and then drain our economy.

Marlene Wilkins said...

I used to live in Edmonton, born and raised there as was Husband.
To say that Edmonton has a Somali problem is an understaement of the first order.
The EPD is a bunch of clown-cops at best, no better anywhere else in Canada though.
If you're a minority in Edmonistan, it's party-time, the cops won't do a damn thing for fear of being labelled 'racist'.
If you're white, you're always 'under suspicion'...and they will beat you into the ground if you even raise your eyes.
A friend of mine was recently raped and nearly killed by some somalis, and thrown out of a moving car when they were done with her. All muslims, and she was told 'the case is unsuited for investigation at this time'. When she tried to go the media she was arrested and told that she can be charged with 'malicious interference in a police investigation'.
I am so glad Husband got me out of that city, it's being overrun and taken over from the inside.

Amy Jansen said...

Well said! I agree, but with the Tamil population I find that this is outdated. The Tamils I now know, are well educated and are academically potent. Just saying! And generally, the African and Latin descents are creating quite a ruckus in our country. Focusing on that path would prevent gang and crime here! You might want to mention that!

PaxCanadiana said...

The Tamils I now know, are well educated and are academically potent. Just saying! And generally, the African and Latin descents are creating quite a ruckus in our country. Focusing on that path would prevent gang and crime here!

If the jobs aren't there then education isn't going to get you anywhere anytime soon. You just end up creating a well educated underclass which is a ripe ingredient for social unrest.

The problem is too much immigration. We are increasing the labour pool while the supply of good, well-paying jobs is diminishing. If Canadian born children with pronounceable names are having a hard time finding stable work and getting their careers off the ground then I can't imagine it being any easier for someone with a thirteen syllable moniker who is the Canadian born child of an asylum scammer no matter how well educated he or she might be.