Thursday, 13 September 2012

Thirteenth Migrant Worker Killed In Eastern Ontario This Year.

From the "plenty more where they came from" files:

The Agriculture Workers Alliance said the death of a migrant worker in an incident on an eastern Ontario farm on Monday is the 13th in the province this year. 
The Ministry of Labour is investigating the death of the 38-year-old Mexican worker who was fatally injured at an orchard operation in Prince Edward County. 
The worker was attaching a water tank to a tractor when the attachment fell, trapping him between it and the tractor. Efforts to revive him were unsuccessful.
So another disposable worker from some under-developed country died in an agricultural field somewhere in Ontario.  Big loss!  All we have to do is pluck another one from the third-world and problem solved.

Isn't that what the temporary foreign worker program is all about; to bring in cheap, disposable labour from the third-world so employers can avoid offering a livable wage and safe working conditions to attract a domestic workforce?

This is what it's all about and we should expect events like this to happen so how is this even news?

Now There's An Idea.

Cut immigration fraud with smart cards.

Consider this: There are thousands of Canadian passport holders in the Gulf States, the Middle East, India and Hong Kong alone who have never “lived” in Canada. How is this possible? After travelling abroad, PRs may enter Canada with little scrutiny. They do require a PR card, but it is not a smart card and it may or may not be swiped upon entry to Canada. Even if it is swiped, no photo appears on the Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA)’s screen allowing them to determine whether the person trying to enter Canada is truly the individual listed on the card. 
Although it is mandatory to have a PR card to re-enter Canada as a permanent resident, it is not necessary to have one to leave the country. Thus, CIC has no way of monitoring the foreign travels of Canada’s PRs, and thereby determining whether they have fulfilled the requirements for citizenship (residing in Canada three years out of four) or retaining PR status (residing in Canada 730 days over a five-year period). Applications for citizenship or renewing PR cards are based on an honour system in which claims can be supported by leases, telephone bills and the like — documents that can be obtained even if the applicant does not actually live at the address listed.{...} 
To help remedy these problems, Ottawa should introduce a PR “smart card,” which would be mandatory for all PRs and would be swiped every time a PR left or returned to Canada. It would be a simple and low-tech solution, but it would work wonders in facilitating the enforcement of immigrant residency obligations — and in slashing the fraud that currently plagues our immigration system. 

Just 3,100!?

'Cause the numbers are more likely in the hundreds of thousands if not millions.

From the National Post:

A widening federal crackdown has identified a record number of people suspected of acquiring their Canadian citizenship and immigration status through fraud. 
The number of newcomers under investigation for misrepresenting themselves in their dealings with Citizenship and Immigration Canada has ballooned to an historic 11,000 as a result of nation-wide enforcement. 
The figure is almost double the 6,500 identified by federal officials less than a year ago, suggesting that Canada’s citizenship and immigration fraud problems may be more widespread than previously thought.
Ya think!?

Still it's better than nothing and it does send a message.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Roma Crime Spree Brought To You By The Singh Decision.

The Singh Decision: allowing the quick and easy entry into Canada for the world's thieves, crooks, thugs, war criminals, and general lowlifes since 1985.

From the Toronto Sun:

TORONTO -- The Canadian Border Services Agency is asleep at the wheel allowing more than 400 alleged Roma gypsies - many of whom have extensive criminal records - into the country and specifically the GTA, critics say. 
This week, the Durham Regional Police Service confirmed they had arrested 34 people and laid 263 charges in the largest investigation of its kind in the region.

The story began in the fall of 2011, when police noticed that people were committing distraction-style thefts and fraud and started Project Mansfield. 
Police busted one Roma fraud cell, but they say there are a least six others stealing millions from stores and vulnerable people. 
When a person comes to Canada and claims refugee status they are detained and their history is checked out. 
"Something went wrong here. It concerns me that large numbers are getting through the border," said Liberal Immigration Critic, MP Kevin Lamoureux. "We need to speed up the process so we can get rid of those abusing the system. We need more resources in place so our borders can be looked after." 
Yes Kevin Lamoureux there is a problem and it's called the Singh decision and Canada needs to be rid of it.

The Singh decision allows for anyone from anywhere to enter Canada and claim refugee status and then be released into the public while their case goes through the system which can take years to process.  This is how the Gypsies or Roman or Travellers or however they want to called are getting into Canada.

Since it doesn't protect real refugees anyway since the majority who claim refugee status in Canada are found to be bogus I don't see what purpose the Singh decision serves.