Thursday, 13 September 2012

Thirteenth Migrant Worker Killed In Eastern Ontario This Year.

From the "plenty more where they came from" files:

The Agriculture Workers Alliance said the death of a migrant worker in an incident on an eastern Ontario farm on Monday is the 13th in the province this year. 
The Ministry of Labour is investigating the death of the 38-year-old Mexican worker who was fatally injured at an orchard operation in Prince Edward County. 
The worker was attaching a water tank to a tractor when the attachment fell, trapping him between it and the tractor. Efforts to revive him were unsuccessful.
So another disposable worker from some under-developed country died in an agricultural field somewhere in Ontario.  Big loss!  All we have to do is pluck another one from the third-world and problem solved.

Isn't that what the temporary foreign worker program is all about; to bring in cheap, disposable labour from the third-world so employers can avoid offering a livable wage and safe working conditions to attract a domestic workforce?

This is what it's all about and we should expect events like this to happen so how is this even news?


Anonymous said...

Just when it appeared Kenney was doing something (investigating phony citizens), he comes out today saying he will make it easier for temporary foreign workers and students to immigrate:

PaxCanadiana said...


I wonder which temporary foreign workers he's talking about.

I guess all those skills Filipino baby sitters and South American agricultural workers will bring are exactly what Canada needs to keep the nation competitive in a post-industrial, knowledge based globalized economy.

I also chuckled when I read that the twenty-thousandth person admitted under the "Canadian experience Class" got job in a bank.

It seems to me most "high skilled" immigrants work in the financial sector in some capacity probably because there are no real-jobs out there doing real work and creating real wealth in the economy.

But it's due to pressure from the big six banks that Canada has high immigration numbers so I guess they should at least employ some immigrants even if it is only to maintain the illusion that Canada has a skills shortage and needs to import foreigners.