Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Just Because You're Born In Canada Doesn't Mean You're A Canadian.

Take these brats for example.

We need to change the citizenship laws to prevent the production of these "anchor babies."  They're not Canadians and shouldn't be considered as such.  They're just pawns in a game to play Canada's immigration system by their deceitful parents.

I posit that the laws should be changed so that citizenship is granted only to those children born of parents whose long-term residency status is assured.  This would include Canadian citizens, those with permanent residency status, and refugees whose claims have been accepted and are not being contested in the courts.

Those whose permanent residency is not guaranteed; like temporary foreign workers, those in Canada on a visitor's visa or student visa, or refugees whose claims have not been determined; should not have Canadian citizenship bestowed on their children born on Canadian territory.

Some may now be asking what would happen to the children if the laws were changed as per my suggestion.  My answer is I don't know but that's not our problem.  Somewhere here the parents need to take responsibility for themselves and their actions because rewarding the cheating of the immigration system by abusing Canada's birthright citizenship laws has to stop.  The most absurd example of this was when a Ugandan woman gave birth mid-flight over Canadian airspace on a plane trip destined for Boston.  In the end the little spawn was given Canadian citizenship just because it was born in Canadian airspace.  What a joke!

The law as it stands now is absurd.  Legally it makes Canada responsible for the care of the children on non-citizens.  This is like finding yourself being forced to take care of some stranger's child just because it was born in your house.  You wouldn't accept that now would you, so why should Canada?


Shanus said...

You should start a petition about this.

Jason Mistry said...

Last year I dated a woman from Venezuala who I met on a popular internet dating site. She lives in Toronto and works as a "Multicultural Marketer". Amazingly, she came to Canada a couple of years ago, having never been here her entire life, except for the first 3 weeks after she was born. Nice woman, until we got into a discussion of Multiculturalism in Canada. I expressed my conviction that Canada is no different from any other country and has a culture that must be protected from mass immigration and multiculturalism. She said that if it does, it is very young and she doesn't know how it will survive with all the immigration from "older" cultures. She believed that Canada is young and "still evolving". I asked her what separates Canada from Venezuala which is about the same age. Of course she had no answer and evaded. Her only complaint about immigration policy was that it lets in the wrong people. Her mother, a doctor in Venezuala, apparently was denied.
And the kicker? This lady had met Justin Trudeau and apparently they really go along!

PaxCanadiana said...

I asked her what separates Canada from Venezuala which is about the same age. Of course she had no answer and evaded.

It's the usual canard that "they" have culture and "we" don't so we must accommodate them which in turn enriches us some how. I don't know how exactly we are enriched but the Toronto Star tells me I'm enriched by it so it must be true. But when pressed to describe their culture to deem it worthy of accommodation and respect on Canadian soil they don't really know what it is without resorting to stereotypes and recipes.

And what exactly is Venezuelan culture? What cultural markers make that country distinct from, say, Colombia?

I love it how every immigrant from everywhere, no matter how culturally indistinct they are, enriches Canada with their "culture" since we Canadians apparently have none. Rubbish!

When you question someone outside of Canada what their impressions are of the country they'll name off a few things like snow, polar bears, ice hockey, maple syrup, the RCMP uniform, to name popular icons but ask someone about Venezuelan identity (or Argentinian, or Colombian, or Sri Lankan, or Singaporean, or Indonesian, and so on) and you'll be stumped. But just remember we're the ones without a unique identity that needs to be formed and enriched by outside influences. Please!

This lady had met Justin Trudeau and apparently they really go along!

Justin Trudeau is a narcissist. He's a spoiled child reared in the reflected limelight of his famous political father. He's addicted to it and needs his narcissistic supply of public adoration simple for being Justin Trudeau.

He tried to get it through acting but that didn't go anywhere so he became a substitute drama teacher as a recourse. Not getting the supply he needs he went into politics based on the strength of his family name and now he gets all the narcissistic supply his empty shell of a self needs. By becoming PM of Canada he can then cast himself onto the world stage and get the supply he sought through acting. That's how I see his political career anyway.

He's an intellectual lightweight who'd still be a substitute drama teacher were it not for his last name. He'll probably win the leadership race for the Liberal Party (the media has already handed it to him) and he'll become PM of Canada because there is a significant segment of the Canadian population that's dumb like that. Under his tutelage the immigration system will spiral out of control again reversing all the reforms made by the Conservatives simply because Justin is a narcissist and immigrants to him mean more people to lavish adoration on him so the more the better.

Jason Mistry said...

I've picked up on that narcissm too. Quite possibly he was neglected by his dad who was too preoccupied with Canadian politics. In any event, he is clearly headed for the PM office, but he will NOT remain there long if he truly is an intellectual lightweight. Federal politics is not kind to lightweights. Having said that, he won in Papineau twice where a separatist held the riding since 1969 so he may not be an intellectual lightweight.

Watch for a backlash against his multicultural extremism. Ethnic divisions will become clearer under his leadership if he raises numbers etc.

More to come.

Anonymous said...

Canada has had culture ever since I was born. Now that I am 62 people coming here tell us we don't! I would like them to tell my grandmother that who came here in the late 1800s'. It is ashame that as a country we have no backbone! As I have said before coming to this country you have no idea of what country you are in, and if Trudeau gets in as Prime Minister Canada will become more unrecognizable than what it already is!!!!

Chris Zeeland said...

Its not just Ontario thats pissed off about all these immigrants coming here, Alberta is beyond pissed. We have our own people here who need jobs etc. and yet this idiot government keeps bringing in unwanted people from Africa and Somalia to sit on welfare, pollute our air, and just be burdeons to the rest of us. If the government wants to bring in more immigrants, why not bring in more Germans, Uk, Swiss. Etc. Canada is starting to look like the slums of Africa.

Anonymous said...

cideIJI am canadian and proud of it. I am one of the first settler families who is french and irish backgrounds. Everybody has a culture its just that nonwhites are jealous of us......and I also think immigration should be halted at least until I get a job. I have been looking for 4 years now in ottawa............and I am not from here I had to move 700 miles to get here.....without help...

Anonymous said...

I think the reason why 'real Canadians' are so pissed off about all these immigrants coming here is because the government is letting in the wrong color. If the government feels that we need more immigrants here, then why don't we let in more Germans, Swedes, etc. more white people. It seems to alot of us that, these colored ones are bringing in criminal activities, sick relatives, etc. not a benefit to Canada at all.

PaxCanadiana said...

I think the reason why 'real Canadians' are so pissed off about all these immigrants coming here is because the government is letting in the wrong color.

It's more a numbers issue than a colour issue. Too many immigrants are still too many immigrants no matter where they come from or what colour their skin is.

That being said one cannot ignore race. It's just a fact and we cannot pretend it doesn't exist.

People are naturally inclined to prefer their own. Nothing wrong with that. Immigrants and non-whites do that in the west all the time as evidenced by enclaving and we pat them on the back for it. Whites do it too. Just look at the settlement patterns in Toronto.

Canada brings in too many immigrants to begin with and having the bulk of them come from non-traditional sources adds problems to an already bigger one.

Anonymous said...

`Just because you were born in Canada doesn`t mean you are Canadian? What the hell does that mean? What is a Canadian then? I am a true Canadian. I was born here.

Anonymous said...

Please don`t send any blacks to Canada. Its bad enough they brought A.I.D.s here now they will spread the Ebola virus here to. They will lie and say they don`t have it because they are stupid. Now, they are putting others at risk. Send them ALL to Liberia. They are all disease carrying vermin.

Anonymous said...

When parents travel abroad, they do not lose their citizenship; that is why there are passports.
If the parents do not lose citizenship traveling abroad, it stands to reason their children, an extension of themselves by biology, should not lose their parental citizenship because of where they happen to be born.

This is the most basic and fundamental of all human relations issues.
Your children born abroad are of the same citizenship you are, unless you plan to abandon them in the country where they are born.