Sunday, 25 November 2012

Muslim vs. Lesbian.


What's being downplayed in the media - actually not being mentioned at all - is the significant detail that the woman filing the complaint is a lesbian. You can imagine why.

Muslims and the LGTB community are minority groups that enjoy privileged status in the eyes of the nation's progressives - who are highly concentrated in the media - who routinely side with either group in a human rights complaint so long as the complaint is against what one can consider "traditional Canada", i.e. white, working class, male, and Christian.

This time, however, what is being offered is a common sense approach to the situation so as not to favour one side over the other in the hopes that a hearing at a human rights tribunal can be avoided altogether. This is never offered when the targets of a complaint are members of "traditional Canada." When that is the case "traditional Canada" must capitulate or face a tongue lashing from our moral and intellectual superiors in the media and the chattering classes. Hypocrites, the lot of 'em!

So you can imagine the head-spinning they must be suffering right now as they try to figure this one out but they only have themselves to blame for it. They have so enabled both Muslims and Lesbians, among other minority status groups, in their victim complex that the sense of entitlement and right to be accommodated of either group has become so inflated it's conceivable the periphery of it has expanded to somewhere beyond the Oort cloud. So don't expect any willful surrender of territory for the sake of peace in this battle of "new Canada's" spoiled brats.

But this conflict was inevitable in the "new Canada" sooner or later so we might as well deal with it now and get it out of the way so we have something to work with when it happens again.

And it will happen again.

I write about this because I think it is a symptom of a society that is becoming increasingly ungovernable and mass immigration largely from non-traditional sources married to multiculturalism are to blame.

Take the latest flap over the lack of diversity among the watermark images of the new Canadian passport as another example. It speaks volumes about where Canadian society is headed. If a consensus cannot be had over the choice of iconic Canadian images to grace the pages of the new passport - because members of the "new Canada" feel unrepresented even though their place in Canadian history and contribution to anything uniquely Canadian is near non-existent - how will we be able to function as a cohesive society and how will Ottawa be able to govern the nation when it is divided by "communities" acting out of self-interest for the benefit and advantage of its members?

I may be extrapolating too much here but I don't think so. A disease characteristically doesn't make itself known without the display of symptoms. Ignoring them and letting it fester will lead to long-term problems and chronic pain with the possibility of ultimate terminal effect where it's now too late to do anything of benefit. Spotted early and dealt with quickly the disease can be halted and the body saved.

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