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Wanted For Murder In The U.S. Canada Gives Permanent Residency To Chinese 'Refugee' Anyway.

Overworked, understaffed, asleep at the switch, or just plain lazy I'd still like to know how this guy got in.
Kai-Guo Huang came to Canada from China as refugee claimant Yu Chen in 2006. 
He started a business and became a member of a local church. He paid his taxes on time. 
He was granted permanent residency status in 2010 and purchased an upscale condo in north Scarborough. 
To get into the country as a refugee claimant he was fingerprinted, interviewed and a criminal record check was completed. A second set of fingerprints were given and another criminal check done when he applied for permanent residency. 
If Toronto police hadn’t arrested him for drunk driving in early August and run his prints against the FBI database in the U.S., chances are no one would have discovered two important things about Huang: 
He entered Canada from China using fake travel documents. 
He is wanted in the U.S. in connection with a grisly murder and decapitation 14 years ago. 
The breakdown in border security has immigration experts and a Liberal MP baffled at how an alleged murderer got into the country undetected.
And we gave him permanent residency. Might as well give him the order of Canada while we're at it.

He most likely left the U.S. right after the murder by using his Chinese passport. China doesn't recognize dual citizenship so many overseas Chinese will hold onto their Chinese passports and use it to return to their home country.

China and it's overseas colonies including those here in Canada are hotbeds for documentation fraud so it's easy to figure out how he got into Canada.

What's worrisome is how he got passed all the security checks making you wonder who the hell is guarding our borders and whether they take their jobs seriously. And if you find one Kai-Guo Huang there's likely a whole lot more you're not finding making you wonder as well to the numbers of the world's crooks, cons, thieves;and murderers who are walking the streets of Canada's cities and towns and calling themselves Canadians.

Since we're on the topic of Asian criminals there's this Toronto Sun report on the disruption of a transnational drug trafficking ring.

Police have arrested 10 people after breaking up an alleged organized crime ring that was apparently making a decent commission trafficking drugs between B.C. and Ontario.
 Investigators in both provinces swooped in this week and dismantled the group, seizing more than $2 million worth of marijuana, property and cash as they wrapped up a seven-month, joint-forces investigation dubbed Project Lie-See.
 “I think it’s pretty substantial,” Dominic Chong, of the Asian Organized Crime Task Force (AOCTF), said Wednesday.{...}
Charged are Toronto residents Bryan Quoc Toan Lam, 27, Steve Thanh Hien Tran, 30, Trung Le Lam, 54, Thanh Sau Tran, 52, and David Hoc Troung, 24. Also charged were Tan Nguyen, 26, and Wali Seddiqi, 29 — both of Vancouver, and Ba Tuan Tran, 24, of London.
 Toronto residents Joe Viet Troung, 27, and Michael Tuan Van Nguyen, 23, were also arrested on possession for the purpose of trafficking charges.
Look at the names of those charged.  It's like reading from the pages of the Old Canada phone book ins't it?

Almost all of those names are Vietnamese and this shouldn't come as a surprise since it's well established that   the Vietnamese are dominate players in the Canadian pot trade in.

Speaking of Asians and drug trafficking we have this Toronto Star report on the involvement of Canada's Sikh population in the drug trade.

For years, Indo-Canadian gangs in B.C. have been involved in cross-border drug smuggling, infiltrating the trucking industry and fighting turf wars that have often been bloody and vicious. 
But now, members of southern Ontario’s Indo-Canadian community, in particular from Brampton and Mississauga, are increasingly being lured into the North American drug trade, according to Crown attorneys, lawyers, police and community leaders on this side of the border. 
It is not difficult to understand why. An estimated 60 per cent of Ontario’s long-haul truck drivers are Indo-Canadian, making them logical targets for drug traffickers. They will gladly do long-haul jobs shunned by others that can mean being on the road for weeks. They don’t mind sharing the close quarters of a cab with a co-driver, and the job requires little more than a commercial driver’s licence. 
“There are many (Indo-Canadian drivers) who just want to make a decent living,” said Manan Gupta, editor-publisher of Road Today, a monthly trucking magazine in the GTA. “But there are a few bad ones and their numbers are rising.” 
“This is ruining our community’s name . . . drivers from Peel are looked upon suspiciously at the border,” he said.
You mean make a descent living by ruining the descent living truckers made before Sikhs flooded the commercial trucking trade and subsequently drove down incomes.

Perhaps that's the reason why they'd be tempted into trafficking drugs in the first place. Since they drove down the livelihoods for all of those in the industry drug trafficking helps supplement an income that's become a little more lucrative than driving a cab. It's the only way they can now afford the over-priced houses in the gaudy urban sprawl neighbourhoods of Brampton, Ontario and Surrey, B.C.

What's to be taken away from this is 1) abandon any confidence in Canada being able to police it's borders and weed out criminals and fraudsters and 2) shelve any notion that immigrants are less prone to criminal activity than Canadian born.

Regrading the second point I recall a time when it was argued that immigrants were more law abiding than Canadians themselves. And at that time it was true but no longer thanks to the disintegration of the immigration system along with the debasement of criteria and expectations we placed on earlier waves of immigrants. Since all that matters now is numbers we've abandoned quality to satisfy quantity.

What's most disconcerting is how casual attitudes have become within the immigrant populations in the "new Canada" towards engaging in criminal acts whether it be drugs, fraud, murder, or theft and how these attitudes are too often passed onto their Canadian born children.

Why this is I can only guess at. The answer is most likely to be found in the fact that we are importing far too many people from crime prone regions of the world were attitudes towards criminal behaviour are casual to being with. These overwhelming numbers of people we import are too many for us to adequately police. But perhaps the sense of gratitude earlier waves of immigrants held for Canada kept them from doing anything criminal out of respect for the nation and the people who brought them in. Now that sense of gratitude has been replaced by a sense of entitlement where Canada owes them a living and a lifestyle. They have come to feel they deserve it even if it means acting in an illegal manner where it's not a crime if you don't get caught.

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We'll let anyone in it seems. This is beyond sad. If you don't think there is a plan to replace white Canadians you're dreaming.