Monday, 10 December 2012

They Want 337,000 Immigrants A Year By 2018!!!???

I don't know why I even bother.
After seven years of stagnating numbers, Canada should start boosting immigration levels starting in 2014, according to an internal government review obtained by Postmedia News.
The study, dubbed a “Literature review and expert advice to inform Canada’s immigration levels planning,” suggests immigration levels should begin increasing six per cent a year to approximately 337,000 in 2018, after which levels should plateau until 2021, the end of the review period. 
According to the report, the short-term boost is needed to balance the labour market and is based on economic projections that take into account things like unemployment rates.
Oh! It's based on economic projections. How could that possibly go wrong?

Ever check the weather forecast and look at the long-term forecasts and weather trends and see if they come to pass? I do and I'll tell ya they rarely do. When they do it's by happenstance, not by reliable computer assisted forecasting.

Environment Canada uses some of the most advanced super-computers available to make as accurate a forecast as they can yet forecasts made beyond a 48 hour period can only be taken with a grain of salt. Anything longer than that and you might as well go see a palm reader 'cause her guess will be as good anyone else's.

So we're supposed to rely on "economic projections" - mere educated guesses base on current data - to shape Canada's immigration system five years into the future especially when we have available data that tells us that it's not working even at current numbers and Canadians cannot stomach more of it.

And what if those projections are inaccurate as they are so want to do?  We all know how good economists are at predicting the future. Look at the financial crisis of 2008. They saw it coming from miles away if only everyone had listened.

Who are these yahoos making these projections? Who are these jokers saying we need 337,000 a year by 2018 when we already have the highest immigrant intake numbers per capita in the world? And why does the government so readily listen to them when there are opposing views to consider? Give me a break!

I may not know who these economic forecasters are but I bet I can find them on Bay Street in Toronto working for Canada's "big six" banks. 337,000 immigrants a year is not a good idea for Canada but it sure as hell is a profitable idea for them.

Oh, and ignore that gunshot. It's just Canada committing cultural suicide. Nothing to worry about. Nothing to worry about at all.


Anonymous said...

if 300 000 of these immigrants were white and rest were from west africa or south america or any other region that supported our euro-christian values (im not religious just against islam) then I wouldnt be that rattled but assuming the majority will be from asia then it is safe to say we are f*****

Alain said...

Please, no we should be reducing the number not boosting it. Perhaps we should try putting more pressure on the government to hold a national referendum on immigration, since otherwise they just keep caving in to the vested lobby groups for more immigrants.

Anonymous said...

we have had our country colonized and ocupied by foreign cultures without a shot being fired. Governments never consulted the Canadian people regarding immigration or ever asked what kind of country they wanted. It was shoved down our throats and told to like it. We have long since past the tipping point, the damage has been done, our cities have been destroyed, as well as our country. I blame the Canadian people for this by not taking a stand for the well being of their own country. It is far to late to do anything about it now, its a done deal. When a people sit back and see their country destroyed and do nothing about it, then the country is not worth fighting for. You gets what you gets,a failed nation.

cecilhenry said...

This is an invasion and dispossession of an ethnic group and its culture by its own government.


Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White Countries for Everyone!!!



Anonymous said...

Get active in the land conservation movement. If you conserve land, then they can't build more houses to accomodate the colossal growth. Deny them their sources.

Anonymous said...

According to the U.N., net migration from the non-white Third World to white countries is projected to average 2.4 million persons annually from 2009 to 2050. That's one billion Third World migrants, more than enough to make whites a minority in our lands.

How did the U.N. come up with the number '2.4 million' annually?

One million annually for the U.S., one million annually for Europe, and the remaining .4 million for Canada and Australia. The numbers are confirmed by national policies.

There can be no doubt the unelected bankers are overseeing national immigration quotas, and are keenly against any slowdown in immigration.

Anonymous said...

I say we ask our government why they're so intent on killing us.

I say why not ask them why they want a civil war. That's where we are heading.

Will our blood stained hands be proof enough that Canadians do not support our own genocide?


Anonymous said...

This is a VIOLENT INTENTIONAL ACT of GENOCIDE AGAINST CANADIANS AND THEIR CULTURE. It is intentional and the result is to dis-empower the vast majority of Canadian born and bred citizens by creating poverty levels standard of living compared to just a few decades ago. As well as creating a a population not committed to Canada through being multi-citisenship. This enables the use/abuse of all resources to further bankrupt the nation.imho

Anonymous said...

Hey Pax,

Seems like you've been out of the game for a while. Just want you to know that information from your blog has been instrumental in helping me change minds on the prickly subjects of immigration and diversity. I hope you'll continue posting again in the future.

Anonymous said...

Japan has an aging population, and it's still a better producer and innovator than these multicultural paradises. Same thing with Israel; they don't have mass immigration, but they're more than holding their own on the global stage.

When will Canada cease to be the immigration dumpster of the world?

Anonymous said...

The white population is declining at an incredible rate worldwide ( I'm black). Unless every white woman births at least five kids the whites will go extinct. That is the ultimate truth facing whites today.

White women party, drink to oblivious and chase material wealth rather than maternal instinct fulfillment but no race could sustain its population levels the way in which whites have practically stopped reproducing.

This is why immigration will probably continue in the long run and there isn't much that can be done about it. Throughout human history only those who reproduce survive, those who don't reproduce - for whatever reason, and in this case primarily due to radical feminist agenda overtaking mainstream society - will go the way of the dodo egg. I have seen white girls who think having babies is barbaric and that it's not a women's job to reproduce, the views instilled in these little girls' heads are simply astonishing, they are impenetrable by any logic or historical facts. Their immediate objective is parties and their long term aim is being able to afford a nice SUV, while their days consist of trying to meet "that hot guy", makeup tips, celebrity gossip, and obtaining material wealth for immediate gratification. You'd be hard pressed to find a female willing to bear more than one or two kids, if any at all. And you wonder why whites are declining and possibly going extinct? Ha!

Now, most of you are going at this the wrong way. You are clouded by your immediate reaction to a dramatic/systemic change taking place right before you, but this has been in the pipes for a long time starting from the '60s when radical feminists burnt bras and demanded women be given equal opportunity. That fundamentally changed male/female attitudes toward work and family. It has led to women leaving the home and going to the workplace; however, job creation remained basically the same, therefore many men were either downsized or left the workplace. Women worked for less and corporations loved it, as did politicians. Ultimately this destroyed the family unit, laid the groundwork for the single mother phenomenon, removed fathers from the picture and created an environment in which the state/media/Hollywood is the father.

We are now in a stage called the "third wave feminism" which entails moral relativism and cultural Marxism; women become men, men become women, sexual orientation ambiguous and gender roles removed. LGBT is promoted throughout the educational system, media, academia and every facet of society. Practically every girl that comes out of the current educational system dominated by feminist ideology challenges the awful "traditions" and male patriarch as she is essentially indoctrinated to consider being women equals to being a victim. Universities have become female basin; intuitive thinking substituted for critical thinking, sitting still graded as being a model student, lessons graded by "continues assessment", female learning patterns promoted and girl power reigns supreme. This removed males from higher education, who face unprecedented discrimination through criminalization of the male ways; no critical thinking, no competition/aggression, etc.

The immigration problem necessitates deeper understanding of the social AND economic conditions preceding it, how society at large has changed and going beyond the usual emotional tirade people utter when lacking solution-oriented policy objectives. It's doubtful the Canadians could do much about the immigration disaster as they lack commonality beyond complaining about a problem everyone knows about yet can't do much about. This is due in part because the country lacks national and cultural identity.

It's a socially inept country in which people are cold and everybody keeps it to themselves. A national debate is highly unlikely in this scenario. It's a country in decline and the looming immigration disaster is part of that decline.

Anonymous said...

What, no blog entries since 2012/12/10?

Bodhi Dharma said...

Oh my, so PaxCanadiana has truly given up on fighting the twin scourges of multiculturalism and 3rd world immigration. I see the future clearly now. Canada is on the way to becoming a 3rd world hell, a Canadianized version of India, and there's nothing we can do about it. Rest in peace, India, I mean Canada.

PaxCanadiana said...

I see the future clearly now. Canada is on the way to becoming a 3rd world hell, a Canadianized version of India,

You need to look into the future to see that?

PaxCanadiana said...

The white population is declining at an incredible rate worldwide ( I'm black). Unless every white woman births at least five kids the whites will go extinct. That is the ultimate truth facing whites today.

White women party, drink to oblivious and chase material wealth rather than maternal instinct fulfillment but no race could sustain its population levels the way in which whites have practically stopped reproducing.

I completely agree with you on everything you wrote.

Good comment!

However I do think when it comes to immigration policy change can happen with enough public pressure and that's where I hope to be an influence no matter how small.