Sunday, 14 July 2013

July 1, 2113.

So another Canada Day has come and gone, a day in which the national press entreats Canadians to the obligatory images of our much cherished (and cheapened) citizenship being doled out like prizes in McDonald's Happy Meal boxes to the newest batch of so-called "new Canadians;" a category of people for whom if a recipe existed on how to make one the instructions would state to let sit for no more than five years, no need to add water.

These images are typically taken at a swearing-in ceremony that is more perfunctory than a celebration and where attendance is not mandatory. It is an event that is about as welcoming to Canadians as the news of pregnancy is to a single mother on social assistance who can barely feed and clothe the children she already has. They're just more mouths to feed and we don't have the money and frankly we are getting tired of having to care for and care about their needs when ours are barely being met.

It was also when I realized it has been a while since I updated this blog. It is not that I am less opinionated on the matter it is just that I am admittedly a lazy blogger but since blogging is, so far, my only avenue to express myself about immigration matters and the attendant social transformations I reject, it is about time to get back to it.

So to get things started again let us pause and consider the brave new Canada the nation's establishment elites and their dysfunctional immigration system is going to give us whether we like it or not if things are allowed to continue without restraint or caution.

Canada's Established White Majority Population Will Be A Minority Population By Century's End.

Globally whites are a minority population. Whites constitute somewhere between 20-30% of the world's population and that share is on the decline. However whites do form the majority in several nation states but even there those numbers are in decline since these states have relaxed their border controls and opened their countries to masses of non-white immigrants. A likely consequence of this is that whites will become a minority group in lands where they once formed the majority. Whites are expected to become a minority in the U.S. mid-century, in the U.K. by 2060, and in Canada by the end of the century if not sooner. Consequently whites will be a minority race almost everywhere in the world.

The claim "race does not matter because it is a social construct" is made to assuage concern. This is the neutral and only acceptable position to take for to say that whites becoming a minority is a good thing implies there is something wrong with a white majority population in the first place, an implication that is inherently racist. To say that it is a bad thing demands a change in our immigration system to favour white immigration; a position that will immediately be deemed racist (yet the majority of immigrants to Canada now are non-white with nearly half of them coming from Asia alone is somehow not racist).

It is not a debate of whether it is good, bad, or neutral but one of if it is wanted. It cannot be stressed enough that no public consent was ever sought or given regarding the social, economic, and political changes immigration is bringing to the nation. Canadians are just expected to shut-up and put up with it (if you do not your are a racist). What is happening now in Canada - with multiculturalism as social policy and the radical shift in immigration patterns - was imposed upon the nation by government decree with no mandate ever given and encouraged by an out of touch, unelected, establishment elite.

But it has become clear to me that race matters. You can pretend it does not but it does. If race does not matter then if Canada were to change it's immigration system to accept majority white immigrants overall to maintain the racial balance then no one should care. There should be no accusations of racism in the system because skin colour does not matter. Some non-white immigration would still exist so who should care since race does not matter?

We know the immigration system will be accused of racism which is an admission that race matters. And so the only acceptable default position to take, it seems, to ensure there is no racism in the immigration system is to accept majority non-white immigration overall dooming the host white majority population to eventual minority status. This is like stacking the deck to ensure that whites in white majority Canada face an inevitable white minority future. Why this is not considered racist towards Canada's established white majority host society escapes me.

If race does not matter then why do whites in liberal Toronto, New York, Vancouver, and Los Angeles prefer overwhelmingly to live in white majority neighbourhoods? Why does Toronto and the surrounding area host some four Chinatowns with Markham, ON being 52% Chinese? Why have Punjabi Sikhs clustered in Brampton, ON and Surrey, B.C.? If race does not matter why do Canada's major political parties field candidates of a particular ethnic or racial background in electoral-ridings where the largest ethnic or racial group in that riding is that of the candidate's? If race does not matter then why do ethnic and racial groups incessantly bitch and moan over their perceived lack of representation in the media, the workforce, corporate boardrooms, cultural and educational institutions, and public office? Why do university applications and some job applications seek information on an applicant's racial status? If race does not matter then why did the majority of whites - both male and female - vote for Mitt Romney is the last U.S. Presidential election while the majority of blacks - both male and female - voted for Back Obama?

It is because race matters and speaking of race...

Good Bye Great White North, Hello Banal Brown North.

By this I mean Canada's racial demographic future is a brown skinned, brown eyed, black haired one. These are the racial characteristics of non-whites with skin tones ranging from near black found in those of African ancestry to an off-white tone found in the fairest of Asians. However, regardless of skin tone and racial background non-white eye colour is universally brown and hair colour is universally black.

Whites of European and Middle Eastern stock are the ones who exhibit real racial diversity. It is they who display a variety and mixture of skin tones, eye colour, and hair colour within their own racial group. White majority societies, white exclusive societies, are already racially diverse without the introduction of non-whites.

With Canada hellbent on ensuring that it's current white majority population becomes a minority in the future the racial diversity it boasts about now will become something of a joke. With specific racial characteristics aside most Canadians will have brown skin, brown eyes, and black hair. Not very racially diverse is it?

Expect the future "new Canada" to be a growth market for hair dyes, colour contacts, and skin bleaching creams because racially Canada will be a much more boring place than it ever was and everyone will get sick of having the same hair, eye, and skin colour as everyone else. Well, anyone who is not white that it is. Whites will be disliked for having what non-whites do not have: real racial diversity.

Speaking of racism...

Canada Will Become A Much More Racist Country.

Racism already exists in this country to a degree and it is expressed by all groups. No one is without blame. It is human nature and you will never eliminate it. It can be limited in its impact but we are undermining our ability to do so. With everyone a minority no one will give a damn about not offending anyone. People will be more frank about their perceptions, associations, and dealings with those of races other than themselves. Ethnic-enclaving will be as strong as ever. Social cohesion will be undermined. The nation will become ungovernable.

Speaking of which...

Canada Will Become Ungovernable.

Unfettered Asian immigration will turn British Colombia into a Quebec of the west coast. Asian languages (chiefly Mandarin and Punjabi) will become lingua franca in the province. It's cultural makeup will be rooted in Asia. Aside from being situated on the North American continent an Asian B.C. will have little in common with the rest of Canada. Without concessions from Ottawa it may seek secession.

Quebec may have seceded already seeing it no longer has a place in a Canada that even Canadians in the R.O.C (rest of Canada) cannot recognize or make sense of.

Federal, provincial, and local politics will all have a racial and ethnic component to it even though in the "new Canada" race is a social construct. Since everyone is a statistical minority they will pursue their self-interest through racial group solidarity since there is strength in numbers. Federally, provincially, and locally there will be parties and elected officials pandering to special interests be it religious, ethnic, or racial, or what have you. Minority governments and coalitions will become the norm. We can expect these to be short lived and elections to occur often.

More languages will become official languages as opportunistic politicians pander to the growing numbers of "new Canadians" who obstinately refuse to learn the language of the country. Canadians will no longer be united by language dealing another blow to social cohesion and national unity.

Canada's Foreign Policy Will Be Compromised.

Out of fear of offending particular ethnic and immigrant voting blocks - larger than they have ever been before - expect any foreign policy positions coming out of Ottawa to be watered down as to be ineffective. Due to this domestic demographic influence foreign powers can manipulate Ottawa to their advantage due to the sizable populations they have exported to Canada's shores and the colonies they have established here, nurtured by Canadian tax dollars under the guise of vote buying multiculturalism programs. Indeed, Canada may not have a foreign policy at all because Ottawa will be unable to formalize one. In effect, Canada will never be allowed to grow up and mature as a nation and Canadians will fail to become a distinct people. From out of the influence of the British Crown, to the economic and cultural dominance of the United States, to a multinational claim on the territory currently known as Canada the nation will just be a place where one has a job and shops at malls, which is pretty much what it is now.

Expect An Amnesty (or two).

Canada is already nursing a population of undocumented individuals who entered the country through various schemes. There is an estimated 350,000 TFWs (temporary foreign workers) in the country right now whose legal status is about to run out in the coming years. It is anticipated that many if not most will not leave the country and will go underground. Added onto this are the many who have overstayed their visas (student, visitor), failed refugee applicants, and those who entered the country illegally and it is quite possible the number of undocumented persons will exceed 500,000 individuals if not more. An amnesty will be called for and it just might happen because to find these people and execute deportation orders will be too costly and too time consuming to do so. Granting one will then send the message that breaking Canada's immigration laws pays and Canada will find itself in the same position years down the road. Rinse and repeat.

Canada Will Become A Country Of Fewer Freedoms.

For the "new Canada" to work certain liberties we now take for granted will have to be limited and policed if not outright removed. We see this already happening with our free speech guarantees, the very cornerstone of a healthy democracy. If we are willing to sacrifice our freedom of speech for a "new Canada" no one really wanted in the first place then what else will be sacrificed to make the "new Canada" work?

This is how Yugoslavia was able to function before the totalitarian regime that kept it together lost it's grip and the nation fell apart. And this is how Singapore is able to function as well. In order for the kind of multicultural society to work as imagined in the psyches of the nation's establishment elite a certain level of totalitarian rule will be necessary. And undoubtedly it will be those very same elites who will be calling the shots, or at least they expect to be. They are smarter than you and I and know what is best for us and the country so why should they not?

Say 'Bye-Bye' To The Environment and 'Hello' To Sprawling, Sardine Cities.

Forget the Keyston XL pipeline and the Alberta tar sands. They have nothing on the damage mass immigration is wrecking on the environment and will continue to do so into the future.

Despite appearances Canada is a largely an inhospitable place. This has to do with geography and weather. Put simply Canada is just one giant rock (the Canadian shield) situated next to an arctic desert (the tundra) that is under the cover of snow near six months of the year if not more. To live in such an environment requires the use of a lot of resources and mental fortitude.

Few people want to live in an environment like that. That is why some 80% of the Canadian population lives within 100 Km of the U.S. border.

And neither do immigrants. The vast majority of them sooner or later ends up in a Canadian city with Toronto getting the bulk of them. We can imagine what will happen as Canada chases a population of 100 million, most of it immigrant driven.

With a national population of 100 million it is reasonable to assume 20 million of those will reside in and around Toronto. Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal can see some 10 million each if not more. Ottawa and Edmonton can possibly see 5 million.

For the environment of southern Ontario and for a national food strategy this is apocalyptic. Only 5% of Canada's land is classified as arable land and the richest of it is in southern Ontario in and around Toronto. Yet, we insist on paving over this land with reckless abandon to construct urban sprawl dwellings to house immigrant driven population growth forever destroying this land for productive agricultural uses. We are eliminating the useful for the useless.

To protect this land then Toronto must build up and up and up. More condos and more high density living, fewer parks and green spaces. This city itself will become a high density dwelling with escalating cost of living expenses and the attendant stresses of living in such an urban environment. Toronto will become unlivable. But even if this strategy were employed urban sprawl cannot be stopped. Canada's arable land and it's ability to feed itself will be deemed less worthy causes in the service of building "new Canada."

Canada Will Finally Become The Third World County It Aspires To Be.

Two major characteristics of third world societies is a high level of foreign ownership of the economy and large wealth discrepancies. And Canada has both.

Of the G8 nations Canada's economy is the most foreign owned. Out of all industrial nations Canada's economy is among the most foreign owned and with the rush to sell off the nation's resources and companies to the highest foreign (Asian) bidders we might as well call ourselves an honorary member of the third world.

The gap between the rich and poor in the country continues to widen but this is not unique to Canada but is characteristic in much of the west.

What is saving Canada from third world status is national debt levels but who knows what will happen in 100 years from now.

Furthermore, in the absence of proper border controls the laws of diffusion will see that it happens. If Canada is cold and the world is hot were the world to pour into the country Canada's cold properties will gradually disappear and for a time make the country more pleasant as it becomes lukewarm. But as more and more of the world pours into the country Canada becomes less pleasant as it approaches the hot levels of the world pouring into. Eventually Canada's cold properties are reduced to trace levels in the new hot Canada. Likewise, those seeking to escape the hot world by seeking "a better life" in cold Canada will eventually see that those who followed them gradually turned the country into the place they were escaping from. In the long-term more people lose than would have otherwise been the case had proper border controls been in place to protect the standard of living of Canadians.

Were I to take a modern day example of what Canada will look like in the future then I have to pick Brazil. A country constituted of a mongrel population it is a land of rich national wealth that is not equally shared among the people but hoarded among the privileged few. It has large, sprawling, densely populated cities hosting luxurious neighbourhoods that are home to the wealthy and crime ridden, impoverished favelas that are home to everyone else. While Brazil is a country of much beauty and opportunity, for many Brazilians it is an economic and social disaster. It is not the country one intends to build but it appears to be the one Canada is building for itself which is a shame since we got off to a good start.

In Conclusion

I do understand this is all speculative and I do not expect what I wrote to come to pass (or at least I hope they don not). You cannot predict the future. Anything can happen to upset expected outcomes based on current trends. For instance a population crash in Asia - it too a possibility since the Asian economies of Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and China have birth rates well below replacement levels - could see Asian immigration dry up in Canada as those economies try to retain their young and skilled from leaving and even compete among themselves for immigrants. But since I am willing to admit my predictions are overly pessimistic and speculative at best we should not let ourselves succumb to the overly optimistic and equally speculative expectations of the pro-immigration/pro-population growth lobby.

What is needed is critical analysis of the issue from those not invested in the immigration industry. We need to weigh what is wanted with what is needed and what we need is less and more selective immigration and I do feel this is also what is wanted among the majority of Canadians.


Autumn May Dale said...

Let's start the month with a positive way. Thanks for wonderful information. I've learned a lot here. Keep posting!

Canada Immigration

Cheryl Prosyk said...

It is good to have you back!! I have seen something on the way back from Peterborough that upset me it was a sign saying Happy Multiculturalism Day the day before Canada Day but no sign saying Happy Canada Day!!! What has become of this country?

Anonymous said...

Honestly that has to be one of the most accurate and forthright pieces I ever read on Canadian immigration and population trends. Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

The base amount that Canada borrows from China each year to support their excessive immigrtion program is 23 billion. If you take into consideration the costs of legal aid lawyers (especially for the Caribbean gangs that are responsible for 95% of all gun related crime in Toronto), the true costs could reach 30 billion borrowed dollars. Who are the political idiots who borrow money to support an immigration program? Canada is 616 billion dollars in debt now and can hardly make the interest payments. This pandering to minorities to secure votes must stop.