Tuesday, 1 October 2013

If Canada's Youth Want A Future They Need To Be 'Red Pilled' On Immigration.

From the "when a better life for you means a worse life for us" files.

The Huffington Post reports:
Hovering around 16.9 per cent in 2012, Ontario's youth jobless rate “rivaled that of Michigan’s and was higher than Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin,” the CCPA said.
Supposedly economically weaker Quebec had a far lower youth jobless rate in 2012 — 13.7 per cent, the report found.{...}
The difference in unemployment rates between youth and adults in the province is the largest it’s ever been, the report found.{...}
Perhaps surprisingly, Toronto comes off particularly badly in the report. The percentage of youth with a job in Canada’s largest city is 43.5, the lowest of any region in the province. Toronto also has the largest gap between youth and adult employment rates, at 21.8 per cent, the report found.
“Toronto’s low employment rate comes from the withdrawal of 15–24 year olds from the labour force,” the report concludes.
The CCPA offers two possible reasons for why Ontario now has the worst youth job climate of any province outside the Maritimes: The “national economic shift away from manufacturing towards resource extraction,” and post-recession government austerity measures.
A third reason needs to be added: mass immigration. It's astounding the report didn't take this into account but the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives is a left of center think-thank and are willfully ignorant to the adverse effects of Canada's mass immigration policy. In any case here's the CCPA report.

So here we are. Three decades of unrestrained mass immigration that was allegedly needed to keep the economy going, businesses running, and Canadians employed has helped contribute to an alarmingly high youth unemployment rate in the nation's most populace province as well as it's largest city. Guess we didn't see that coming did we? How could have we when we are constantly blinded by the assumed benefits of shoveling hordes of the world's masses into the labour supply. And the fact that Ontario and it's capital city Toronto - the largest city in Canada and fourth largest in North America - receives the lion's share of immigrants probably has nothing to do with it. But just think of all the great ethnic restaurants they open. Too bad you don't have a job or one with a future that pays a living wage otherwise you might be able to afford to eat at one once in a while.

This report brings into sharp relief the need to abandon all faith in the purported prophetic powers of labour market analysts and economists when setting immigration targets; the self proclaimed "experts." When they were foretelling the decline in labour market supply due to Canada's low birth rate and retiring baby boomer cohort the remedy prescribed was increased immigration quotas to stave off the crash and keep the economy going. If we didn't do it the sky was going to fall. Now it's 2013 and those jobs either disappeared or moved overseas to the countries we are importing immigrants from and the baby boomers aren't retiring as quickly as expected. So have immigration targets declined to reflect this unforeseen reality? Not in the least. They have in fact increased.

Immigrants are not a source of job growth. They grow labour supply. Investment from the public and private sectors are sources of job growth and when activity from both do not keep up to satisfy the growth in immigrant driven labour supply don't act shocked when you get high youth unemployment. And the decline in investment by Canadian businesses in their workforce by some 40% since 1993 doesn't help much either.

The levels of irony here are rich. A major reason immigrants move to Canada is not necessarily for a better life for themselves - many having to toil just over the poverty line in jobs below their skills-set - but for their kids and to provide for them a future their homeland couldn't deliver. It's not far-fetched to assume that many of those youth affected by the high youth unemployment numbers are the "first generation" Canadian born children of immigrants. The system their immigrant parents sought to benefit from is now working to the disadvantage of their children. While the importation of their immigrant parents may have displaced Canadians from the workforce now immigrants are displacing the Canadian born children of immigrants. In karmic fashion it's the system feeding on itself illustrating why immigrants have a vested interest in seeing immigration quotas reduced.

Another level of irony is that the age bracket of the unemployment figures - ages 15 to 24 - tend to be the most supportive of Canada's immigration system. No surprises here as these are the years one is most indoctrinated to the imposed feelgood, multicult propaganda taught in the public education system. They are rarely exposed to contrarian views but hopefully finding a job, choosing a place to live, and living in the real world will wake them up.

Of course immigration isn't solely to blame. There are other factors at work that collectively contributes to unemployment figures. But immigration isn't helping things. It's making things difficult if not worse for Canada's rising generation and we need to see to it that they have an inheritance in the land of their birth. We don't work and save so that our neighbour's children have a future at the expense of our own. That's dysfunctional. On their part Canada's youth need to take the red pill on immigration matters. It's not racist to demand decreases in immigration quotas. A better life for immigrants shouldn't be built on a worse life for us.

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According to 2011 Census: There were 18.7 million Canadians in the labor force: 14.4 million F/T & 3.3 million P/T. There were 1.4 million citizens out of work.

Ontario employed: 5.8 million workers(31% of Canada's total workforce)
Ontario's unemployed: 620,000 (44% of Canada's total unemployed or 4 out of every 10 workers).

# of guest workers brought into Canada in 2012: 338,000

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