Monday, 21 July 2014

'Ethnic Markets' Driving Extinction of Ontario's Turtles.

Turtle populations in southern Ontario are under threat by poachers, who sell the critters on the black market as aquarium novelties or for the dinner plate. 
Ron Brooks, who studied turtles in Algonquin Provincial Park for 40 years, said there are no statistics on the number of turtles being poached and sold in the illegal wildlife trade. 
But he said it appears that poachers will collect turtles and sell them to ethnic markets for delicacies such as turtle soup. 
“It’s very difficult to find out what’s going on,” Brooks said. 
Eight species of turtles live in Ontario, seven of which are considered at risk. Two of these species — the spotted and wood turtles — are classified as endangered. 
For turtle researchers, the risk of poaching prompts them to take precautions.
Hmm. Ethnic markets.  I wonder what they mean by ethnic markets.  I mean who has no qualms poaching Ontario's wildlife for profit in ethnic markets.  All the members of Canada's ethnic communities, and I mean all of them , who make up these so-called "ethnic markets" are law abiding citizens, or so I'm told. None would ever, ever, ever engage in any illegal activity whatsoever.

So I'm blaming you, the white heterosexual conservative male.  It's obviously all your fault. You hate diversity so it stands to reason you hate biodiversity as well.  So sad!  Just embrace the "new Canada" already.  It's for your own good.  If need be I can set you up with a government funded lobotomy if that'll help.  You'll love it, I promise.

Oh, and incidentally we need another head tax.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

So I Take It Hon. Justice Anne Mactavish Doesn't Read The Comments Section of Newspapers.

Why would she? It's only where us common rabble get the opportunity to chime in on news items of interest and voice our opinion. And why would she care about that? Why waste her precious time with the opinions of us little people when only elite opinion matter.

And that's, apparently, what she relied upon as she and the supreme court reversed the Conservative government's 2012 decision to deny failed refugee claimants, tourists for all intents and purposes, from receiving public health care benefits.

According to Colby Cosh writing in Macleans magazine Hon. Justice Anne Mactavish looked at newspapers and magazines to consider what constitutes "cruel and unusual punishment" to "a large segment of the population." And who, may you ask, is this large segment of the population?
...doctors, who gave dissatisfied statements to the press; provincial politicians, whose luminous anger was conveyed through that same press; and editorialists and columnists, whose collective indignation, plopped on a page in haste, was compiled into a “compendium” for her perusal.
To put it another way the marginal elite minority view.

Had she bothered herself to read beyond the final word of the final sentence of the concluding paragraph of each news item she referenced and read what Canadians had to say about the cuts in the comments (providing comments were allowed) she'd realize a considerable amount of Canadians supported them.

But Anne Mactavish goes to diner parties, not BBQs so I doubt she knows, or cares, what the average Canadian thinks.

So here it is again where the marginal elite view of the Canadian establishment gets to set the agenda regardless of popular public opinion while we pretend we live in a functioning democracy.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

If Mohamed Fahmy Is A Canadian Then Why Isn't Jim Carrey An American?: On 'Canadians' and Canucks.

Tough break for Mohamed Fahmy. He was handed a seven year prison sentence in Egypt on terrorism related charges. This is Egypt so you can be assured the charges are bogus.

So why is he Canada's problem?

Oh right, that dual citizenship thing. You see, Mohamed Fahmy was born in Egypt and lived there until his family immigrated to Canada in 1991. They eventually spoke the enchanted words of the citizenship oath and like a Hogwarts spell presto-chango were magically transformed into maple syrup bleeding Canadians on the spot.

Mohamed Fahmy is forty years old which means he was seventeen when he first arrived in Canada. According to Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, Fahmy hasn't lived in Canada for the past eleven years. Doing the math Fahmy hasn't lived in Canada for twenty-eight years out of his forty year life. He's only spent twelve years of his life in Canada spending the majority of his life outside the country. Yet, he's Canadian somehow and therefore our responsibility.

But if Mohamed Fahmy is Canadian then why isn't Jim Carrey an American? Jim Carrey is a famous Hollywood comedic actor. He was born in Canada but for most of his life has lived and worked in the U.S. He also holds U.S. citizenship. Applying the criteria the Canadian media does to claim Mohamed Fahmy as Canadian, and thus our responsibility, then Jim Carrey is not Canadian but is, in fact, an American.

But we don't say that do we? We say Jim Carrey is Canadian just like we do with Mike Myers or with any Canadian who's made a name for him or herself outside the country. We even do it with Keanu Reeves even though he wasn't born in Canada and was merely passing through.

When it comes to claiming citizens we want our cake and to eat it too. When foreigners move to Canada and become Canadian citizens we say they're Canadians now. When Canadian born citizens move abroad and become dual citizens of a foreign country we still claim them as Canadians. And when foreigners with Canadian citizenship return to their homelands we still call them Canadians even though they're now living in their native lands of birth.  Funny that.

But what is citizenship if nothing more than a legal document granting you specific state guarantees and protections. Beyond that it doesn't say anything about you. That's why there's a difference between Canadian citizens and Canadians, between "Canadians" and "Canucks." We inherently know the differences and words on a piece of paper can't easily erase them.

There are some 50,000 Canadians right now living and working in Lebanon. There's an additional 300,000 or so Canadians living and working in Hong Kong. There's a total 2.8 million Canadians living and working abroad, mostly in the U.S. How many of these people are dual citizens and if so why should their Canadian nationality take precedence in their dual citizenship status? China doesn't recognize dual citizenship at all. In the eyes of Beijing dual Chinese-Canadian citizens are nothing but Chinese. The Indian government recognizes its overseas citizens as Non Resident Indians. It further recognizes the children born to its overseas population as a Person of Indian Origin for two generations; likewise for Egypt. Canada only recognizes one generation but this does mean one can be born and live abroad not having once set foot in the country and not know a word in either English of French let alone be able to locate Canada on a map and still be considered Canadian by law.

Being born in Canada doesn't mean you're Canadian either. Many are being born on Canadian soil in cultural and social settings that are de facto colonies of nations with no historical or founding roots in the creation of the country. With the aid of modern day communications technology what we euphemistically refer to as ethnic communities are in practice territorial expansions of other nations on Canadian soil.

What I'm saying is citizenship doesn't mean anything anymore. Now, it's nothing more than the legal right to carry a passport of a particular nation and expect the protection of the government that issued it and access to the benefits of the society it governs. It used to mean something when you said you were British, or American, or French, or Australian, or German, or Spanish, or Canadian. Thanks to globalization and the culturally suicidal madness of multiculturalism mass immigration, mostly third world immigration, is making western societies more alike rather than enhancing the uniqueness and attractiveness of each nation. It's the paradox of multiculturalism. The more multicultural a nation becomes the less multicultural the world. Now what makes us different is just geography and language where citizenship is sought based on ease of attainment and the entitlements and protections it bestows to the holder. We're not importing "new Canadians." We're assuming liabilities.

This brings me back to Mohamed Fahmy. In his defense he told the court he could "never possibly betray his country." When I read that I was honestly puzzled. How does he mean he could never possibly betray Canada? Then I realized when he said "his country" he meant Egypt. I guess Canada is just an insurance policy then; to bail him out when he gets into trouble. He's Egyptian but Canadian when it suites his needs but that's the "new Canadian" I've come to discover. Be it a hyphen, dual citizen, "newcomer", immigrant or their Canadian born kids they're Canadian but only when they need to be.

Monday, 23 June 2014

$24 Billion.

That's that amount of money Canada's seven million foreign born residents removed from the Canadian economy in 2012 as remittances according to a World Bank study.

I don't have a problem with remittances. I would probably do the same thing. It beats foreign aid as it goes directly to the people who need it instead of corrupt government coffers.

But, on a balance sheet this is a loss for Canada. It's been established that immigrants' contribution to the economy is negligible. They are also a tax burden according to a much cited, and relatively unchallenged, Fraser Institute study. With TFWs compounding the costs to Canadians by contributing to regional unemployment and wage suppression now we learn Canada's foreign born, both permanent and temporary, are removing some $20 billion dollars from the economy yearly.

Since none of this is beneficial to the average Canadian the immigration system is turning out to be a money hemorrhaging investment only the shadiest of financial advisers would recommend.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

From the Best and Brightest Files: Another Alleged 'Canadian', Another Bonafide Jihadi

Farah Mohamed Shirdon, a Calgarian in his early 20s, is fighting overseas with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, CBC News has learned. 
Shirdon, who was enrolled in the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology until at least 2012, appears in an ISIS video released two months ago. 
Before burning his Canadian passport, Shirdon, in full view of the camera lens, issues a threat to Canada, the U.S. and "all oppressors." 
"We are coming and we will destroy you by the will of God," Shirdon says on the video. 
He comes from a prominent and well-educated Somali family. His father’s brother, Abdi Farah Shirdon, was a former prime minister of Somalia who has survived numerous attempts on his life by al-Shabab militants fighting for an Islamic state in Somalia under the banner of al-Qaeda. 
Shirdon’s mother and sister live in Calgary and are deeply involved in the religious life of their community. CBC News reached out to them repeatedly, but they would only say they are "confused and pained by Farah’s choice," before asking for privacy. 
Though it’s unclear how real his threats are, Shirdon is the latest young man from Calgary to be identified by CBC News as a Canadian fighting overseas.
Hey, the guy's Somali so cut him a break. You weren't expecting much from him anyway were you?

He's from a people who couldn't be bothered to learn and remember their alleged ancient script so had to adopt the English Latin alphabet in the 1970s just to catch up with the rest of the world. How about that? Somalia didn't have a functioning alphabet until the late 20th century yet our immigration department thinks that somehow importing thousands of Somalis will enrich the country and give Canada a competitive edge on the world stage.


Nothing but the best and brightest for Canada I guess.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

From the Best and Brightest Files: Algerians Neglect and Starve Young Twin Daughters.

A judge has sentenced a man to 15 years in prison for neglecting and starving his young twin daughters to the point where one of them died in hospital. 
The father had pleaded guilty earlier this year to manslaughter and other charges, including aggravated assault and failing to provide the necessaries of life. 
The man, who cannot be named, is getting three years of credit for time already served. 
A court in Edmonton heard that although the father didn’t physically injure the two-year-old girls, he stood by and watched as they were beaten and deprived of food. 
He and his wife immigrated from Algeria in 2008 and the twins and their older brother were all born in Canada. 
The father said he feels responsible for everything that happened to the girls and will live with a broken heart for the rest of his life. He offered no explanation for the crime, but said his family found it difficult adjusting to life in Canada.
He found it difficult adjusting to life in Canada? Must be our fault then.

Nothing but the best and brightest for Canada.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Speak For Yourself: Social Desirability Bias and 'In Brampton We Fight Racism With Racism.'

So two south Asian school girls in Brampton (one is Canadian born, I think, but what difference does it make, really?) took it upon themselves to address IWC's "racist" flyer campaign in that Ontario city with some racism of their own, attesting to the intellectual bankruptcy of their endeavor.

Thinking they're being clever they used the same template as the IWC flyer but changed the second image to state that the demographic changes mass immigration, particularly Sikh immigration from India, is effecting on Brampton is wanted. But by doing so they unwittingly adopted the alleged racism of the IWC flyer. If the IWC flyer is racist for questioning the desirability, benefit, and logic of subjugating Brampton's historic white majority population to minority status through mass immigration - and the attendant social, economic, cultural, and political loss that comes with it - then it's just as racist to promote it. If saying "let's keep it white majority" is racist then so is saying "let's make whites a minority" which is what these girls champion.

(I can understand why they would. There's political power and economic advantage to be gained by a people through their introduction - either through force or naive cooperation from the natives - into a prosperous foreign society, co-opt it's achievements, then effectively run the locals out of town by overwhelming them through numbers. It's colonialism disguised as immigration.)

What's noteworthy is the language used in both flyers. The IWC flyer not only uses the word "you" but does so in a question. It addresses its readers as individuals giving them enough courtesy to think as individuals. It doesn't presume to think for them but let's them think for themselves. The Indian girls, on the other hand, used the word "we" as in "this is what we want " as if the two of them speak for us all, disagreement not allowed. Whereas the IWC flyer is more democratic the school girls' counter-flyer is authoritarian.

Sorry ladies, you don't speak for me nor millions of Canadians across the nation. You're "we" doesn't include me. These girls represent their personal views and most likely the views of those who share a mutual interest in colonizing Canadian territory with their people.

Their use of the word "we" and arrogantly assuming they speak for all Canadians is understandable. Multiculturalism is the official state religion of Canada and Canadians are routinely bombarded by propaganda campaigns by the state (through the state broadcaster, the school system, etc.,) with the purpose of indoctrinating the citizenry to multiculturalism's tenets and dogma to the point where questioning it risks one being labelled a heretic, a blasphemer, a bigot, a racist, un-Canadian. With tacit cooperation from the public opinion gate keepers in the mass media (whose interest in multiculturalism is to encourage mass immigration and the population growth that it brings hoping they can stave off bankruptcy by selling these "new Canadians" to advertisers) you really can't blame Canadians for thinking that everyone in this country is on-board with multiculturalism and mass immigration.

This perceived "popular opinion" is what fuels Canadians' social desirability bias. This bias is the tendency for an individual to publicly express an opinion assumed to be socially acceptable regardless of how he or she might truly feel about the issue for so powerful is the need to be accepted. With immigration and multiculturalism Canadians display this bias. Why wouldn't they? The consequences for failing to do so range from being dismissed and marginalized as a knee-jerking, backwoods dwelling, knuckle dragging, bigoted redneck by our intellectual betters in the media; to being not invited to the right diner parties; to failure to land a job, keep a job, or advance through an organization's ranks. Couple this bias with humanity's uncanny willingness to defer to authority and the machinations of a state propaganda system it's understandable, then, for these girls to assume they speak for everyone since they believe in what we've all been convinced is what everyone believes in.

But talk is cheap, actions speak louder than words, and Canadians have shown they talk a game they don't care to play. They may say they support mass immigration and multiculturalism but where they chose to buy a house says otherwise. It's called "ethnic enclaving" and there are white enclaves in Canada's major cities, even in Brampton. It's a case of declared preference vs. revealed preference and while a white Canadian may scoff at the IWC flyer and denounce it as racist, scoring some progressive-left brownie points in the process, what part of town this person goes home to sleep at night is the only answer we need.

As for the girls the immigration tide is on their side. It's only a matter of time before the historical host demographic of Brampton and like cities all across the nation, indeed even the nation itself, are overrun with an immigration induced demographic shift that replaces the host society and its connection to the country's founding people with one who showed up after all the hard work was done expecting to reap all the rewards. They had little to do with building the home but will gladly take over the place, thank you very much. Yes, this is what they want but I doubt it's what we want.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

OECD Report: Immigrants Bring Little Or No Overall Economic Benefit

A recent OECD study of leading economies found that immigration of the past 50 years has been of little or no benefit to them, being of neutral benefit at best.  Immigrants since 1964 - roughly the time Canada's immigration system began to change into the "compassionate and fair" points-based system we have today - have proven to be no "panacea of economic growth."

However, the same study found that immigrants have a neutral effect on the tax base as well with their contributions to it and use of tax supported benefits leveling out.  A Fraser Institute study begs to differ with the OECD on this point in the particular case of Canada.  In any case I'll concede to the OECD's conclusion that immigrants haven't been a drain on taxes here in Canada. But they're not net contributors either.

If immigrants are not contributing to economic growth in any significant way while at the same time not contributing to the tax base in any significant way then what's the point of allowing immigrants into the country in the first place?  In this situation it's immigration for immigration's sake.

Critics point out that most of the benefits, if not all the benefits, of the immigration system are enjoyed by the immigrants themselves since the vast majority of them come from societies of low consumption and poverty and move to a society of high consumption and affluence.  Even if they live in poverty here in Canada most of them are still better of here than where they came from.  Canada's immigration system, then, is just an extension of the foreign aid program and immigrants are, for the most part, just charity cases.  It's The Blindside as immigration policy.  We may be powerless to change the impoverished societies from whence immigrants come from but we can at least help a few of them by helping them escape those societies by bringing them here.

As for Canadians we get almost nothing beneficial out of this arrangement aside from the opportunity to pat ourselves on the back as a sign that we are the most civilized and compassionate people on the planet.  And the reward is to experience the negative effects of it especially in our cities.

That being the case immigrants aren't the ones making a sacrifice when they move here since for them the payoff in the end can exceed the effort.  They're making an investment and like all investors they're taking a risk in the blue chip stock that is Canada.  It's Canadians who must sacrifice to accommodate them and suffer the costs or reap the gains of what they contribute to society and the economy.  And it appears what they contribute is nearly nothing of significance so why should we support a mass immigration system when clearly it's not in our interest to do so?

Monday, 26 May 2014

Won't Someone Think Of The Executives???!!!

“No work is shameful and all work is important. Those executives actually need a nannie and they need a custodian and they need restaurants to be open.”
Well when you put it that way it makes me feel bad for ever opposing the TFW program and mass immigration in the first place.

The above quote is attributed to Alberta Jobs Minister, Thomas Lukaszuk.  As Alberta Jobs Minister you'd think he'd be more concerned about the wage suppressing and jobs displacing effects TFWs and immigrants impose on Albertans and Canadians as a whole but it's nice to see he has his priorities straight.

Our elected officials everybody.

We need a UKIP of our own.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Why Apologize For A Head Tax When We Need Another One?: How The Chinese Were The TFWs of Yesteryear.

If annual awards were given out for "Ethnic Vote Grovelling Politician of the Year" B.C. premier Christy Clark would be a front runner. (Now that I think about it I think we should get an award running and present it to the winner merely as an act of protest if not disgust. Canada's largest province and city are in the midst of election campaigns and promise to produce a bounty of potential nominations this year. The competition could be fierce.)

I don't think anyone is stupid enough to believe - even those for whom this apology is directed at - that the apology this mediocre woman gave is sincere (she lost her seat in the last election but was given a second chance by running in a by-election in a "sure-bet" riding). Christy Clark is desperate for a political career and the ethnic vote scandal pretty much forced her to apologize if only as a publicity stunt to announce to all ethnic groups in B.C. that she's their woman in Victoria. And even though they may not believe her it's enough to know that they command enough power that when they ask a politician to jump they jump and that's the point of these demands.

But while she embarrasses herself and sensible British Columbians as a whole we shouldn't be apologizing for the head tax at all. In truth, we should be demanding another one. And I'm not the only one who thinks so.

The parallels between the cheap Chinese labour of yesteryear and the TFW scandals of today cannot be ignored.

The main target of the head tax were those being imported as indentured servants by landed Chinese in the province that modern parlance calls "snake heads." They enriched themselves by exploiting the desperation of their countrymen back in China by importing them into Canada as indentured servants all the while undercutting domestic Canadian labour in the province through the cheap labour on offer by these Chinese immigrants. Canadians were on the losing end of this unethical arrangement yet Canada has to apologize for acting in a way to protect its citizens from its negative effects. Welcome to the New Canada!

Fast forward to today and replace Chinese migrant labourer with TFW and snakehead with (insert company name here) and you have the same situation one hundred years later.

Suggestions put forward to tackle the TFW scandal include demanding a premium on each TFW to increasing application fees for each TFW and increasing fees for a LMO (Labour Market Opinion needed to justify the importation of a TFW) as financial disincentives to importing foreign workers. While not being called a head tax the intended effects are the same: make it financially inconvenient to import foreign labour so that a domestic labour force is favoured and their standard of living isn't undermined; foreign workers would only be sought in extreme cases.

If the Chinese feel they were being singled out at the time it's because they were the main cause of the problem. Today it's not just the Chinese but a broader grouping under the TFW program. And like the Chinese then TFWs are a problem now.

But then again what is the problem? Over 90% of the Chinese in Canada arrived after the post-WWII period anyway and have been doing so with a colonizing vengeance. They don't seem to care to integrate, back Chinese politicians, and have pushed real estate prices into bubble territory in Canada's major housing markets through speculative buying sprees. They haven't been much of an economic boon to the country - that is if you don't count condo construction projects and their negligible short-term economic benefits - and those that were supposed to be a boon turned out to be a bust. If they're not spying on us, they're stealing from us or getting us hooked. And in their free-time they act like assholes, lie to us, and take advantage of us. But hey, they're proud Canadians. That's why there's 350,000 of them in Hong Kong working and not paying taxes in Canada to support the very social programs they and their settled families expect to benefit from.

Perhaps its Canada that deserves the apology but if apologies are what they're looking for then why stop at Canada? Maybe they should hunt down the descendants of the Chinese snakeheads who exploited them in the first place and seek reparations but something tells that that will never happen. No political advantage to be had in that.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Kijiji???!!! Really???!!!

Get a load of this!

Apparently the government used job listings on sites like Kijiji and Craigslist to compile their labour data; data used to tell Canadians the nation faced a looming labour shortage and justifying the out of control TFW program and, by implication, record levels of immigration during a severe economic downturn.

And now they have readjusted that data to ignore job postings on Kijiji and like media and as a result job-vacancy rates plummet.

In other words the TFW program and unnecessary mass immigration was based on misleading information that exaggerated the alleged looming labour shortage for which TFWs and immigrants were imported into Canada to alleviate. So now we don't really have a looming labour shortage but rather a labour surplus thanks in whole to immigrants and TFWs.

The "looming labour shortage" caveat has been thrown around for years, decades even, by all political parties with little challenge to its veracity. Were past predictions correct employment should be plentiful now due to the mass exodus of baby-boomers from the labour market coupled with a growing economy. We needed record levels of immigration back then, so we were told, to meet then current labour market needs and to prepare for future shortages. But that's not how things shaped up so far has it? The boomers are leaving the workforce at a glacial pace and Canada's economy, while growing, is not growing fast enough to warrant the importation of so many people. And many of the jobs that existed back then - particularly in manufacturing - either no longer exist or have been moved abroad.

But that's the purpose of the "looming labour shortage" scare tactic. It's about convincing people to support policy today based on future events for which we have no way of knowing if they'll come to pass until that day comes. And when that day comes and you are wrong in your predictions, who cares? Everyone would have forgotten you made those predictions anyway and you'd still be making predictions about future events for which we have no way of knowing if they'll come to pass until that day arrives. It's a profession as old as prostitution. The Greeks has oracles, the Romans had augurs, we have economists.

The truth of the matter is reliable labour data is hard to come by. Much of it is best guess work and anecdotal. But it's not unreasonable to assume employers are intentionally fudging the data because it's in their interest to do so. It's absurd to believe the U.S. needs to expand it's H1-B visa program because of an alleged "looming labour shortage" in the high-tech sector. When Canadian employers are dismissing experience and a willingness to work to discriminate against job seekers based on age and gaps in their work history greater than six months they're the ones with the entitlement problem, not the Millenials. This is compounded by their refusal to train Canadians to meet their labour force needs but have no problem importing and training TFWs. And besides, why are there so many TFWs in southwestern Ontario?

This is another reminder of the fact that much of Canada's immigration policy has been founded on shoddy data and discredited assumptions.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Battle Of The Twidiots.

It's Bob Rae vs. Jason Kenney in a pro-foreigner/anti-Canadian smack-down on the Twittersphere to decide who is the biggest immigrant vote chasing sell-out working in Ottawa.

The spat went something like this:

Bob Rae: You brought in nearly half a million immigrants with no recourse to permanent residency through the TFW program whereas I would allow them to settle permanently and continue to distort wage levels in the country to the disadvantage of Canadians so I'm more pro-immigrant than you and therefore immigrants should vote for me and the Liberal Party of Canada.

Jason Kenney: Uh-uh! I'm more pro-immigrant than you because I continued to flood the country with their surplus labour during one of the worst economic downturns in recent history even though doing so was a stupid idea and hurt Canadians' interests so that proves I and the Conservative Party are the most immigrant friendly so they should support us.

Bob Rae: So what! You're still anti-immigrant!

Jason Kenney: No, you are!

Bob Rae: No, you are!

Jason Kenney: No, you are!

Bob Rae: No, you are!

Jason Kenney: No, you are!

Bob Rae: No, you are!

Jason Kenney: Takes one to know one!

It's like listening to Nero play the violin as Rome burned.  Rather, it's like listening to two dolts bicker over who should take credit for setting the fire in the first place.

It was a Twitter sissy-slap fight validating the criticism that the immigration system has become so politicized to where it's more about chasing existing immigrant votes - while importing more - and having less to do with meeting the real needs of the country and protecting the interests of Canadians.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

So Ukraine, How's That Multiculturalism Working Out For Ya?

What's the matter? Your Russian-Ukrainian community got you down?

Tell us all about it.

While the election of a Liberal majority in la belle province has temporarily put to rest Quebec's separatist aspirations, perhaps indefinitely, events in eastern Ukraine suggest a possible civil war. Hoping it doesn't come to that we shouldn't overlook the irony of the situation, as this IWC bulletin points out, for Canada was cursed blessed with multiculturalism largely at the behest of Canada's Ukrainian-Canadian community.

It was while the Trudeau government was mulling over biculturalism and bilingualism that Ukrainian-Canadians championed the multicultural model. This worked for Trudeau who was in the process of breaking the once conservative voting stronghold of Toronto by flooding it with immigrants (now mostly third-world immigrants) who he imagined would reward the Liberal party with their votes. The plan worked and now all the parties are tripping over each other to curry favour with immigrant/ethnic vote blocs effectively handing immigration policy over to the interests of foreign born minority special interest groups; Canadians opinions on the matter be damned, or better yet, never sought.

The success of multiculturalism in Canada is debatable because it's hard to gauge how successful it is since we don't have adequate benchmarks that allow us to do so. Is multiculturalism successful in Canada because of the absence of race riots? Or is multiculturalism failing because Toronto and Vancouver are segregated along ethnic and racial lines?

Whatever the case it seems what's so great for Canada isn't so great for other countries. Or perhaps pronouncements of multiculturalism's success in Canada are premature.

And perhaps hosting sizable minority populations whose linguistic/racial/ethnic allegiances lie elsewhere - a natural product of multiculturalism - isn't a good thing.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Sikh Immigrants Become Truckers, Drive Down Industry Wages, Then Protest Driving Down Wages.

Is there a word for "irony" in Punjabi?

The same thing is afoot here in southern Ontario.

If you need an example of immigrants lowering the living standards of Canadians look no further than Sikhs in trucking.

This is a modern example of why Canada had a head-tax in its past which reminds me; we need another head-tax.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Why Doesn't The Canadian Labour Congress Push For Less Immigration?

14.2%, 27.7%, and 40%. These are the respective real unemployment numbers nationally, for the nation's youth, and for recently arrived immigrants/aboriginal youth combined if underemployment is to be factored in. This is according to a Canadian Labour Congress report. These figures are double the official rates that come out of Ottawa.

Also noteworthy is that 72% of new net job created between 2008 and 2013 can be classified as precarious work. This is an employment situation affecting half of Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Hamilton, ON workers. (Incidentally, Toronto and Hamilton city councils voted to make their cities "sanctuary cities.")

Of the demands the CLC is seeking; better reporting of the underemployed, better counting of the underemployed, and official acknowledgement of the numbers of Canadians economically struggling; the CLC fails without surprise to acknowledge that immigration is also a problem and prime contributor to the precarious workforce. If the CLC is sincere in it's concern for the economic well being of working Canadians it should question the government's rational for continuing a mass immigration program when underemployment figures are so high.

And young Canadians need to smarten up. Being forced into precarious work, especially at a young age, can have a lasting impact on an individual's working life. With a real unemployment rate at 27.7%, it's odd how they can be so supportive of immigration when it's not in their interests to do so. But then again they did have to suffer through years of being indoctrinated to the orthodoxies of the state's official religion in the nation's public school system. Perhaps some time in the real world will open their eyes but by that time it may be too late.

There are now 6.3 unemployed people per job vacancy, up from 5.7 unemployed people per vacancy a year earlier, StatsCan’s data shows. The number of unemployed people has stayed stable, at 1.2 million, over the past year, but the number of jobs available has shrunk, causing the ratio to go up.
Even in Alberta and Saskatchewan, the number of job-seekers per job is increasing. There were 2.4 job-seekers per job in Saskatchewan in December, up from 2.1 in August, 2012. In Alberta, there were 2.3 job-seekers, up from 1.7 in August, 2012.
The skills shortage and the labour shortage are myths.  We don't need more immigrants.  Not now and not for years to come if we ever needed that many at all.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Chinese Millionaires Crying Over The Loss Of The 'Screw Over Canadian Tax-Payers' Investor Program.

Aw, poor babies! Don't excuse me while I don't shed a tear for them. Because I don't care if you would or not. And it seems little compassion is being sent their way in the comments as well. Here too.

It can't be said enough why the "investor class" immigration stream was eventually deep-sixed. It was because these wealthy "investors", mostly from China, paid little in taxes, couldn't bother themselves to learn English or French, and were less likely to physically reside in Canada (which would explain their poor proficiency in either official language). They came to Canada to parasitically take advantage of our tax-payer funded social programs while paying as little taxes in Canada to support them. Who needs these people?!

It's debatable whether these "investors" benefited Canada at all. It's likely these wealthy immigrants reaped most of the benefits by having their health-care and education needs subsidized by Canadians thus freeing up funds so they can buy imported luxury items designed and made elsewhere. It's a case of the Canadian poor and middle-class subsidizing the lavish lifestyles of China's globe-trotting, parasitic rich.

If any benefits were had I'm sure it would be undone by the damage they have caused to the lives of Canadians by helping propel Canadian real-estate prices into stratosphere territory with the attendant economic dangers that come with bubble real-estate markets. Not to mention littering our city skylines with eyesore condo projects that have "made in China" written all over them (cheaply built, overpriced walk-in closets).

The flattering language and ego stroking they use in the article to pander to Canadians sensibilities is insulting in light of the behaviour of their "investor class" colleagues. Spare us!

Their motives are, and always were, selfish. They had no intention of contributing to or integrating into Canadian society. Canada was a place to park and launder their money while having us pay for the education of their children and care for their elderly. One has to wonder why one of the most tax averse people on the planet had such strong desires to move to a high tax regime like Canada in the first place if they didn't know of ways to game the system.

Good riddance and get lost! Try Singapore. I'm sure they'll love you there.

Ultimately the blame lies with Canada for implementing a program that witnessed fraud from the get-go and didn't do anything about it until now. We created and allowed the continuance of a program where wealthy individuals could practically buy Canadian citizenship and the benefits that go with it. And then eventually foot the bill to Canadian tax-payers. Who wouldn't take advantage of that? These people are opportunists pursuing their self-interest and Canada gave them an opportunity to maximize their benefits while minimizing their costs. It's our fault and while the scorn directed at the "investor class" is warranted it should really be directed at ourselves, more particularly those in power who created it and let it continue for so long.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Number of 'new Canadians' Up, Middle Class Down.

That's it Mr. Alexander. Just keep shoveling them in.

We'll just throw this surplus mass of warm bodies onto the growing pile of the disappearing middle class like we've been doing for years now.

Just bare in mind those making these decisions are sheltered from the economic consequences of mass immigration the rest of us have to put up with. Indeed, many of them benefit from it. They only know the middle-class is struggling because they hear about it, not because they are experiencing it.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Hope You Have Better Luck With Your Immigrants Western Canada 'Cause They Didn't Help Ontario Much.

Oh no!

It looks like the job growth immigrants didn't bring to Ontario are not going to bring it out west either. Or anywhere in Canada.

Immigrants don't create jobs, they take them. They follow where the job growth is, they don't lead it.

Job growth arises due to investment from the public and private sectors in the face of opportunity or necessity. You can have immigration up the wazoo but a large and growing population in and of itself isn't enough to create jobs when proper investment from public and private sources is lacking. It's very real, as is the case for Toronto, that population growth can exceed job growth. To continue down that road is to sow the seeds of social unrest.

In any case, it's good to hear immigrants are ditching Ontario for oil soaked pastures out west. Toronto's full and the rolling hills and fertile soil of pastoral southern Ontario are too precious to sacrifice to the false gods of mass immigration and multiculturalism. It's time more provinces share the mass immigration burden. And hopefully as more Canadians are exposed to the unpleasant realities of the mass immigration system the more inclined they will be to pressure the government to enact changes to the system that benefit Canada and Canadians instead of letting it remain a tool to drive down incomes, deliver suckers to the economically dubious FIRE sector, and curry favour with ethic vote blocs.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Whites Reduced To 37% of Toronto's Population By 2031.

Remember, it's population growth not population replacement.

The question arises: are white Torontonians supportive of the immigration system now knowing that the inevitable outcome of it would be the reduction of its historic, traditional white population to a mere 37% by 2031 and steadily deceasing after that?

I doubt it.

Oh well, at least it will help them relate better to the native population becoming, in a sense, the new natives. The main difference being Canada's indigenous population had colonialism imposed on them where whites invited it, having failed to learn from history and thus becoming the colonized by their own hands and stupidity.

I guess they deserve it.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Fake Sri Lankan Tamil Persecution Story Turns Out To Be Fake.

Well not necessarily fake. Mostly an exaggeration but more on that later.

So it's a new post for a new year but the "same old, same old" from the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration. has the following pic posted on their Facebook wall and it deserves to be circulated.

It sums up nicely the unspoken costs the immigration system imposes on Canadians. I will also add the environmental costs such as loss of arable land due to urban sprawl and loss of green spaces in our urban centers. This is to say nothing of gridlock, higher density, and the overall lowering of the collective quality of life in the nation's major cities that mass immigration brings with it. The alleged benefits of the immigration system don't nearly cover the costs it demands and creates.

Fun fact: Toronto's jobless rate is second highest in the nation after St. Catherines, ON. Here's the pertinent paragraph from the linked story:
Big cities also attract more young people and recent immigrants, who tend to have higher unemployment rates. As a result, Toronto’s population growth is outstripping its ability to create jobs.
So it is possible to grow your population beyond its capacity to create jobs. Who knew? But immigration is supposed to increase economic activity and by implication create jobs, or so we're told. I guess all those immigrants enriching Toronto with their colourful cultures and unique languages forgot to bring the job growth with them.

Related: youth unemployment in Ontario rivals the unemployment rate in the rust-belt states. That helps explain why Ontario's lame duck premier, Kathleen Wynn, (forced onto Ontario voters by her party on the identity politics card) bought 1,700 jobs from Cisco Systems for $220 million of taxpayer money.

Fun fact: retail is the biggest employer in Canada. That being so why do we need the wold's best and brightest again?

Speaking of which Ottawa plans to double the number of foreign students to be educated at Canadian universities. I don't have a problem with this on the conditions that 1) spaces allocated to Canadians are not surrendered to accommodate foreign students (and the higher tuition they pay) consequently denying Canadians access to higher education, and 2) these foreign students return to their respective countries to better their lives there, to build their communities, and help provide a better life for their countrymen with the education they received in Canada. This is more effective than foreign aid. Since it can't be guaranteed these conditions will be met I'm apprehensive.

If we permit these foreign students to stay then we're not just attracting the best and the brightest but poaching the developing world of its best and brightest. And they need them more than we because Canada is the world's most educated country. Letting foreign students stay in Canada after graduation will just saturate further an already over-educated labour market.

Now, about that "expat Sri Lankan Tamil goes back to her home country only to find out that claims of persecution are fabricated or overblown" thing. It appears the harassment that NDP MP and parliamentarian mouthpiece for the Sri Lankan Tamil independence movement in Ottawa, Rathika Sitsabaiesan, is more exaggeration than cause for concern. Sure, there was some official observation of her visit from Sri Lanka's government in Colombo. I can buy that. But from what I read it appears it's mostly nuisance making on Colombo's part and histrionics from Sitsabaiesan.

Her whole visit was political whether she cares to admit it or not. At first it was reported that she was there on a "fact finding" mission which means find biased information to embarrass the government in Colombo and for this she was allegedly placed under house arrest. Only she wasn't placed under house arrest. She was just followed around by men on bikes as she visited family and friends and that scared her so she hid in her hotel room and sought Canadian consular protection and oh my god I'm so persecuted they're going to take me away and kill me!

How could Colombo win? If the Sri Lankan government left her alone she could wander around Sri Lanka unmolested and find "proof" that Sri Lanka's Tamil minority are being persecuted. If government agents followed her, as they did, then, again that's proof Colombo is being mean to the Tamil minority and she could come back to Canada with the persecution story she went looking for. And that's what she got. It's all about optics. It's to make Colombo look bad while legitimizing the victim status of Sri Lanka's Tamils and validating their presence in Canada. And hopefully keep the asylum gates open to Sri Lanka's Tamils, a privilege they have enjoyed since 1989. It's good for her political career. More Sri Lankan Tamils in her electoral riding the more votes for her. Besides, if she was looking for a persecution story then I'd like to hear more about the forcible expulsion of some 72,000 Muslims by the LTTE from the Northern Province in 1990.

The irony is she proved why we should cut off Sri Lankan Tamils from entering the country as refugees (and repatriating the ones here) simply by going back to Sri Lanka and returning unscathed. She only got Colombo's attention because she is an elected MP from Canada. Were she just some anonymous Tamil returning to Sri Lanka on vacation I expect nothing would have happened to her. Any honest Sri Lankan Tamil living in Scarborough, ON will tell you that. If not, then it's curious why they frequently return to a country that allegedly puts their lives in danger.

This is joke and an embarrassment for this country. It's embarrassing enough that Canada allowed itself to be the mark of a Sri Lankan Tamil refugee con game (making Canada home to the largest collection of Sri Lankan Tamils in the world outside of Sri Lanka) but how we're letting the petty ethnic politics of that insignificant country seep into the affairs of Ottawa. It appears this Sitsabaiesan woman is going to waste parliament's time and tax payer money advancing the cause of her people in our nation's capital when she should be focusing her attention on issues that affect all Canadians. That's what we expect from our politicians, not to be leading the charge for an independence movement in a country most Canadians couldn't locate on a map.

Colombo's attention to her visit is understandable. It's not the first time some uppity Canadian politician decided to stick his nose in their affairs. Besides, how would Canada react if some foreign dignitary came to the country on a visit, official or not, only to stir up the passions of, say, the Quebec independence movement?

Oh, wait!

Well, that was just one incident. I mean they're just words right? It's not like Canada acted in a high-handed manner to an aggressive separatist act with threatening military action.


It seems we Canadians have more in common with the Sinhalese majority in Sir Lanka than we do with the Sri Lankan Tamils who reside in Canada and consider themselves as one of our own.